From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show

Chapter 514 Birds Of The Same Feather
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Chapter 514 Birds Of The Same Feather

The people started whispering as they glanced toward Jia's way. Jia felt her hands sweat as Kim Sua continued to scream at her.

"She seduced June!" she exclaimed.

"You should all be careful around this woman," she said, her eyes showing a murderous intent.

"She came to school with June and thought nobody would realize it. I also realized it late, but it's her! She's the one you should apprehend for corrupting June's mind. Not me!" she screamed.

"What a crazy bitch. She's still spouting nonsense up until now," Bora suddenly snapped, causing Jia to look at her with wide eyes.

Sua's eyebrows furrowed as the people's views began to shift.

"She's going too far."

"Poor Jia. She's just a fan. Why would she be accused of going out with June?"

"I'm glad the police are here to take her away."

"Believe me!" Sua continued to scream, still trying to get away from the police officers' hold.

However, they dragged her into the car and shoved her in, her screams finally drowning as the police car drove away from the scene.

People started chattering as soon as she was gone, and most of them finally realized that June probably wasn't going to come to their school, so they dispersed.

Jia sighed in relief once the people started leaving. She placed her hand over her chest and rested one arm on Bora's shoulder.

"Thank goodness you're here," Jia said. "That Sua girl is truly on another level."

Bora shook her head as she cracked her knuckles. "It's a shame I didn't get to use my jiu-jitsu skills."

Jia chuckled in amusement.

She really thought that Kim Sua would expose her endeavors with June. However, judging from the fact that she realized it late, Jia thought that she might not have any evidence.

The pair was about to leave when a strange man suddenly approached them. He was wearing an all-black outfit paired with a black mask and a black cap.

Jia jolted in surprise once he touched her shoulder.

From a mere glance, it almost seemed like the person was June.

However, Jia and Bora knew better.

"Maybe I will get to use my jiu-jitsu skills after all," Bora whispered, stepping forward so she could protect Jia.

The man's eyes widened in surprise, and he swiftly brought down his mask.

"I don't mean any harm!" he quickly said.

Jay looked at the small woman with fearful eyes, his hands even shaking with the thought of getting beat up.

"C-Jay?" the two girls exclaimed, causing Jay to scratch the back of his head.

"It's Jay now," he sheepishly said. "Although, I'm quite happy that you guys still recall my past stage name."

"Right—Jay," Jia exclaimed, feeling apologetic for thinking that EVE's manager was a strange man.

Well, to be frank, Jay is quite strange.

Not creepy…but definitely weird.

"Well, what are you doing here?" Jia asked.

"Ah, right," Jay said, bringing something out of his backpack. "I came here because June told me I had an important mission to do. I wasn't really expecting to bump into you, but I'm glad I did."

"You really are pretty like he described you to be," Jay whispered the last part, causing Jia to lean closer to him.

"What was that?" she asked, not hearing what he just said.

"Nothing," Jay cheekily smiled.

Then, he brought something out of his pocket.

"Here," Jay said. "June brought this for you as a sort of thanks for helping him with this Sua situation."

Jia's eyes widened when Jay handed her a bunch of sweet snacks. They all reminded her of June, and that caused a fluttery feeling inside her chest.

"He didn't have to," Jia muttered.

"This is definitely not enough," Jay quickly said. "I heard about what you went through, and it's amazing how you were willing to help him until the end."

Jia scratched the back of her neck.

"Well, you know…That's just what a fan does, I guess," she smiled.

Jay mirrored her smile and brought another item from his backpack.

Jia's eyes widened in anticipation.

There was more?

"This isn't from June," Jay said. "It's from me."

"I reckoned you would love June's gift, but I also want to give you something you can keep forever."

Jay handed her a small card before waving his hand goodbye.

"I better go now! I still have to follow the officers to the police station," he said.

With that, he went away before Jia could even see the card.

Bora leaned closer to Jia so they could look at it together.

Jia already had a hunch about what it was because of the size of the card.

It wasn't any ordinary card—it was a photocard.

Then, as she flipped over the card, a loud gasp escaped her lips.

Staring back at her was a photo of June with a kitty filter.

Bora was also surprised. "I haven't seen that picture before."

Jia held the photocard like it was the most precious thing in the entire world.

She nodded as she cradled it like her first baby.

"You're right," she responded. "This isn't part of the album."

It was an exclusive photocard—just for her.

"Can I have the snacks then?"


The sun sank behind the tall walls of the hospital, casting shadows across the cracked pavement. The air was heavy with the scent of dampness and decay, and the wind flowed through the rusted bars of the windows.

Outside, the sky was painted in shades of deep purple and ominous gray, as if the heavens themselves were mourning the souls trapped within these walls. The faint sound of laughter echoed through the hall, mingling with the sound of hushed conversations.

One girl, her face pale, sat huddled in a corner, her arms wrapped tightly around her trembling frame. Her eyes were wide with fear, darting frantically from one darkened corner to the next.

"I shouldn't be here," she muttered under her breath, her voice barely a whisper. "I shouldn't be here. I don't need help. I'm fine. I really am."

A figure appeared out of the gloom, sliding silently onto the bench beside her.

She didn't dare lift her head to turn to the newcomer. However, she knew it was a man.

"We've all been there," he softly said, his words sending a shiver down her spine. "We've all felt that way at one time or another. However, you get used to it."

Sua finally lifted her head to look at the man, her eyebrows furrowing when she realized he looked familiar.

Then, a smirk arose from his cracked lips.

"But that doesn't mean we accept it," he continued.

"What are you here for, young lady?" he asked.

"Love," Sua said without any hesitation. "I just love a man, and they now want to get me tested."

"Ah," he exclaimed, leaning back against his seat. "We're in the same boat then."

"You also love a man?" she asked.

The man glared at her.

"No," he snapped. "I don't love anyone. I just love a particular aspect of people…probably more than what other people could understand."

"What do you love then?" Sua asked.

He smirked as he looked down to the ground, right where her shoes were.

Then, he pointed to her feet.

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