Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 4110 - 4110: Clouds follow Dragons Wind follow Tigers(9)
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Chapter 4110 - 4110: Clouds follow Dragons Wind follow Tigers(9)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The words rolled down so fast!

Emperor Wu cursed inwardly.


Many people were nervous, and some gloated inwardly, but what they thought never happened.

That was because…

Just when the word was about to crush Feng Wu, a streak of light exploded from Feng Wu’s body, shattering the word.

“Linghu, how dare you sabotage my plan!” An angry voice rang out.

Master Linghu’s voice came from afar as well. “Do you dare to come to the imperial capital?”

Neither of them had shown up in their real forms. They had exchanged blows from afar, but it was very easy to tell who was stronger.

Emperor Wu let out a breath of relief.

Luckily, Master Linghu was here to hold down the fort. Otherwise, these

monsters would destroy the foundation of the empire.

Only then did Emperor Wu realize that this was a world where only the strong were respected, and sovereigns came second.

It was just that the powerful cultivators were hidden behind the scenes, and the emperor was in charge of maintaining order. For a moment, Emperor Wu was both glad and disappointed.

The empress dowager couldn’t understand it. She looked around, trying to find traces of the Matriarch of the Firmament Palace.

After exchanging a blow, with Master Linghu, the Matriarch never made another sound.

Was she going to give up just like that? The empress dowager was displeased.

Emperor Wu sighed inwardly when he saw the empress dowager’s reaction and recalled what he had told earlier about Feng Wu killing Master Yun of the Firmament Palace.

Feng Wu had grown into a great tree, and the empress dowager was still trying to take her down. She was asking for trouble. Emperor Wu decided that he would communicate with the empress dowager after he took her back home. If she wouldn’t listen, he would send her away.

“Back to the palace!” Emperor Wu glanced at the empress dowager, and his tone had never been so serious.

The guests all dropped to their knees to see Emperor Wu off.

Once Emperor Wu was gone, they would go back to their own residences. However, what happened today made them realize how capable Feng Wu really



Things didn’t end there because someone else arrived.

“Why are you all here? Even the emperor isn’t in his own palace.” A cheerful voice rang out.

A teenager rode a giant beast and flew toward them from afar, followed by eight servants.

They were more like guards than servants.

All eight guards were capable cultivators. One look and Feng Wu could tell that they were all Spiritual Saints.

The leader of the team was at least a peak Spiritual Saint. It was even possible that he had surpassed the Spiritual Saint stage because Feng Wu couldn’t tell how capable he really was. All she knew was that his cultivation level was unfathomable.

They were riding giant beasts that had never existed on this continent, and each beast was a powerful Spiritual Saint. They were so powerful that it made one despair.

The Spiritual Saints’ intimidating energy almost made the people of the Junwu Empire drop to their knees.

Only influential families in the imperial capital could attend a birthday party like this, and they were considered top-notch cultivators in the Junwu Empire. However, they felt defeated and had to flee for their lives..

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