Hitman With A Badass System

Chapter 1230 Plan to make a fortune
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Chapter 1230 Plan to make a fortune

"Looks like we hit the jackpot, huh?" she said, her voice laced with excitement. Then, they quickly looted the second treasure chest, including the precious globe with the dragon skeleton inside.

Their actions, however, did not go unnoticed. "Those goddamn thieves did it again!" one adventurer shouted, his voice echoing with frustration across the desolate landscape.

"Fuck this, I'm not letting them get away with everything!" another yelled, casting a speed spell in a desperate attempt to outrun Michael and Gaya. The air filled with the sounds of various spells being cast as the adventurers each tried to claim their share of the treasures, their anger and determination fueling their actions.

Meanwhile, Jin moved with a purpose through the level, his eyes scanning each treasure chest he encountered. Despite finding treasures, he left them untouched, continuing his search for something specific. His actions puzzled the other adventurers, who couldn't understand his motives.

But Michael who was aware of the layout of the level from the map, knew the truth. "There are only four real treasure chests," he explained to Gaya as they moved towards their next target. "The rest are nothing but traps meant to ensnare the greedy and dumb,"

Eventually, having successfully looted the previous treasures, Michael and Gaya quickly dashed towards the location of the last and final treasure chest remained untouched just like the others before it. Their actions were swift, their movements almost a blur to the onlookers who could only curse in frustration at their efficiency.

In the distance, Jin, having left the treasures behind, began to make his way towards a castle looming ominously on the horizon. "Should we go after him?" Gaya, eyeing his departing figure, questioned.

However, Michael was already shaking his head with a smirk playing on his lips. "No need," he said confidently, "let him clear the way for us." He understood the value in letting Jin take the lead, potentially triggering any unseen dangers that lay ahead.

Turning his attention back to the task at hand, Michael approached the fourth chest with a sense of anticipation. It was at this moment that several dwarves and elves, oblivious to his true nature, launched a barrage of spells towards them. "Those assholes are at it again!"

"I will kill you if you touch that, bastards!"

The adventures' adorned in the vibrant armors of their respective clans, shouted and cursed, their voices filled with desperation and anger. "Leave that treasure for us, you greedy bastards!" one of the elves yelled, his spell a brilliant arc of lightning aimed directly at them.

But Michael was unfazed as the responsive shield, a light blue translucent barrier, sprung to life around him, effortlessly absorbing the incoming spells. The magic dissipated upon contact, leaving them completely unharmed and further infuriating the attackers.

As the casters continued to hurl insults and curses, Gaya's attention was drawn to a peculiar item within the treasure chest—a green potion bearing the ominous mark of Morbus. The sight of it amidst the other treasures sparked a mixture of curiosity and concern.

"Hey human, take a look at this," she called out to Michael, her voice tinged with a mix of intrigue and wariness. Examining the the potion closely, Michael prompted the system for a quick analysis. [This potion has the capability to erase the mark of Morbus, effectively nullifying the threat of death associated with the curse] the system informed him.

"This potion clears the Morbus mark," Michael stated, turning the potion over in his hand.

The moment Gaya heard his words, her eyebrows raised in surprise and intrigue. She couldn't help but respond with a mix of excitement and disbelief. "Really?" she exclaimed. "Then we really hit the jackpot here!"

Meanwhile, the adventures in the distance continued their barrage of shouts and curses, demanding the treasures be left to them. Yet, Michael remained unfazed. "If I could replicate this potion, we could make a fortune," he mused aloud, already calculating the potential profits in his head.

You sneaky bastard," Gaya couldn't help but laugh at his cunning plan, shaking her head in amusement. "Always thinking a step ahead," she said with admiration and agreement

The surrounding adventurers, still hurling insults and casting spells in vain, failed to deter the pair. "Leave some for us, you greedy fucks!" one dwarf shouted, his voice barely audible over the howling wind. Another elf, his spell fizzling out against Michael's shield, cursed under his breath. "This isn't fair!"

Yet, Michael and Gaya paid them no heed, their focus solely on the green potion and the potential it held. Then, Michael and Gaya quickly gathered all the treasures before raising the green potion high for all to see. "This potion here is the cure for those who've got the Morbus mark," Michael announced, his voice cutting through the tense atmosphere like a knife.

The adventures, previously intent on their assault, suddenly paused, their movements ceasing as all eyes focused on the potion in Michael's hand. Whispers of shock, disbelief, and hope began to spread among those marked by Morbus. "Is that for real?" one of the marked adventurers asked, a hint of hope in his voice. "Can we really be cured?" another echoed, the desperation clear.

Meanwhile, those unmarked by the curse voiced their indifference, their demands for the treasures unabated. "We don't give a damn about your potion! Hand over the loot!" one of them shouted, only to be silenced by Gaya's snicker. "Do you really think you can take us on?" she retorted, her threat hanging heavily in the air.

To deal with those who didn't have the mark, Michael just cast Windblast. The powerful gust knocked the aggressive adventurers off their feet, showcasing his power without the need for further confrontation. "Those who bear the mark now have a chance at a cure," he stated firmly after showing a glimpse of his power. "We're not unreasonable. We're willing to sell the potions."

Despite standing before a god, Elrion stepped forward with the mark of Morbus still glowing on his forehead. "You've got only one potion, but there are many of us with the mark," he pointed out, choosing not to expose Michael's true identity to preserve the uneasy peace among them.

"Let me fix that." Michael nodded at Elrion's observation and said. Then he quickly entered the system interface, his alchemist skills proving invaluable as he determined exactly what was needed to replicate the potion. In a few moments, he spent five hundred thousand badass points in the system store and brought all the necessary ingredients.

As he waved his hand, a table appeared before him, laden with various ingredients. Some of the adventurers, puzzled by the sudden appearance of the alchemy setup, questioned. "What are you doing?" "He's going to brew more cures." Lysandra who was observing the scene calmly said.

Standing beside Michael, Gaya snickered at the adventurers who didn't bear Morbus's mark but were previously intent on attacking them for the loot. "You have one last chance to back off before I sick them," she gestured towards those marked by Morbus, "On you." Her words carried a veiled threat, hinting at the consequences of further aggression.

"Can you really do that?" The adventurers bearing Morbus's mark shouted in disbelief. However, some who were aware of Michael's true identity as the God of Darkness, remained skeptical. "How can we trust the word of a god, especially the God of Darkness?" one of them muttered under their breath.

"Yeah, isn't he the god of darkness? Trusting someone who is connected to darkness is not something I'm willing to do"

Michael ignored the murmurs and conjured his dark flames, not bothering to disguise them with green flames as he usually did. He began tossing the ingredients onto the flame hovering above his hands. Witnessing the dark flames up close, Elrion couldn't help but mutter, "Beautiful."

Under the heat provided by the dark flames, the ingredients slowly refined into colorful beads that floated above the flames, eventually merging into blobs of green liquid. As Gaya was looking at the process, she knew the cure was nearly ready.

"Those with the mark, line up and prepare to empty your space rings!" She laughed, sensing the eagerness and desperation among the marked adventurers.

Yet, some adventurers without the mark, still coveting the treasures Michael and Gaya had looted, made a dash forward, thinking they could overpower them. Gaya, seeing their advance, turned to the marked adventurers.

"Take them down if you want the cure." Her words incited immediate action, as those desperate for the cure prepared to defend their chance at salvation.

The marked adventurers, fueled by the promise of a cure, rallied together as their desperation turned into determination. "You're not taking what's ours!" one of the adventurers without the mark roared, launching a spell towards the marked group. "Back off, or you'll regret it!" a marked adventurer retorted, his voice laced with determination and fear of losing his chance at the cure.

Amidst the clashing spells and swinging weapons, battle cries filled the air, mixing with the sound of curses. "For the cure!" a woman screamed as she charged forward, her determination clear in her eyes. "You'll have to go through me first!" another shouted, standing his ground against the onslaught.

"STOP!" Just as the battle was about to reach its peak, Elrion's powerful roar manifested into a golden gust of wind, knocking all the combatants to the ground with a force that left them dazed and disoriented. The sudden intervention silenced the battlefield, leaving only the howling wind and the adventurers' heavy breaths.

"No one is dying here now," Elrion declared coldly, his voice carrying the weight of authority and conviction. His words echoed across the silent field, making it clear that further conflict would not be tolerated.

Gaya, watching the scene unfold, sighed, "We just missed a good showdown, damn." Having anticipated the spectacle of a full-blown battle, she was disappointed when the battle was suddenly stopped.

After stopping the battle, Elrion turned his gaze toward Gaya.

"It'll be better if we don't fight among ourselves before we face whatever is lying in that place," pointing at the distant castle looming ominously over the desolate landscape where the final dungeon boss was waiting for them.

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