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Chapter 651

C651 Heavenly Sovereign(2)

How can there be the aura of a Saint Lord?

Eh? How did you come in? Meng found the door! We can go out now!

A joyful voice was heard. Yin Tianzi and Bai Xiaosheng, who had rushed over with all their might, were dumbfounded when they heard this voice.

Zhang Xuan was a Heavenly Sovereign?

The three of them stared blankly at Zhang Xuan and Xia Meng, who were standing in the doorway.

Right at this moment, Bai Xiaosheng suddenly erupted. An earth-shattering Qi suddenly pierced through the door and rushed towards Zhang Xuan.

The Qi that could destroy the heaven and earth made everyones heart tremble.

Yin Tianzi shouted, Bai Xiaosheng, what are you trying to do?

Without any hesitation, Zhang Daoling threw a punch at Bai Xiaosheng. He turned around and shouted at Yin Tianzi, Are you stupid? He still couldnt understand that Bai Xiaosheng was the true Heavenly Dao! He had already been possessed by the Heavenly Dao!

Hearing this, Emperor Yins facial expression changed.

Bai Xiaoshengs face turned ferocious. He looked at Zhang Xuan and said, Why did you appear? You deserve to die!

Hahaha, I am the ruler of this new world. As long as you die, I will be the Heavenly Dao of this new world, and I will be able to continue living! I can even exist as an independent entity!

Inside the door, Zhang Xuan, who was hugging Xia Meng, heard Bai Xiaoshengs words and was stunned. Was this guy stupid?

He had just met her and had attacked her without any reason. Did she think that he was easy to bully?


He slapped Bai Xiaoshengs face and pushed him through the door.


Bai Xiaosheng panicked when he entered the door.

He could feel that the connection between him and the Chaotic Broken World was slowly disappearing.


At this moment, the nine stars in the Void glittered brightly. One of them even rose into the sky and emitted a scorching light that illuminated all the stars.

What do you want to do? Stop!

Bai Xiaoshengs eyes revealed astonishment.

Zhang Daoling and Yin Tianzi looked at the open door. They looked at each other and entered without any hesitation.

The moment they entered the door, they suddenly felt something and smiled.

So thats how it is!

Orders of life and death, Six Paths of Reincarnation! Hahaha

The two of them walked straight towards one of the stars in the universe.

Bai Xiaosheng saw their actions and his face turned ferocious. He raised his fist and punched at Zhang Xuan.

What are you guys doing? Thats a fake. What reincarnation cycle? Its all fake! There shouldnt be any reincarnation in this world!


The moment Zhang Dao Ling and Yin Tianzi entered their respective stars, Zhang Xuans Great Dao space suddenly shook. Six doors suddenly appeared in the Void, establishing a connection with the stars in the sky. The despair and unwillingness on Bai Xiaoshengs face slowly dissipated.

Zhang Xuan was stunned. Meng, you saw it. I didnt touch him. He dissipated by himself!


The dog appeared next to Zhang Xuan. With a wave of its large claws, a small ball of flesh appeared. It looked at the small ball with its tongue hanging down.

If one looked closely, they would see that Bai Xiaosheng was struggling inside the small ball.


Guo Guo appeared, grabbed it, and stuffed the meat ball into the little bell!


At this moment, everyone felt something disappear from their bodies.

This is

It seems like everything has become clear!

The Heavenly Dao has blocked the connection between us and the real world. Now that the Heavenly Dao has disappeared, the real world has appeared. The layer of energy that is blocking us has disappeared! Zhang Daoling reappeared. He looked at Zhang Xuan with a kind look in his eyes.

Yin Tianzi also appeared. He glanced at Zhang Xuan and looked at Zhang Daoling. Your son?

Zhang Xuan was startled when he heard this. He looked at Zhang Daoling and saw the face that had always existed in the depths of his memory.

Zhang Daoling shook his head. Zhang Xuan felt a sense of loss for no reason.

He came from Earth just like you and me, but he came earlier. Its just that when I saw him, he was in chaos. I passed my blood essence to him, and his Spiritual Wisdom gradually became clearer!

Oh? Yin Tianzi raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhang Xuan in a daze.

By the way, theres actually something that I have always wanted to return to you. Its just that my Yin Yang Great Dao needs this thing, and you didnt use it before giving it to me!

Zhang Daoling said and took out a gourd.

The moment the gourd appeared, Zhang Xuan froze on the spot.


The Void exploded, and a purple Qi emerged from the gourd and entered Zhang Xuans body.

Purple grandmist aura!

Zhang Daoling and Yin Tianzi were dumbfounded. They looked at each other.

He is Ancestor Red Cloud!

Zhang Xuan is Senior Red Cloud!

Old buddy, have you finally woken up?

At this moment, a soft sigh sounded in everyones ears. Everyone looked over in shock and saw a Daoist sitting upright in the clouds.

Zhang Xuans tightly shut eyes opened.


The heaven and earth trembled.

Zhang Xuan looked at the Daoist with a complicated expression.

The Daoist looked at Zhang Xuan. Are you still blaming me for giving you the last strand of the Great Mist Purple Qi?

This strand of the Purple Qi is yours to begin with! If you give it to someone else, they wont be able to control it!

Now that you have completed your obsession, its time for you to make your choice.

Zhang Xuan, who is he?

Brother Xuan, are you going to leave us?!

Chen Qianrou and a few girls appeared beside Zhang Xuan. For some reason, although Zhang Xuan was right beside them, they felt that Zhang Xuan was so far away, as if he did not belong to the same world as them.

They panicked.

Zhang Xuan smiled when he heard the voices of the girls.

Thank you!

The system was given to him by the Daoist. The goal was to help him create a new world and realize Zhang Xuans obsession in his past life.

With a wave of his hand, a starlight appeared in Zhang Xuans palm. Zhang Xuan glanced at the starlight and threw it to the Daoist.

The Daoist smiled and disappeared, as if he had never appeared before.

The moment the Daoist disappeared, Zhang Xuan felt that his connection with the Great Dao Space had become even closer.

Brother Xuan?

Chen Qianrou, Bai Weiwei and Zhou Yaqi looked at Zhang Xuan worriedly.

In the crowd, Bu Ningxuan clenched her fists but did not dare to walk over.

I am here!

Zhang Xuan looked at the girls and smiled. He kissed the lips of every girl. I wont go anywhere without marrying you guys!

Bu Ningxuans beautiful eyes showed a trace of sadness when she saw Zhang Xuan being intimate with the girls. Her eyes were full of tears. She turned around and wanted to leave.

Suddenly, her hand was wrapped by warmth.

My girl, where do you want to go?

Bu Ningxuans body stiffened when she heard this voice and her delicate body started to tremble.

Immediately after, she entered a warm embrace.

Teacher, I

Sister, you should call me husband! Hehe!

Zhang Xuans face was full of smiles, and he said, Three days later, lets get married!


At this moment, all the living beings in the new world heard this voice!

All of the living beings were boiling!

Zhang Xuan smiled as he looked at the new world he had created. He stretched out his hand and pointed at the dog. The dog was wrapped in a thick fog.

Lyu Ying was stunned for a moment before she looked at it with hope.

Guo Guo looked at him curiously, Uncle Zhang, is dad going to become an adult?

Yeah, Guo Guo doesnt want to see Dad become a human?

I dont want to. Daddys fur is so comfortable hugging it while sleeping! Guo Guo hugged the little bell and said while pouting.


As soon as she finished speaking, Guo Guo felt as if she was being carried up and her butt was hit.

An incomparably handsome man hugged Little Guo Guo and looked excitedly at Zhang Xuan, Many thanks, big brother!

Hahaha, lets go home!

En, lets go home!

Many years later.


A small restaurant quietly opened.

Zhang Xuan pushed open the door and looked into the distance with a smile on his face.

This is the life I yearn for!

Dad dad

A few little radishes stretched out their hands and walked unsteadily towards Zhang Xuan.

When Zhang Xuan heard this, the smile on his face became even brighter.

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