I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 510: The Path To Immortality, Stepping Into The Celestial World!
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Chapter 510: The Path To Immortality, Stepping Into The Celestial World!

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This battle was too tragic!

The sky seemed to have collapsed, and the Great Wilderness Region was reduced to ruins.

Broken walls and ruins were everywhere.

In this battle, too many living beings from the various great powers had died. The situation was incomparably miserable.

Some powers were forever wiped out, never to be seen again.

But as the three Immortal Kings died, the grand tribulation finally came to an end.

The remaining Evil Spirit army was nothing to be afraid of and was quickly eliminated.

Heaven and earth regained clarity, and the chaotic world temporarily pacified.

“We’ve won!”

“We’ve finally won!”

Everyone cheered in joy, glad that they had survived the calamity.

The world was originally filled with despair, and they had felt that death was inevitable.

After all, the Evil Spirit race had too many experts.

Both Ancient Gods and Immortal Kings could easily destroy this realm.

Fortunately, everything was over.

Shen Tian had risen and pulled the five regions out of the abyss, bringing hope to the five regions.

Everyone stared at the figure in the sky with blazing eyes.

Their eyes were filled with reverence, admiration, and worship...

Shen Tian deeply moved everyone.

If not for him, the five regions would have been destroyed long ago.


Shen Tian stood in the air, his body glowing with divine light.

The power in his body began to fade, falling from the Immortal King realm.

This was the power of the world, not his own power.

Now that it was time, the source of the Heavenly Dao returned to the world.

Shen Tian didn’t mind. Instead, his eyes burned.

It was because he had already comprehended the power of an Immortal King. If he wanted to make a breakthrough in the future, everything would be smooth sailing.

Moreover, there was a portion of the power still in his body.

Although it was weak, it was enough!

With this power and comprehension, Shen Tian was confident that he could quickly ascend to the Thearch realm.

Shen Tian raised his head and looked at the sky, shouting, “Breakthrough!”

He formed hand seals, and the aura in his body erupted.


Torrential lightning tribulation appeared in the sky. Dark clouds covered the sky, and the tribulation light was frightening.

The lightning tribulation carried a tremendous force that seemed to have the power to destroy everything in its way.

12 levels of Heavenly Tribulation had arrived to brace Shen Tian. The sight was terrifying.

Even a Thearch would find it hard to resist such a tribulation!

This was practically a calamity of death.

If he could survive this calamity, the benefits he would receive would definitely far exceed that of ordinary Thearchs’.

Shen Tian left to face the Heavenly Tribulation decisively.

The lightning tribulation was terrifying and filled with destructive power.

Shen Tian’s figure currently seemed unparalleled, surpassing that of an otherworldly immortal.

He attacked with all his might, battling the divine lightning of the nine heavens, seeming to be able to overturn the sun, moon, and stars.

With a wave of his hand, he shattered the lightning that covered the sky and the monstrous tribulation clouds.


This scene dazzled everyone. They had never seen anyone transcending a Heavenly Tribulation like this.

Moreover, it was a tribulation that encompassed 12 levels of lightning tribulations!

This was unprecedented!

Wang Shenxu was confused. “Brother Shen is going to become a Thearch?”

He never expected Shen Tian to become a Thearch so quickly.

The gap between them was too huge!

Huang Shi’s eyes blazed. He was only a step away from the Thearch realm. In the end, he was overtaken by Shen Tian, a rising star.

However, Huang Shi didn’t mind. Instead, he felt gratified.

Shen Tian was the Human Emperor. The stronger he was, the easier it was for him to protect the five regions.

Immortal King Zi Wei and Concubine Lan were overjoyed, their lips curling up slightly.

Shen Tian was their son and their pride. The two were naturally delighted to see Shen Tian mature.



As the last bolt of lightning was shattered, the tribulation clouds finally dispersed.

Shen Tian floated down in his white clothes, looking otherworldly and extraordinary.

He was already a Thearch.

After feeling the endless energy flowing through his body, Shen Tian’s expression became excited.

Given his current combat power, he dared to fight an Ancient God!

Immortal King Zi Wei flew over and said, “Tian’er, although the calamity is settled, it has not yet ended.

“The Evil Spirit race’s foundation is too strong. They will definitely not let this matter rest.

“Although we have won today’s battle, the five regions’ foundation is almost exhausted. The defensive formations have been broken, and the path is bleak as of now.

“If the Evil Spirit race were to attack again, it would likely be difficult to block them...”

Immortal King Zi Wei’s tone was heavy. As a supreme Immortal King, he understood the Evil Spirit race very well.

This race was horrifying and had been trying to invade this realm for 1,000,000 years.

The fact that the Evil Spirit race had taken the initiative to invade the myriad races of the Celestial World proved how deep their resources and reserves were.


Shen Tian frowned, his expression grave.

Back then, the 36 Immortal Kings had not hesitated to turn their bodies into the five regions’ Heavenly Dao in exchange for peace.

Now, the Evil Spirit race had locked onto the five regions, and the Five Regions Barrier had been shattered.

The five regions could not endure any more invasions.

Shen Tian inquired, “Father, what should we do?”

After all, this was Shen Tian’s homeland, and he couldn’t afford to lose it.

“We must leave this realm and go to the Celestial World,” said Immortal King Zi Wei. “Only then will the Evil Spirit race target us instead and choose not to pay a huge price to invade the five regions.”

One was a peerless Immortal King, while the other had a Human Emperor Physique.

Both would attract the Evil Spirit race’s attention.

Otherwise, the Evil Spirit race wouldn’t have invited three Immortal Kings to surround and kill them.

Even though the three Immortal Kings were dead, the Evil Spirit race still existed.

They would definitely attack again at all costs.

Only when the two of them left could the five regions escape danger.


Shen Tian nodded, fully aware of the seriousness of the matter.

This time, the Immortal Kings had all moved out together, all for the sake of killing him.

If not for the Great Empress leaving behind some backup plans, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Even though he had become a Thearch, he was still a far cry from those supreme experts.

Shen Tian had to improve himself as soon as possible and fully unleash the Human Emperor Physique’s potential.

The Celestial World was the best place to train himself.

There were endless cultivation resources and an incomparably vast amount of heaven-and-earth Spirit Qi.

Furthermore, there would definitely be many people with great providence!

It could be said that the Celestial World was a great place that could allow Shen Tian to grow rapidly.

Now that Shen Tian had become a Thearch, there was not much room for him to develop if he stayed in the five regions.

His final destination was not here either.

Shen Tian said solemnly, “Father, I understand. But I still have some things to take care of.”

After they left, the five regions would lose their peak experts.

If the five regions suffered another calamity, they would definitely be destroyed. Thus, Shen Tian wanted to leave behind a backup plan.

Immortal King Zi Wei nodded. “We will leave through the Supreme Sky Tree in three days.”

The Supreme Sky Tree was unfathomably profound and contained the path to heaven.

Shen Tian nodded and left.

Deep within the Chaotic Sea...

The void surged with dense mist swirling about.

Shen Tian slowly walked over, repelling the endless chaotic aura.

His gaze was deep as he stared at the bottom of the sea.

There lay the silent ancient Heavenly Courts.

490,000 years ago... Shen Tian had traveled through time and space to create the Heavenly Courts with his 108 Heavenly Generals.

However, the ancient Heavenly Courts had been destroyed in the end, and half of the Heavenly Generals had died here.

This was an ancient land that those paragons had risked their lives to preserve.

Now that Shen Tian had returned, he wanted this ancient faction to regain its former glory.

With a light flick of his sleeve, boundless power burst forth.

In that instant, the Chaotic Sea trembled intensely and divided into two distinct sides.

The ancient Heavenly Courts that had been silent for hundreds of thousands of years finally reappeared in this world.

The Heavenly Courts shook intensely, specks of light rising.

The light was resplendent as it condensed into numerous illusory figures.

These were the heroic spirits from the past. Now, they had appeared for the sake of welcoming the return of the Human Emperor.

Shen Tian’s eyes flickered, and he let out a long sigh.

“Brothers, I’ve returned! Now, I’ll bring all of you back to the Celestial World!”

The wish that had not been fulfilled in the past would be realized now.

Shen Tian wanted to reestablish the Heavenly Courts and kill his way into the Celestial World to fight the Evil Spirits!

The heroic spirits revealed smiles as if their long-cherished wish had been fulfilled.

Shen Tian sighed. “Everyone, have a safe journey!”

The light disappeared and entered the ancient Heavenly Courts.

Shen Tian flicked his sleeve, and the ancient Heavenly Courts rushed out of the sea and into the sky.

Although it was broken, it represented the most glorious power of an era.

Shen Tian baptized it with the power of a Thearch, allowing it to regain its luster.

Moreover, he used unmatched Immortal Metals to reconstruct the Heavenly Courts.

The grand ancient palace appeared, stretching across the void and erupting with endless power.

The peerless faction of the past had finally reappeared!

Then, Shen Tian summoned the Human Emperor Palace.

The palace suddenly enlarged, emitting endless divine light.

Dazzling golden light illuminated heaven and earth.

Under Shen Tian’s guidance, the Human Emperor Palace entered the Heavenly Courts and merged into one.

At once, the Heavenly Courts’ aura erupted, looking extremely terrifying.

Now, the Heavenly Courts was not only a symbol of a large force but also a supreme great weapon.

The light in Shen Tian’s eyes grew brighter when he saw this.

He then left with the Heavenly Courts.


The news of the Heavenly Courts’ reappearance spread throughout the five regions.

Countless people were shocked and extremely excited. They had heard of the ancient Heavenly Courts’ reputation, and their hearts were filled with reverence.

Now that the Heavenly Courts had reappeared, countless paragons arrived to take a look.

That was because the master of the Heavenly Courts was Shen Tian!

Everyone wanted to join the Heavenly Courts and fight the Evil Spirits together.

However, Shen Tian didn’t appear.

He went to look for some old friends for one last time.

It was unknown when he would return after his departure.

Three days later...

Shen Tian tore through the air and appeared outside the Supreme Sky Tree.

Countless people had already gathered here.

Shen Tian’s eyes flickered. He realized that other than Immortal King Zi Wei, Concubine Lan, and Ye Qincang, many geniuses of the five regions had also appeared.

Qi Shaoxuan, Wang Shenxu, Shi Tianzi, the four Divine Firmament prodigies...

They were the most stunning paragons of this era, and their strength was unparalleled. All of them had the potential to break through to the Immortal King realm.

They had rushed here today to join Shen Tian to go to the Celestial World.

Shen Tian’s heart stirred upon seeing this.

“Have you all thought it through? No one knows whether we will live or die on this trip!”

The five regions had suffered such a calamity, yet the Celestial World still had not sent reinforcements. This meant that the situation on the other side was not too good either.

It was very likely that the Celestial World was also facing a great calamity.

This trip would be fraught with danger.

If one rashly entered, they might encounter a life-and-death crisis.

Upon hearing Shen Tian’s words, everyone said without hesitation, “We are willing to enter the Heavenly Courts! We pledge our lives to follow the Celestial Thearch!”

Shen Tian was the master of the Heavenly Courts. Now that he had become a Thearch, he was also known as the Celestial Thearch by the world!

Shen Tian gazed deeply at them. “Alright, let’s go!”

The group set off toward the Supreme Sky Tree.

This was the path to immortality.

At the top of the Supreme Sky Tree, a vast divine light shot out, piercing deep into the sea of clouds.

Dazzling light that carried the might of heaven and earth connected to an imposing world.

Everyone’s eyes became hazy, entering a mysterious place.

When their vision cleared, they discovered that they had appeared on an ancient path.

This place was enshrouded with multicolored light, appearing extremely mystical.

The ancient path was long and endless.

However, it was surrounded by a boundless starry sky.

Everyone was excited and knew that they were about to head to the Celestial World.

They followed Shen Tian and advanced.

Immortal King Zi Wei said, “Tian’er, although we are leaving, the five regions are still not considered to be very safe.

“The only way is to banish it and allow it to wander through the boundless space.

“Leaving only the Supreme Sky Tree to connect it to the Celestial World.

“This way, no one will be able to find the five regions, and it will thus be safe.”

After all, the final Five Regions Barrier had been broken, and the Evil Spirit race could invade at any time.

Many experts had left, and the five regions had lost their foundation. There were insufficient powerhouses to resist the Evil Spirits.

Soon, Immortal King Zi Wei shook his head. “Unfortunately, we need a supreme power to banish the five regions.

“Even with our power, it’s still not enough.

“It appears that I can only seek help from others.”

Back then, the 36 supreme Immortal Kings hadn’t hesitated to turn their bodies into Dao before banishing the five regions.

With their current strength, it was very difficult for them to do so.

Shen Tian’s eyes immediately sparkled. “I have an idea.”

He had already thought of this and was prepared for it.

Shen Tian took out the Human Emperor’s Seal and activated it.

This was the great artifact of the First Human Emperor and contained an unmatched power.

Shen Tian possessed the Human Emperor Physique and could unleash the full power of this great weapon.

With this power, he could completely banish the five regions.

This was because the Human Emperor’s Seal controlled the five regions’ spiritual veins and could control the natural source of the world.


“Void Banishment!”

Shen Tian chided lightly and activated the Human Emperor’s Seal.

In an instant, the ancient seals were mottled and extremely dazzling.

They released endless divine light, covering the entire five regions.


Endless great Daos soared into the sky as chains of order crisscrossed and lingered in the sky.

This was the source power of the world, vast and immeasurable.

The five regions were surrounded by great Dao symbols, rumbling as they moved into the distance.

It would wander through the boundless space without any pattern, and it would completely isolate the five regions from the other realms.

Only the Supreme Sky Tree remained connected to the Celestial World.

After doing all of this, everyone heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

Now, they had nothing to worry about.


Shen Tian’s eyes burned as he looked at the immortal path.

“Let’s go! A new world is still waiting for us!”

The group of people walked away.

In the end, they disappeared at the end of the immortal path!

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