I'll Quit Being a God

Chapter 475: An Enigmatic Entity
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Chapter 475: An Enigmatic Entity

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Inside the inn, the atmosphere suddenly took on an eerie ambiance.

Under the fear of potential retribution, the previously arrogant four demonic beings are now too timid to act recklessly, afraid of truly encountering a formidable opponent.

Just as the blind man, holding tattered fabric, was about to speak, he hesitated slightly, as if sensing something.

He sighed and said to the four demonic beings before him, "As you venture to the northern territory, where the mountains are tall and the road is long, all of you must proceed with caution."

With that, the blind man reached out and gently patted the burly man's shoulder.

In that instant, the burly man's eyes widened, and he instinctively attempted to evade. However, as the blind man's hand casually made contact, there seemed to be no visible anomaly, yet somehow it inexplicably sealed off all possible avenues of evasion for him.

Merely a fleeting moment of hesitation, and the blind man's hand had already landed on the burly man's shoulder.

Witnessing this scene, even the mundane mortal merchants present realized that something was amiss with the blind man before them, let alone the four demonic beings.

The burly man's body trembled, and he hurriedly said, "Senior"

However, when the sinister voice echoed, the blind man and the white dragon maiden seemed to have vanished without a trace, disappearing inexplicably before the very eyes of the onlooking crowd.

The remaining three demonic beings suddenly stood up, filled with astonishment and uncertainty.

"Brother Pingye"

"This blind man is suspicious!"

The three demonic beings were filled with fear and trepidation, as the plump woman exclaimed, "This place is unsuitable for lingering. Let us depart swiftly!"

Encountering such a mysterious and peculiar blind man in the bustling human metropolis is truly an exceptionally perilous and malevolent affair. None of the four demon beings present were known for their reckless and impulsive nature; they understood that there are superior forces beyond human comprehension and when confronted with an insurmountable entity, the wisest course of action is to promptly seek shelter.

However, as soon as they stepped away from the inn's entrance, they realized that the outside had already been ensnared by a level of intricate fiery crimson web, its time of origin unknown.

Dozens of figures clad in wizardry dispersed in various directions, forming a grand array for hunting down malevolent forces.

In the midst of shadows, eerie winds blew, while the minions of the netherworld lurked and seized opportunities, targeting the soul.

Such a massive formation caused the countenances of all four demonic beings to change.

Because they had completely failed to perceive when so many wizards had arrived outside!

Did that blind person actually manage to simultaneously shield their spiritual awareness from all four of them?

The four demonic beings, filled with fear and unease, instinctively surveyed their surroundings, trying to find any trace of the blind person. However, after scanning the area, they all failed to detect anything.

Thus, their hearts grew increasingly uneasy, fearing that the mysterious and inscrutable blind person might be lurking in the shadows, ready to strike.

Meanwhile, on the galloping road to the north of Guanqi City, the white dragon girl was holding the restored cloth banner and following behind the blind man, she spoke as they walked, "Master, shall we not linger to witness the spectacle?"

The girl is eagerly looking forward to the grand scene of the wizards of the Fire Pass Country exterminating demons and suppressing evil.

Therefore, Lu Heng's sudden action of dragging her away left her feeling quite frustrated.

Beside her, Lu Heng, disguised as a blind person, shook his head and said, "Although the spectacle is delightful, let us not forget the big fish we have been following all along. Those four small shrimps may have been lost, but we mustn't lose sight of the true big fish."

When Lu Heng spoke, he was naturally referring to the fifth evil demon lurking in the shadows.

After leaving Hanyu Mountain, he had originally intended to head north to see the current state of Sun Yan. However, little did he expect that right after departing Hanyu Mountain, he would receive significant news.

Demon King Sun Yan intends to conduct the All-Spirit Blood Sacrifice in the Arctic Skyark Palace, emulating the ancient demons' ascension through the consumption of flesh and blood.

Although that ancient demon from years past was far inferior to the Emperor Fu Xi, it still remained one of the most formidable entities within the Celestial Desolation Realm.

During the rampage of the great demon throughout the world, the way of demonic cultivates dominated the heavens and the earth.

Even the Human Emperor Palace, which was completely destroyed, was on the verge of extinction, not to mention the righteous cultivators, who almost entirely became fodder for the demonic path.

Furthermore, the sudden disappearance of the incomparably gentle Lian Cangqing seems to have intricate ties with this great demon

However, no matter how mighty the great demon's power may be, even though it ruled over heaven and earth, enslaved sentient beings, and established a grand dominion, when the Earthly Catastrophe arrived, and formidable adversaries from the World of Eight Desolations transcended realms to come forth, everything ultimately turned to ashes.

However, the great demon's extraordinary cultivation bases that were once achieved continue to resonate, and it holds a tremendous reputation within the realm of dark arts.

Therefore, Demon King Sun Yan's aspiration to emulate the ancient demon's ascension through flesh and blood has immediately caused a tumultuous stir among all the demonic beings in the world. Countless malevolent entities are migrating north, eager to witness the birth of a new order and partake in the grand ceremony.

As Lu Heng journeyed northward, he effortlessly slain seven demonic beings at the Primordial Realm stage and three hundred and sixty-five demonic beings below the Primordial Realm stage.

However, those demonic beings are mere minnows, even when the four individuals combined as Great King Pingye, their significance pales in comparison to the enigmatic figure that Lu Heng currently follows.

On the boulevard leading to him and the white dragon maiden, there appeared a robust figure of a man who appeared to be walking in a normal manner.

However, upon closer inspection, one can discern that this burly man is identical in every aspect to the aforementioned Great King Pingye.

If Lu Heng had not closely followed along the way, he would have already witnessed the demonic entity's numerous shape-shifting disguises several times over, almost falling prey to deception.

Because it is so lifelike, even the aura of divinity can be replicated with utmost precision, almost to the point of being indistinguishable!

Even when Lu Heng attempts to sense with the Requiem Seal, he can only perceive the spirit of Great King Pingye.

Witnessing such an uncanny entity that perfectly resembles even the essence of the soul, Lu Heng finds himself encountering it for the first time.

After all, illusions can conceal one's physical form, but no matter how brilliant those illusions and shape-shifting techniques may be, they have no means of evading the Requiem Seal.

Except for the demonic entity in front of him.

After inadvertently discovering the demon's abhorrent nature, Lu Heng has been surreptitiously tailing him ever since.

The demonic creatures, led by the Great King Pingye, could hardly fathom the presence of an eerie entity that had followed them throughout their journey.

Throughout this journey, Lu Heng endeavored to conceal his presence as much as possible, never exposing himself.

However, it seems that today the deception cannot be sustained any longer.

He boldly led the white dragon girl, closely following the entity, maintaining a considerable distance of tens of meters between them, close enough to clearly overhear each other's conversation.

The white dragon maiden, rubbing her hands together, inquired, "Master, when shall we commence?"

The girl's inquiry was not in the least disguised, and at such a distance, not only cultivators but even ordinary mortals could hear it with utmost clarity.

The burly man who had been pressing forward with a resolute determination finally came to a halt.

It stood there, neither continuing forward nor turning around.

His sturdy figure stood on the boulevard, with its back turned to Lu Heng and the white dragon girl, remaining silent for a considerable duration.

In the end, the deep voice of the Great King Pingye resounded.

"I am not a demon, Mr. Ghost Valley, why are you following me?"

The sudden words of the burly and robust man startled the white dragon maiden, "Oh my! Master! This creature possesses the ability to communicate! It has the power of speech!"

The maiden was incredibly thrilled.

Lu Heng, on the other hand, quietly observed the robust man ahead on the bustling avenue. With a slight smile, he said, "Let's each take our own path What gives you the right to claim that we are following you? Just because countless others have treaded this road, am I as blind as not to navigate it?"

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