Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2850 Ushering Apocalypse Unto Vitalis and Vacuous Domains! V
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Chapter 2850 Ushering Apocalypse Unto Vitalis and Vacuous Domains! V


The Cimmerian Architect cursed out loud at the sensation of fear as she placed her hand on her chest and regulated her extremes.

She felt what even Ishtar on her throne felt.

That the single swing of the foot of this Entity could erase them entirely out of existence effortlessly!

This feeling…was not a great one to have.

They could not even see the depth of their enemy.

They couldn't properly grasp or understand their power.

But their very existence and Concepts of Extremity told them they couldn't stand against such an Entity!

And a millisecond after this Entity had tried eviscerating the Existential Dungeon Monolith out of existence and saw the resulting action, they continued to stare at it coldly as within their single serpentine pupils, one could see immense power and ancientness burning.

And a moment after…


Records tore to the left and right of this Entity as beings of similar stature to it appeared!

Similar humanoid bodies that seemed like the convergence of millions or even billions of Existential Extremity Rune Scriptures.

A pair of wings that held eyes on their very center, with the eyes on the pairs of each of these Entities holding variations within their pupils as undoubtedly, their faces only held a single serpentine eye and one on their chests that burned with glorious obsidian flames.

The two newly appearing Entities gazed at the apocalyptic monolith that had appeared silently as they turned towards the being that had appeared here first.


The eyes on the center of their wings released unseen vibrations and intent of indiscernible extremes as these Entities…communicated.

|$&#$&#- &@*@#$|

|@#$&? &&#$@+*&!|



Something that others could not even begin to understand!

In the Infinite Hyperversal Haven.

In a domain veiled upon layers and layers of Records.

Liquified waves of existential authority flowed as a dazzling throne in the form of an infinity symbol lay empty, the manifestation of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven not currently situated on it as her figure could be seen floating beside the imposing visage of the Extremity of Quintessence!

She stood to his right as the crimson gold visage of Ruination stood on Noah's left, their surroundings roiling with starry and gorgeous Existential Extremity Authorities as they had their gazes focused on what was ahead.

Standing at the forefront, Noah gazed at the two illusory screens ahead of them that showed the unfolding reality around the two Existential Dungeon Monoliths he had sent down.

One had entities bathed in obsidian light, with butterfly-like wings and a blazing eye on their head and their chest.

This was the Existential Dungeon Monolith that arrived in Anarchos.

The second Existential Dungeon Monolith with Sargon in it at the lead had arrived in the Haven of Dissolution as here…they were able to see similar figures of comparative size and stature appear!

The ones within the Vitalis Hyperversal Domains had humanoid Entities of similar stature, but bathed in a holy white transparent light of Vitalis.

In the Haven of Dissolution, two such beings appeared simultaneously and tried to eradicate the Existential Dungeon Monolith before they stopped a moment after they affirmed the Absolute Existential Authorities and Limitations wrapping around it.

At the scenes, Noah's gaze was fiery as he knew the moment he began this, he would set off a chain of events that would not be stopped.

He would get a chance to see his enemies for who they truly were as when he stared at them now…

{What are you? Are you connected to the Ones Above Extremity…or are you such an Entity yourself? Primogenitors? Controllers? Influencers?}

Which Entities was he exactly looking at right now?

Were they ones that stood Above Extremity, or were they Entities still within the Gradations of Extremity? This…he couldn't tell!

But when their winds began to release indescribable vibrations…the flames within Noah's pupils buzzed as he was shocked to find out that they were communicating with none other than the intents of their extremes.

Their language was one that could only be understood if one could see the weaving of their Extremes!

The flames around his pupils burned furiously as he found that at this moment, he couldn't grasp the weaving of the Extremes around these beings as even from afar, they gave him a great sense of oppression.

And this seemed like a challenge to his own existence as Oraculum began to burn ever brighter, his pupils becoming outlined with heavily burning flames as Quintessence, Infinity, and Tyranny began to pulse heavily!

He focused on the three obsidian Entities as even while gazing at them…

{Undefined Existence}

{Undefined Existence}

{Undefined Existence}

This was the only burst of information he could come up with. And when all three of his Existential Extremity Authorities supported his existence as Oraculum burned brightly…he tried to read the weaving of the intents of the language of these beings!

|@$$&# Worse #$an @$fore. @&$$&.|

The first entity to appear squinted the single serpentine eye on his head as to his right, the eyes centered on the wings of the other Undefined Existence vibrated.

|@#$olve @# &oon. +#$-&##.|

The moment this entity finished expressing his intent, the eye on his chest turned down eerily as his dazzling hand then pointed down and beckoned towards the churning white sea of Anarchos.

From its depths, a terrified Light Flame Serpent was instantly pulled up as with a flicker of the hand of the Undefined Existence, the massive body of this Tier 1 Vacuous Extremity was tossed towards the Existential Dungeon Monolith.


A flicker of purple light flashed, and the Light Flame Serpent disappeared into it.

It was a surreal scene.

The butterfly like wings of the Undefined Existence that had done this buzzed powerfully as they were about to release another intent when…

It came to a halt.

The predatory eye on its head and on its chest instantly burned with the light of millions of Extremity Rune Scriptures as they locked onto the Existential Dungeon Monolith.

It seemed to be staring straight at the monolith, but its cold and emotionless eyes…currently seemed centered on the illusory screen Noah and the others were looking at!

As if…it could see that other parties were gazing at it.


The eye on the chest of this Undefined Existence then pulsed and released a terrifying mass of Obsidian darkness that instantly wrapped the surroundings of the massive Monolith, and the clear illusory screen in front of Noah's eyes was instantly obscured with complete darkness as they could no longer see anything!


At the same time, Noah felt the hands of Ruination tenderly land on his face with concern as her crimson gold skin very quickly became painted with a bloody liquid gold, with Noah coming out of a trance as he realized from his burning eyes, golden blood had begun to drip down ever so slowly.

This…was from him analyzing his enemies and trying to grasp just their communications.

This…was from him coming in contact for the first time with the Entities feared and made ancient stories about in the Vacuous and Vitalis Hyperversal Domains!

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