Keyboard Immortal

Chapter 2048: Main Culprit
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Chapter 2048: Main Culprit

“F*ck you and your Little Li’s Flying Knife!” the Manipulator of Death cried. It searched its memory across the various worlds it had experienced, and realized it had never heard of any Little Li’s Flying Knife. This human was clearly trying to fool it! Together with the fact that it couldn't restore its body, it was now completely pissed off.

You have successfully trolled the Manipulator of Death for +999 +999 +999...

Zu An couldn't help but chuckle. He'd thought that no one in this world would understand what he just said and was feeling a bit gloomy. He hadn’t expected this guy to actually quote a line from the movie unwittingly.

The throwing knife naturally wasn't Little Li’s Flying Knife, but rather one of the Immortal Beheading Knives he had unexpectedly obtained before. It was something that could wound the soul, while preventing the target from recovering. Zu An's original goal had been to attempt to wound the enemy’s soul. After all, in the past, the knife's properties had been especially effective against Zhao Han’s primordial spirit.

As for preventing the enemy from recovering, that was a bit trickier. After all, it would only prevent them from recovering for a certain time after they were injured. As long as their regeneration ability was strong enough, it wouldn’t make that much of a difference. If he was stronger than his enemy, why would he even need that ability in the first place? As such, he had previously overlooked that property.

But this time, now that he had to face a strange enemy like the Manipulator of Death with its despair-inducing regeneration, the throwing knife just happened to display miraculous effects. The monster corpses were struggling to combine together again, but couldn't gather up like before, and could only squirm helplessly in a disgusting and terrifying manner.

Zu An didn’t want any more variables to show up and give it any more opportunities. He immediately took out a hydrogen bomb from the Rune Weapon Chart and tossed it over. Even with his current cultivation, repeatedly creating powerful hydrogen bombs was still quite strenuous. Each time he did it, he felt as if he was being sucked dry. Fortunately, even though the million monsters couldn't give him any more experience points because of this world’s own restrictions, they had replenished his energy reserves. That was why he wasn’t completely out of energy yet.

The hydrogen bomb descended, but this time, the Manipulator of Death couldn't condense the corpse ball and reflect the bomb.



Dazzling fireworks soared into the air. Countless monster corpses turned to ashes in an instant. Immediately after, Zu An’s Tai’e Sword carved out countless resplendent streaks of sword ki through the air. The monster corpses that remained were diced up into tiny pieces.

The frigid, howling winds that swept through the world seemed to have vanished, replaced only by an even colder sword wind. Not even any dregs remained of the monster corpses as everything was erased. Only Zu An alone stood at the center of it all, overlooking the battlefield coldly and decisively.

The scene left everyone in Mengte City speechless. Some younger cultivators were overwhelmed with emotion.

How great would it be if one day, we could become like the regent...

When there was only one last corpse left, its head gave Zu An a resentful look, exclaiming, “You dare to kill my incarnation? In the future, I will definitely personally...”

“You really know how to spew bullshit!” Zu An retorted, bringing his sword down before it even finished speaking. The rest of its words disappeared together forever with the corpse.

When Zu An landed at Mengte City, everyone within finally realized that they really had won. The entire city erupted into loud cheers.

“Long live the regent!”

“Long live the Second Empress!”

“We hope that the regent and the Second Empress can bear a son soon!”


There was all manner of disgraceful speech mixed in the cheers, but no one felt there was anything wrong with it.

Even the Second Empress herself was now acting like a young lady who was experiencing her first awakening of love. She stood in front of Zu An with a reddened face, and in the end, she couldn't help but throw herself into his arms.

Zu An wrapped an arm around her waist, then held her cheek to kiss her. He had just killed a million monsters, so his mood had definitely been influenced a bit. When he felt her soft and sweet body, he finally recovered a bit of clear-headedness.

The cheers and whistles around him became even louder, as everyone present was extremely excited. As for the late Fiend Emperor, they couldn't care less. The regent had just saved all of their lives, and he had even displayed his incredible might in killing a million monsters. In the end, he had even taken down the incredibly terrifying corpse ball. Forget about the Second Empress, even if he wanted the most beautiful woman of every race, the crowd would offer them up more than willingly. Forget about forcing those women to agree, too; they would be throwing themselves at him all on their own.

There were many women in the city, and they all looked at the Second Empress with jealousy.

We can’t compete against the Second Empress’ status, but once she’s no longer at the regent’s side, we’ll try to get close to him then.

Compared to human women, the Fiend races’ women were much more enthusiastic and passionate. However, the Second Empress finally became too embarrassed. When she sensed that Zu An even wanted to go a bit further, she gently pushed him away in alarm. No matter how brazen she was, she couldn't do it in front of so many of her subordinates! She quickly used the excuse that she had to discuss the sealed land’s affairs and they left the front of the city. Soon after, the higher level officers of the Fiend races gathered in the city’s discussion hall.

Zu An was starting to get a bit embarrassed from everyone’s looks of admiration. He quickly cleared his throat and asked, “Just what exactly happened here? How were all of you surrounded by a million monsters?” Even though he had heard a bit from Yu Yanluo, she had already separated from the main force on the way here. She didn’t know the details as well as the Second Empress, who was here.

All of them began to speak one after another. “When we learned that something was wrong with the sealed land, we were worried that the monsters might completely break free, so we hurriedly gathered the different races’ elites and rushed to Primeval Iron City. There, we learned that the Second Prince already led his troops into the sealed land. At first, we thought that he wanted to eliminate the disaster forever and take a gamble. We naturally couldn't just sit still as he took a fourth of the empire’s elites inside for nothing, so we brought our main army to rescue them.

“And yet, in the end, none of us expected that all of this was a plot to kill us, and that the information we received led us right into the center of the monsters’ encirclement. Together with the Little Golden Peng King, Shi Zhentian, and the Hyena race’s betrayals, we were almost completely wiped out. It was thanks to the Second Empress’ brilliant leadership that we were able to break free from the encirclement, thus stalling for long enough until the regent’s arrival.”

The Second Empress said with a bitter smile, “I would like to thank everyone for bravely attacking the enemy and using brilliant strategies. I was only able to be of some minor aid."

“Your highness is too humble.”


Zu An frowned slightly.

There really was something wrong with the Second Prince, as expected. Even so, why haven’t I seen him or his troops at all?

“By the way, how did the regent find this place?” Hu Qianxiao asked with a smile. The others were also curious, because this sealed land was unimaginably large. They had already been in absolute despair and really hadn't thought he would be able to find them.

“At first, I tried to contact the Second Empress through the recording mirror but failed. I realized that something likely happened on this side...” Zu An began.

When they heard what Zu An said, the officers' eyes darted between the two, and they had knowing smiles on their faces.

The Second Empress’ face heated up. She gave them a glare and said, “He is also the human race’s regent, so we were just talking about proper affairs.”

The officers thought to themselves, Like hell we’ll believe you. Judging from how the two of you were glued together earlier, your conversations have probably reached the deepest subjects.

Zu An coughed lightly and said, “Later, when I learned of the strange things that were happening, I came to Primeval Iron City. When I entered the sealed land, I ran into Yanluo... Ahem, into the Medusa Queen. That was how I learned of your location.”

The officers gave the Second Empress approving looks and said, “Back then, her highness stood her ground and paid a huge price to send out the Medusa Queen. Many people objected to her decision back then, but it turns out we were all short-sighted like blind mice!”

The Mouse race’s leader slammed a chair and cried out, “Hey, I’m still here, you know?!”

Those present all roared with laughter. Their moods had clearly improved a lot after their victory in battle.

Zu An suddenly thought of something and asked, “By the way, why did so many monsters appear here? If they were this powerful, they should have already left Primeval Iron City a long time ago, right?”

When she heard him say that, the Second Empress’ expression became grim. She said, "We also looked into some information since then. I reckon that the Second Prince broke some of the seals here, which led to the outbreak of countless monsters. If we cannot repair the seal promptly, even more monsters might appear rapidly. At that point, the situation will completely collapse.”

Zu An was speechless.

Second Prince, I’m going to f*ck your mom!

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