Magic's Return: I Can See The Spirits

Chapter 259 This makes no sense…
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Chapter 259 This makes no sense…

"Ah, Vaan and Elara, it is great to have you two back in class," Professor Callista, the professor who taught Familiar Training, spoke with a gentle smile on her face as she glanced at Vaan and Elara.

"Greetings, Professor. I hope you are well," Vaan replied with a smile on his face as well. He had a positive opinion about Professor Callista; unlike other professors, she always treated her students gently and rarely showed anger. She dealt with most things in a calm and kind way, and she always had a signature gentle smile on her face, making her approachable. Vaan felt like she was the model professor every other professor should try to emulate, unlike the others who, for the most part, lived in their own world and often looked down on others.

"I am fine, thank you," the professor nodded. Then, she glanced at the other students and seeing that most students were together with their beasts, she recalled why she approached Vaan and Elara.

"Anyways, in the last 3 weeks you haven't been in class, we have covered most of the basics related to Familiar Training, and the students have now acquired beasts from the Wildlife Division. The classes now and in the future will focus on testing your bond with your beast. The stronger the bond, the better your evaluation, and hopefully, when you leave the academy, you will have a strong companion with you," the professor smiled.

Vaan, on the other hand, frowned, "So the two of us need to buy Magic Beasts?"

"Well, the two of you can also pair up and buy just a single beast; it wouldn't be a problem. Since you two live together, living with your beast and connecting with it wouldn't be a problem either. And yes, if you wish to learn anything in class, then it would be better if you buy a baby Magic Beast; otherwise, you will only be wasting your precious time," the professor answered.

"Why were we not informed about this?" Vaan couldn't help but question. After the two weeks he had spent inside the Past Era, both he and Elara were given a week's leave so that they could have a proper rest. So even though they weren't attending classes, they were still inside the Academy Campus. Of course, since the news about them was quite popular in the articles published in the SIC, the chances that students didn't know they had returned were low as well. Even if it was just a lame attempt to curry favors, some of the students should have come and informed him about needing to buy a Magic Beast to attend the Familiar Training class. The chances of no one coming to inform them were low… unless… someone interfered with it. Vaan narrowed his eyes as he looked around the classroom. Professor Callista, who could guess what the child was thinking, just frowned and said, "You were not informed because I told everyone not to. You were given this week for resting; there is no point in giving you a rest if professors bother you with academic tasks. As for attending class, I will mark the two of you present for today. For now, you should go and buy a Magic Beast. Of course, I shouldn't have to mention this, but the higher quality beast you buy, the better it is for the beast's future. Be calm and think clearly before you buy any beast; don't forget, the beast you will buy will accompany you for the rest of your life," Professor Callista spoke with a gentle smile on her face as she let Vaan and Elara leave the classroom.

"Wait!" Suddenly, a person called out. Vaan and Elara turned around and noticed Vilaya calling them out. Elara passed a smile at her friend, Vaan on the other hand, questioned, "What is it?"

"Since the two of you have missed classes for the past 3 weeks, I doubt you know much about Magic Beasts. The people in the Wildlife Division aren't the most welcoming either, so the two of you would only be confusing yourselves if you go there. Let me accompany you; I am sure I will be able to help you find a suitable beast," Vilaya spoke.

"Sure! We will be glad if you come help us! We can also use this time to catch up with each other!" Elara replied with an excited look on her face. The purple-haired woman was the first friend she had made in the Academy, so if possible, she wanted to deepen their friendship. And since his fiancée wanted it, Vaan didn't have any problem with Vilaya joining in as well. Seeing the couple nod, Vilaya stood up with a bright smile on her face, she then turned towards the professor and said, "Professor, can I leave with the two of them as well?"

"I cannot stop you from leaving, but I will let you know that unlike the two of them, you won't be getting attendance for these two hours," the professor replied.

"I understand," Vilaya didn't seem too bothered by it and quickly walked towards Vaan and Elara. Vaan then noticed a black cat with golden eyes sitting on her shoulders. The cat looked at him as her golden eyes shined in curiosity. The cat wasn't big; it was only slightly bigger than Flamey, about 13-14 cm. Her black fur was soft, and the little creature looked adorable and cunning at the same time.

"Meet Ruu, my Magic Beast. The little one just hatched 5 days ago, so she is still a little small," seeing that the couple seemed interested in her cat, Vilaya introduced her as she played with Ruu's chin with her finger, seemingly enjoying the massage. Ruu raised her head, allowing Vilaya to move more, and soon, she started licking Vilaya's finger. Seeing how Vilaya seemed to be melting when the creature did it, both Vaan and Elara could see just how attached she had gotten with her Ruu even though she just appeared 5 days ago.

"Hello Ruu~," Elara was quick to rush towards Ruu. Seeing that, a strange look appeared on Vilaya's face, "Elara-" She wanted to call out, as if trying to warn Elara, before she could, however, Ruu jumped towards the red-haired girl, landed on her shoulder, and started licking her cheeks.

"Hahaha~ Ruu is so cute~," Elara laughed out loud. Vilaya, on the other hand, stared at the red-haired woman with a dumbfounded look on her face.

Seeing her expression, Vaan frowned, but soon noticed that Vilaya wasn't alone; the entire class was looking at Elara as if she was some kind of monster, even Professor Callista.

"What happened?" Vaan questioned as he glanced at the professor.

"That cat is a Shadowstalker…" Professor Callista replied.

"And?" Vaan tilted his head in confusion.

"The Shadowstalker is known to not like humans, even as children. The only reason the little cat is close to Vilaya is that she sees her as a parent. As for the rest of the students in the class, it treats them like they are air; let alone willingly getting close to them, if she as much as thinks that other students are trying to approach her, she will attack right that instant. Even I am no exception yet…" The professor turned silent as she glanced at Elara joyfully playing with a Shadowstalker.

"I can't believe it…" She muttered. The rest of the students had the same thought in their minds as well.

Vaan, on the other hand, simply shook his head and snorted, "What's there to be shocked about? What's there to not like about my Elara? She is the purest person one would ever meet in their entire life; of course, a beast would like her. She is different."

At the same time, Vaan also tried to approach Ruu; however, "Meeooww!!" The cat hissed at him. Vaan blinked as Elara quickly held Ruu down, holding her back from jumping at Vaan and using her still not fully grown claws at him.

"What the hell is wrong with her?" Vaan complained.

Vilaya, on the other hand, sighed, "This is the reaction I usually expect…"

But once again, "Ruu, stop," Elara spoke as she patted the little creature's head. The Ruu who was hissing nonstop paused in an instant. Then, Elara glanced at Vaan and said, "Come."

"I don't want to. I don't like this black thing either," Vaan snorted.

Elara, however, continued to glare at him, and seeing the look in her eyes, Vaan just sighed, "Alright…" Sighing, Vaan extended his hand towards Ruu one more time.

"Be careful; her claws still hurt, and she is also starting to learn her abilities," Vilaya warned with a worried look on her face, but… with Elara gently patting Ruu's back, the little creature allowed Vaan to touch her head and simply closed her eyes, surprising the entire class once again.

Professor Callista stared at Elara with a dumbfounded look on her face. Seeing the girl once again, a different emotion rose in her heart, "This makes no sense…"

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