Monster Integration

Chapter 3734 Gems
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Chapter 3734 Gems

The third circle appeared; it had the least number of root seats, only six hundred and twelve cultists, compared to thousands of people in both circles.

These six hundred and twelve seats formed a huge circle with a large distance between them.

All the cultists sat in these six hundred and twelve seats, except for the three. The shaman, the horned woman, and the dwarf man; three sat on the three circles, formed below the tree.

"The preparations are over. Let's begin," said Shaman, and immediately, I saw the red and white gem lightning up.

I didn't remain curious for long.

A second and a half later, he activated the gems. The rooms we were sitting in moved, they came up and began to wrap around our arms and legs.

I could see people struggling and I wish, they didn't.

Even after losing a lot of power, three is extremely strong. There is no one here, that could resist them. The only one who has some chance is a shaman, who also has his arms, legs, and body wrapped around these roots.

I didn't resist and I could.

I have control over one gem, which gives me certain privileges. If I wish, I could stop them and he wouldn't be able to do anything, despite his authority over the two gems.

Though it would be a struggle if I wanted to save anyone else.

Soon, the vines wrapped around bodies, not completely. My eyes are free, and so is my one ear and a spot of my body.


They remained as such for several seconds, when I felt the red gem shining and a moment later, thousands of tiny needles came out and pierced into my body.

It reminded me of the cult that kidnapped me. They had done something like this. Though, they did it with specially bred slime, instead of the construct as it is happening now.


The white gem lit up and for a moment later, I felt the resistance from the medallion, but both of the gems hummed in power, crushing the resistance.

I felt the power and it couldn't help, but shocked.

I had already some of it from the red gem as I slowly moved to get control over it, but I didn't expect this. These bastards have done something to the gems; that is letting them overwrite even medallions resistance.

A moment later, the runes came out of the white gem.

These are ruins; they are the same as the ones with the tattoos that appear on the bodies of the beast god cult. This is another proof of these bastards' belonging to the beast god cult, not that I need any.

The runes spread through their roots and appear in the rooms wrapping around us.

Most of them remained in the roots and needles piercing our bodies, but some floated on our skin and souls.

For a moment I was scared, thinking they were from the beast god. They are the runes of the beast god, but they are not from it; it is made by them.

I would be able to remove them if I want to as long as I am able to get rid of the woods.

While it was all happening, I remained focused on breaking into the red gem. A thing had happened. It forcefully overrides the resistance, which gave me more hope.

I really have a chance; I only need to place my imprint on the red gem, without getting noticed.

The chance of that had increased even further.

A few seconds passed, and another idea came into my mind. It is not useful for the task I am doing, but I still asked my clone to do it. If I survived it somehow, this would help me tremendously.

The seeds came out of my core and went through the roots through my strikes, before leaving them.

Soon, the first of which reached its target. A Sky Sovereign sitting not far away from me.

It seeped inside him.

I was expecting him to discover it immediately, seeing it is a weak Sky Sovereign, but to my surprise. He didn't, the seed moved through his body and reached the place, before slowly started to spread its power.

I don't know if it is because of the latest improvements I have made on them using data from Sky Sovereign and new knowledge of forbidden power or if they are busy watching the runes covering their bodies.

They didn't discover it.

So, they begin to seep into the bodies of other Sky Sovereigns.

The data is important. If I somehow survive it; it will be useful to me. Especially, the data from the powerful Sky Sovereigns.

Those who are close to the Prime.


I was thinking that when one Sky Sovereign discovered the seed. It immediately dissolved into the energy, which self-

vaporized, without leaving any trace behind.

The woman is one of the strongest here and has a very powerful soul, from what little information, the seed was able to send. It is no wonder, the women were able to discover the seed.

Soon, all thirty-three seeds have reached their places.

I wish I had more seeds, but I didn't. Those I had are for the Earth Sovereign. The Sky Sovereigns would discover them, just as they enter their bodies.

I sent those seeds after they went to the Earth Sovereigns and, like I had expected, not a single one had discovered them.

I didn't need to send the seeds inside them. I already have all the information I need, but I didn't want to miss anything.

While I was doing that, the beast runes continued to spread.


Another minute and a half passed and some of the runes inside began to move toward the core. This is kind of confusing; these runes may be powerful, but it is made by them; the core would destroy them.

If it had been from the beast god; it wouldn't have been a problem, but with their state, they wouldn't be able to do anything to any core.

They seemed to understand that as well.

They didn't try to stick on the core. Instead, they floated over it, covering it to the core with them, but never touching it.

These bastards are smart.

The runes begin to cover every core, and the runes are the same, but I notice. The runes around the Sky Sovereign core have far more power than the ones around the core of Earth Sovereign.

The others are the same for everyone.

Soon, runes stopped coming inside the bodies, but they were still coming, and they stopped only when they had fully covered the roots wrapping the people and the ones they were sitting on.

"Thank you all for your cooperation and willingness. Our god will reward you greatly once you reach his heaven," said the shaman, and I felt the white gem shining again.

Reward my foot!

The beast good will eat us whole. There will be no afterlife or reincarnation once he has finished devouring us all.

It is what the beast god does. They devour; forget people. They devour the worlds.

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