My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 3149 Day and Night Replacement
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Chapter 3149 Day and Night Replacement

The only sound that echoed in the darkness was the heavy breathing of the Hong Estate Academy student, clearly gripped by fear.

Mo Lian and Duan Yue had already returned, cautioning in unison, "Be careful; the fabric of space-time is on the verge of shifting."

In an instant, three figures flashed into motion. The Hong Estate Academy student, bewildered by the impending event, instinctively rolled toward the voices of Duan Yue and Mo Lian, desperately trying to escape the unknown threat.

As he rolled, the world around him transformed from obscurity to clarity, revealing the transition between night and day.

The Hong Estate Academy students, witnessing the unsettling shift in the Lunisolar secret realm, couldn't help but gasp and break free from their frozen states.

As the day and night exchanged positions, the entire secret realm underwent a drastic upheaval. Anything alive near the boundary of the Sun Realm and Moon Realm faced annihilation from a formidable force, turning into ashes in the process.

The Hong Estate Academy students focused their gaze on the opposite end of the vine.

On the taut vines, two menacing zombies hung suspended. With each interchange of the Lunisolar secret realm, their bodies gradually disintegrated into transparent fragments before vanishing entirely.

Overwhelmed, the student found himself unable to stand, sitting in a daze as he witnessed the celestial bodies swapping places.

Unaware that he, too, had been affected by the Lunisolar secret realm, he only realized it when he descended from the sky due to gravity, jolting as he pulled himself out of the deceptive pit.

Observing this spectacle, Lady Qiaoqiao, suspended in the air by the quilt of Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal, regarded the bewildered individual with a stoic expression. "Could this guy be oblivious?" she thought as he emerged from the pit with a resounding thud.


Alone in the darkness, Mu Rouxuan persisted in her ascent, the sharp rocks beneath causing discomfort as they pierced her knees and elbows, leaving numerous abrasions.

Calling out loudly, addressing him as "Big Bro," she couldn't shake off a growing sense of panic.

Mu Rouxuan couldn't fathom the apparent heartlessness of her so-called Big Bro. Was he truly abandoning his younger sister, leaving her to crawl in solitude for who knew how long?

Her mind raced with doubt and frustration, questioning the familial bond they shared. Was he still her biological Big Bro?

Desire to scream welled up within her, but her weakened body betrayed her. Pain coursed through her meridians, causing beads of sweat to drip from her forehead.


"Do you resent me? Are you upset?"

"Would you like to begin anew? Do you yearn for newfound strength?"

A warm and soothing voice echoed persistently in Mu Rouxuan's ears, akin to gentle waves brushing past. It ebbed and flowed like the tide, replaying incessantly.

"Who? Who is manipulating my thoughts?"

"Who is it?" Mu Rouxuan abruptly turned, noticing the distortion in the Lunisolar secret realm's scenery behind her.

The small stone field crumbled into powder gradually as the quilt compressed it during the alternation of the Sun Realm and Moon Realm.

"How unfortunate," the voice whispered near her ear again. "Why so careless? You find yourself lying at the boundary of the secret realm."

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