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Chapter 621

Guo Yi’s expression was dark. He did not expect himself to land in this situation. He did not expect to lose.

“How is it? Will you obey?” Liu Mang said as he placed his sword at Guo Yi’s neck

“Obey?” Guo Yi wanted to struggle and said no but he was pressed to the ground by Guan Hai. Guo Yi had several bones broken as a result of falling off the horse. “If it was not because of that damn animal. How could I have lost?” Guo Yi shouted malevolently. He would not have been captured had the horse not thrown him off.

“Are you talking about Yeguang? Guo Yi. Have you forgotten whose horse that belongs to?” Liu Mang indifferently asked.

It was the horse that Guo Yi robbed from them.

“Guo Yi. You lost not because you were unlucky. You lost because you were too greedy!” Liu Mang said as he looked at his horse. Yeguang was a good horse with the intelligence of a human child that was why it could follow commands. Liu Mang called for it with his bamboo flute and Yeguang came over. Yeguang could also do other simply things like fight, lean over, or jump.

When Yeguang leaned over, Guo Yi could not react fast enough and was thrown off. That was how he got captured by Liu Mang.

“I…!” Guo Yi also felt regret as it was the horse that did him in. “Your Highness. I will not forget your kindness if you let me go!” Guo Yi said to Liu Mang.

“Let you go?”

“Yes. Let me go!”

“Where will you go?” Liu Mang asked playfully.

“If you let me go, I will leave Xinye. I will leave Yangzhou and go to a place where you cannot see me!” Guo Yi looked at Liu Mang as he begged.

“What about the horse?” Liu Mang asked as he caressed Yeguang. Yeguang was very pleased and snuggled back to show its love.

“The horse belongs to Your Highness.”

“What about Hao Liu?”

“I already killed him.”

“You already killed him?” Liu Mang was not expecting this answer. Hao Liu was one of Guo Yi’s people yet he was already killed? A good bow is useless without any birds.

“What about the people?”

Your Highess. Their deeds are all at the Guo Family’s residence. Once I go back, I can return all the deeds back to the people.

“I am sure you earned a lot in the past few months.” Liu Mang continued to speak.

“Your Highness. This Guo Yi is willing to offer up thirteen thousand gold to the Yangzhou Army!” Guo Yi said as he gritted his teeth. He could only offer up his entire capital to survive.

Liu Mang narrowed his eyes. Thirteen thousand gold was a huge amount. Liu Mang got about this amount from ransoming Sun Quan.

The Second Lord of Jiangdong and a small military officer of Yangzhou. Their difference in rank was too big. Yet, this Guo Yi managed to accumulate this amount over many months. If this were to continue, even the whole of Xinye would not be able to satisfy Guo Yi’s greed.

“I do want the thirteen thousand gold!” Liu Mang said.

Guo Yi’s face immediately lit up in joy. Although he felt regret that he would have to give away his money to others, he did not have a choice. As long as he could live, he could make a comeback. “Thank you Your Highness!”

“No need to thank me! I do not need you to give me the money. I can take it myself!” Liu Mang said indifferently.

“Take it yourself?” Guo Yi quickly realized that Liu Mang had no intentions of letting him go. If Liu Mang intended to take the money himself it meant that Liu Mang wanted him dead.

“Your Highness. Are you really not letting me go?” Guo Yi held on to a glimmer of hope.

“Let you go? If I let you go, how am I going to explain myself to the people? How will I govern Yangzhou in the future?” Liu Mang asked coldly. Guo Yi was so greedy he abused Yangzhou’s loophole. If Liu Mang were to let him go free, he would allow other corrupted officials to do this as well.

Liu Mang never believed a high salary could control his subordinates. He did not believe that being virtuous could prevent corruption. Liu Mang only believed in the law.

Only by having a strict system of reward and punishment will the officials be clean. Guo Yi was unlucky as he would be used by Liu Mang as a model to discourage corruption. Only by punishing Guo Yi will the corrupt officials understand that their actions would lead to disaster.

It was also a good way for Liu Mang to regain his good name as the people now had disdain towards him. They believed that the King of Shu was a liar. If Liu Mang wanted to regain their trust, he had to punish Guo Yi.

“King of Shu! Did you think you have won?” Guo Yi sneered. He finally admitted to Liu Mang’s identity after getting caught. He also understood that Liu Mang would not let him go.

“Did I lose?”

“You did not lose. But you did not win! You want me dead? Fine! Then I will die! And it would not be bad to have you accompany me!”


“What are you guys doing? Advance! Kill Liu Mang and the others!” Guo Yi shouted hysterically.

“I want to see who dares! Guo Yi is already being obstinate but will the rest of you follow in his footsteps?” Liu Mang finally understood why Guo Yi was being so confident. That is because Guo Yi’s men have not yet been defeated.

“Guo Yi’s crimes would easily result in the eradication of his entire family! Do not be misled by him! As long as you put down your weapons, you will not be held responsible!” Liu Mang said in hopes that the soldiers would listen to him.

His words were clearly effective as the soldiers all started to hesitate.

“You won’t be held responsible? If you had not followed me then you can do that and beg in front of the King of Shu! Otherwise, you all are destined to accompany me!” Guo Yi continued to struggle.

“Shut up!” Guan Hai wanted to stop Guo Yi from inciting the troops any further but Guo Yi’s words have already aroused his own men.

When they had learned of Liu Mang’s real identity, they were afraid. They also wanted to avoid being held responsible. However, Guo Yi had reminded them that they too, had engaged in corruption. Guo Yi was greedy but he wasn’t stingy. He had shared at least forty percent of the ill gained profits to his men. That was why they were willing to sacrifice their lives for him.

Those who think this way started to surround Liu Mang and the others.

“Your General is in my hands. Are you not afraid that I would kill him?” Liu Mang held his sword at Guo Yi’s neck. Liu Mang did not really want to fight against these soldiers as one way or another, they were his people. They were all part of Yangzhou. Hao Liu and the others were killed because Liu Mang could tell that all of them were villains.

“Do you all have any other way out? Disregarding taking the land from the people, you all have raised your sword against the King of Shu! This disrespect to the King normally results in death!” Guo Yi continued to say.

“Kill them! Do not worry about me! Having the King of Shu accompany me in death is not so bad! The world is huge! If you have enough money, you can go anywhere!” Guo Yi added. He forgotten that it was not just the Xinye defenders but the common people that were watching this. The people who were almost killed were all watching this.

Guo Yi had already gone mad. He wanted Liu Mang to die with him. There were over a thousand soldiers. Even if all of them willingly gave their heads, it would take half a day to kill them all. Liu Mang dared to rebel because he knew that the three of them could capture Guo Yi. He just did not expect Guo Yi to go crazy.

“Come! Kill! Hahaha! Liu Mang! You either let me go or die together with me!” Guo Yi shouted mockingly before he suddenly screamed.

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