Nightmare Assault

Chapter 36: Second Puberty
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Chapter 36: Second Puberty

The canteen was an individual two-story building. It was rather large but located in a secluded spot of the school. It was next to a small forest near the west field of the school. Near it were a few old buildings that looked like old housing.

Jiang Cheng thought the ground floor was the student canteen, and the first floor was the cafeteria for the school employees. However, he entered and realised the first floor was split into east and west spaces by giant screens.

The east side was larger. Young kids moved around with trays. It looked like the student canteen. The west side was smaller and had fewer people milling about. This was probably the staff canteen.

It was breakfast time, and people walked about. Young and fresh faces captivated Fattys attention.

Doctor. Fatty took a deep breath and said with a flushed face. It feels nice to be young. I feel like a student here again.

Jiang Cheng chided, I knew you were a Peeping Tom. I bet you were looking at girls when you were young too. Fatty thought about it and wanted to say something back. However, he had nothing to say, so he shut up.

Jiang Cheng led Fatty to walk around the student canteen before they crossed the screen to the employee canteen. To Fattys surprise, none of their mission mates was there.

Doctor, Fatty was confused, Dont they need to eat? They havent eaten since yesterday.

Jiang Cheng answered, We passed by a convenience store when the lady led us to the hostel yesterday. They probably went there to buy some prepackaged food. Compared to this place, the store will be quieter and thus poses a lower risk. Fatty reacted after a few minutes. He grumbled that the others were too cunning. They pushed them to this place because it was the riskier location.

Jiang Cheng seemed to have found a satisfactory spot. He sat down, and Fatty huffed and plopped down opposite him.

Two points. Jiang Cheng raised two fingers and wagged them. First, I was not led here by them. I wont share the information I find with them unconditionally.

Second, Jiang Cheng looked at Fatty, Dont call people cunning easily. Think about why youre so dumb first.

Hearing that, Fatty shrunk rapidly, and his hands landed on his knees under the table.

However, he had gotten used to Jiang Chengs insults. A few minutes later, he recovered and asked Jiang Cheng, Doctor, should we eat something? Im so hungry.

The two came to the counter. It had to be said that the school was good in certain areas. The food provided was all high-quality. Of course, it had to do with the expensive tuition. Art requires money.

Sweet and sour ribs, fried fish, seafood porridge Jiang Cheng ordered a few dishes through the counter window and then took out his temporary worker card. After a beep, the auntie pushed the food through to them.

Since he ordered many things, Fatty had to take two rounds to carry all the food.

Isnt this a bit much? Fatty looked at the half-filled table and groused, Its not good for digestion to eat so much in the morning.

Jiang Cheng stuffed a whole rib into his mouth. Then, he slurped the porridge and said, Im growing, so I need more food.

Your puberty stopped ten years ago, okay? Fatty couldnt help it.

Jiang Cheng put down his chopsticks and said seriously, This is my second puberty. It will only strengthen a specific part of my body!

Fatty, Doctor, can you pipe down?

After breakfast, Fatty suddenly realised he was not as nervous as before. He was even a bit excited.

Why do you think the woman in the qipao died? Fattys expression became worried. Her chin was yanked off by the ghost. The thought was horrifying.

Jiang Cheng had wolfed down the food earlier, and a fishbone was stuck in his throat. This caused his voice to change, You feel that its strange too?

Fatty nodded, Shes not a newbie, so she should know its not safe outside at night. He paused and added, Plus, she was alone.

Correct. Jiang Cheng said, Continue.

Thats all I have so far. Fatty looked at Jiang Cheng and said humbly, Doctor, you must have figured out more than I do. Tell me.

Jiang Cheng glanced at the screen and turned back. First, its abnormal for her to come out alone at night. She probably encountered something, and it was very important to her that it involved her life.

Fatty froze. He leaned forward to whisper, Do you mean she ran into ghosts?

Possible, but the chance is low. At this point, Jiang Cheng stopped joking. He said, after some thought, Assuming she did run into ghosts, why didnt the ghosts kill her inside her room but chase her out to the corridor?

Because the corridor is dark and secluded. Its easier for the ghosts to kill. Fatty answered instantly. Then, he frowned. This question was too easy. Jiang Cheng wouldnt ask a question so simple.

Jiang Cheng nodded. He studied Fatty with an inscrutable gaze. Thats right. The corridor is dark and secluded. Its perfect for a ghost killing. And she did die there.

Doctor, Fatty was more confused, What is your point?

Jiang Cheng sighed, Fatty, think about it. Do you think the woman in the qipao wouldnt figure out something even you can think of?

Fatty thought about it, Then, what did you think happened?

Jiang Cheng pulled his gaze away like he was bringing himself back to the night of the womans death. If I were her, there was only one thing that could force me out of the relatively safe hostel room and enter the dangerous corridor. His eyes focused again as he looked at Fatty. Something seemed to flow in his eyes. That was because I knew I had already been targeted by ghosts. And if I didnt leave my room and enter the corridor, I would 100 percent die.

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