Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1860 - 1860: Disintegration!
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Chapter 1860: Disintegration!

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As Lin Feng accelerated spacetime to constantly corrode the ultimate wheel, he finally realized something different.

“After 13 epochs, the ultimate wheel finally could not withstand the erosion of time. In the end, an Origin supreme treasure cannot last forever…” Lin Feng muttered softly.

The ultimate wheel in front of him began to loosen a little. Right on the heels of that, some of the internal structures seemed to begin to change. The ultimate wheel began to disintegrate bit by bit.

The speed of disintegration was very slow, and a little of it actually had no effect on the ultimate wheel at all. Or rather, the impact was almost negligible.

However, this could not change the fact that the ultimate wheel had begun to disintegrate.

This also proved that the ultimate wheel was not eternal. This was the most important thing to Lin Feng. After all, the erosion of time was invisible and intangible, but it could not be resisted.

If 13 epochs was not enough time, he would continue to accelerate spacetime.

After 14 epochs, 15 epochs, 16 epochs, 17 epochs…

Lin Feng was accelerating spacetime the entire time. Actually, accelerating the spacetime of the ultimate wheel also placed a certain burden on Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm. However, this time, Lin Feng could be said to have spared no expense. He used all the natural treasures he had collected for restoring the medium chiliocosm this time,

Forget about a mere dozen or so epochs, Lin Feng could easily hold out for dozens or hundreds of epochs.

Finally, after the 20th epoch, the ultimate wheel could no longer hold out. The

speed of disintegration increased, and it was disintegrating bit by bit at a visible speed.

This was a natural disintegration. It would disintegrate once the time was up.

This was the erosion of spacetime power. It was simply terrifying to the extreme.

There were very few powers in the world that could resist the erosion of time. Only eternal power or eternal substances could resist erosion. Otherwise, they would all be eroded.

But, did eternal power and eternal matter truly exist?

Even Lin Feng was doubtful.

True eternity was transcending time and space. How majestic and miraculous was such an existence? At least, Lin Feng still could not understand such an existence.

Apparently, that the ultimate wheel was not an eternal substance. Hence, it was eroded by the spacetime power and finally disintegrated completely.

However, disintegration was only the beginning.

Lin Feng had paid a huge price to erode an Origin supreme treasure. Now, this Origin supreme treasure was equivalent to being destroyed. It completely disintegrated into dust and disappeared from the spacetime prison.

Lin Feng observed carefully. Had the spacetime prison changed? After all, that was a true Origin supreme treasure. Even after disintegration, the miraculous power would remain in the spacetime prison. It would be up to the spacetime prison to absorb it.


The spacetime prison shook slightly, as if some drastic change was occurring.

The space of the entire spacetime prison was actually metamorphosing rapidly. It was as if the spaces had become larger, more stable, and were expanding rapidly.

This was clearly a change that only occurred in the spacetime prison when Lin Feng killed other powerful cultivators or lifeforms. Moreover, the change was even more intense.

“It’s effective. The spacetime prison has become stronger!’

Lin Feng was overjoyed, and there was a trace of elation on his face.

He knew how special the spacetime prison was. It was probably extraordinary in the Origin Realm as well, and was definitely not an ordinary Origin supreme treasure. At the very least, this was the first time Lin Feng had heard of an Origin supreme treasure that could grow.

In the past, only killing lifeforms or cultivators could improve the spacetime prison. Now, it could even “devour” Origin supreme treasures to strengthen itself.

Of course, Origin supreme treasures could only be devoured by the spacetime

prison after they had disintegrated. Otherwise, the current power of the spacetime prison was not enough to “devour” those Origin supreme treasures.

Just one Origin supreme treasure was enough to increase the power of the spacetime prison explosively. Moreover, Lin Feng still had three Origin supreme treasures.

“I wonder if these three Origin supreme treasures can allow the spacetime prison to undergo metamorphosis?”

In reality, Lin Feng did not know the actual standard of metamorphosis either. Or rather, he did not know when it could undergo metamorphosis. After all, Lin Feng had never seen a peak Origin supreme treasure.

All Lin Feng could do now was continue to disintegrate the other three Origin supreme treasures.

Hence, Lin Feng continued to accelerate spacetime.

The second, third, fourth…

As Lin Feng accelerated spacetime, he disintegrated the other three Origin supreme treasures. Among them, disintegrating the broken saber took the longest time, about 30 epochs of spacetime acceleration.

It took such a long time to erode an Origin supreme treasure. This was enough to show that the broken saber was extraordinary. If the broken saber were complete, there was no knowing how long it would take to erode it.

However, after devouring the four Origin supreme treasures, although the spacetime prison had improved substantially, Lin Feng could sense that it seemed to be still a long way from metamorphosis.

“How strong is a peak Origin treasure?” Lin Feng muttered softly.

He had never seen a peak Origin supreme treasure, and did not know how strong a peak Origin supreme treasure was. He did not even know if the current spacetime prison could be comparable to a peak Origin supreme treasure.

However, he knew that the spacetime prison had yet to undergo metamorphosis.

It was probably very difficult to make the spacetime prison undergo metamorphosis again. It was not something that could be “settled” with one or two Origin supreme treasures.

“Could it be because the quality of the Origin supreme treasure is too low?” Lin Feng thought of the broken saber.

Actually, after disintegrating the broken saber, the spacetime prison improved by a lot at once. The increase was huge, almost equivalent to the effect of the other three Origin supreme treasures combined.

It had to be known that that was only a broken saber, not a complete powerful Origin supreme treasure.

The difference between an ordinary Origin supreme treasure and a powerful Origin supreme treasure was also unimaginable.

However, how difficult was it to obtain another powerful Origin supreme treasure? After all, once one possessed a powerful Origin supreme treasure, they would truly be a powerful ultimate Voidwalker.

With Lin Fengs current strength, it would basically not be a problem for him to defeat ordinary ultimate Voidwalkers. However, things would be different if he encountered a powerful ultimate Voidwalker.

Perhaps Lin Feng would be fine. With the principle of spacetime, even Void Overlords could not kill him. However, it would not be easy for him to defeat a powerful ultimate Voidwalker.

However, as the spacetime prison grew stronger, Lin Feng vaguely sensed that there seemed to be some principle of spacetime hidden in the spacetime prison as well. Moreover, the principle of spacetime within seemed to be vaguely different from Lin Fengs principle of spacetime.

As for what the difference was, Lin Feng did not know either.

This was just an intuition, and Lin Feng trusted his intuition.

“I still have too little comprehension of the principle of spacetime. If I can see the legendary Origin Gate and enter the Origin Realm, perhaps I can see the truly powerful principle of spacetime! ”

Lin Feng had also begun to search for the Origin Gate now. He was also becoming more and more convinced of the existence of the Origin Gate.

In other words, he firmly believed that the Origin Realm truly existed!

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