Reincarnated Hero System

Chapter 667 Evan’s Soul Realm
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Chapter 667 Evan’s Soul Realm

Silence reigned supreme.

That was only natural, as the entirety of Agnes' Soul Realm was stopped in time and sound could not travel through stopped time.

'That Destructive type skill he has, the damage it caused me is quite substantial.'

Agnes heaved a deep sigh as she thought to herself, before looking at the body of Evan which was frozen in time.

'He knew about my ability to Stop Time in this Soul Realm. Is that what he called 'Phase 3'? He knows so much about me but for the wrong reasons…the kind I don't like.

He has information about me because I'm a potential enemy of his, but I don't want to be enemies with him.'

Soul power flowed through her spiritual body and into her hands, a small smile appearing on her face as she arrived at a conclusion.

'If I subjugate his soul…then we would not have to be enemies.'

She pressed her palm to Evan's chest and infused her soul power into his body.

'I've always looked at the outside of your soul. Let's see what the inside of your soul looks like, Evan.'

◇ ◇ ◇


Blistering cold.

That was the first thing Agnes could feel the instant she entered Evan's soul.

Hailstones rained down from above, crashing down with enough force to cause small craters in the ground.

Simultaneously, the ground was covered in a sea of prismatic flames that stretched on as far as her eye could see.

"This is taking the 'The Floor is Lava', a bit too literally."

She slowly levitated off the ground to prevent herself from taking continuous soul damage from the flames, while creating barriers to block the hail of crimson gold ice.

"Falling into these rainbow flames would not be pretty."

Agnes turned around and she was greeted with the sight of dozens of Tornadoes spinning rapidly, each one swirling a combination of prismatic flames, crimson gold ice, golden lightning, and darkness.

"…that gives me chills just looking at it."

The sight she was witnessing, was the culmination of Evan's Unique Skills.

Hailstones from Harbinger of Ice, a sea of flames from Mesarthim, and Tornadoes of elements from Vortex.

All were infused with the Blessing of Destruction's crimson essence.

She quickly moved forward, taking care to avoid the tornadoes, but her body felt sluggish.

"Evan's soul is still resisting, and is it me or is the resistance getting stronger by the second?"

Unknown to her, Adaptive Evolution was doing its work, gradually increasing Evan's resistance by the second. If she spent too much time here, his resistance would eventually surpass what she could bypass with her Soul Power and she'd be kicked back to reality.

Agnes understood this instinctively, so she redirected the Soul Power she used to create barriers around her spiritual body and urged it to move faster.

She flew forward as fast as she could, even though she was gaining wounds due to the hail and the heat of the flames, eventually reaching the centre of Evan's Soul, where its core was.

"Really, what was I expecting?"

What she saw was a giant spinning vortex that seemed to stretch up to the heavens, swirling around all Evan's energies.

Magic, Aura, Destructive essence, and even his own Soul Power which he didn't know how to use.

The area around the vortex was free of hail and flames, so she had the option of dropping to her feet and looking at it.

But before she did that, she used her soul power to confirm that what she was looking at was indeed the core of Evan's Soul and not some dummy.

"It looks like it and feels like it…"

Agnes finally let her feet touch the ground in the area free of flames, and in that instant, she heard a mechanical voice speak.

|Intrusion Detected in Host's Soul.

Activating Defence Protocols. |


She could not compute why there seemed to be a machine of some sort saying something about her being an intruder.

What she could compute, however, was the feeling of DANGER that her whole soul screamed out to her.

Agnes immediately jumped out of the way and fell onto the ground in the sea of flames, barely containing the scream that threatened to escape her lips.

When she looked up, there were easily over 50 blades pierced into the ground where she was standing half a second ago.

Each one looked like Evan's Unforged, but they had strange grey and gold circuit-like patterns on them.

|Detecting Enemy Type: Spiritual Body.

Directing Stored Energy to Adaptive Evolution.

Forced Command: Increase Spiritual Resistance. |

The Strange mechanical voice continued speaking without a care for her situation, and the blades all unearthed themselves before floating into the air and pointing in her direction.


Agnes couldn't stop the curse that escaped her lips as she quickly flew through the air with her soul power to avoid the storm of blades.

'Those blades are comprised of World Law energies…if they hit me, it's game over.'

She moved around, trying to dodge the blades, but it was a herculean task, especially with the fact that the rejection she could sense from Evan's soul was increasing exponentially.

'That thing said Increase Spiritual Resistance, didn't it?'

The moment she thought that, she heard a string of alerts that made her expression turn dark.

|Restricting all modes of 'Flight'.

Increasing Gravitational Force.

Reducing Hail Temperature.

Tuning up Flame Heat Intensity. |

Her body unceremoniously crashed down to the ground, and almost immediately, she was consumed by the sea of flames that increased in intensity.

Multiple hailstones rained down on every vital part of her body and she was barely able to block them with her multiple barriers.

'How can his flames and ice coexist so easily?!'

The 'Frozen Inferno' skill he gained from Faldo was to thank for that, but Agnes didn't need to know this.

She drew upon more soul power and forced herself to her feet, using barriers to create footholds in the air which she used to stay above the flames.

'Shit those blades!'

The circuit-patterned blades reached her in an instant, and she let the increased gravitational force pull her body to the ground, barely avoiding the blades.

At that moment, one of the blades grazed the tip of her middle fingernail.



Agnes screamed out in pain for the first time as blood splattered on her face. Looking at her hand, she could see that both her middle finger, her index and ring fingers had 'disappeared'.

'It just grazed me and it deleted those parts of my soul?!'

In the corner of her vision, she saw the blades turning around and she summoned her magic energy as fast as she could.

Using it, she created a blast of wind that propelled her body forward as fast as she could, using up all the magic power she had in return for this.

With this, she avoided the blades and landed in the no-flame zone around the Vortex that spun to the heavens.

'I have to get inside it!'

The Storm of Blades from the system were hot on her tail, the rejection from Evan's soul was now strong enough that if she slipped even a little bit, she might get ejected.

So she forced her body forward with her ether, and after layering multiple thick barriers around her, she jumped into the vortex.

The pain that assaulted her body left her lost for words to describe it.

Her barriers were shredded like paper, and her skin was lacerated all over.

But she had succeeded, she fell into the calmest part of any storm—the eye.

Immediately, the vortex began shrinking, as if trying to crush her within it, so she knew she needed to act fast.

Looking up, she saw an orb of gold light hovering in the air. There were many thin layers of light surrounding it like protective barriers, just like the ones she had seen when she looked at Evan's soul with her eyes in reality.

'I've never seen someone with such barriers around their souls.'

Despite the presence of these barriers, she had a relatively easy time getting to Evan's actual Soul as all the barriers seemed greatly weakened.

'It's like something is suppressing their strength. They're no more than illusions at this point.'

Her hand reached, infused with almost all her remaining soul power and grabbed the ball of gold light, but when she did, her vision went blank.

◇ ◇ ◇

'Again? Where is this? Why did I get teleported to somewhere else again? Is this the effect of Evan's Soul's Uniqueness?'

What she was experiencing wasn't what she was supposed to. Although she knew she was still within Evan's Soul Realm, she couldn't tell where in his soul she was.

Everything around her was grey, the same grey as the colour of his eyes.

There was only one other thing within this world of grey besides her. She could see a throne around 10 to 15 metres away from her.

Seated on it, was someone she recognised all too well.


However, Evan appeared to be sleeping, evidenced by his closed eyes and even breaths.

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