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Chapter 720 -720

"Fine... Here you go." Anon spoke with a smile as he grabbed Gia's body by the Waist and bent her down.

He then started rubbing his cock over Gia's pussy.


"Anhh~ Anhh~ Master... Please fuck me. Insert your huge cock into my pussy and tear it apart. Play with my boobs and squeeze them as hard as you want." Gia spoke with a desperate expression.

"Fine..." Anon spoke as he grabbed her ass cheeks tightly and pulled her pussy behind with full force.

As soon as Anon pulled her pussy back, His cock hitted the back wall of Gia's womb and her eyes got rolled back due to immense pleasure.

For a second there, Gia lost the control of her body and went unconscious but Anon immediately slapped on her huge boobs that were hanging down like a cow's udders.

'Wait... Cow. I have a Barn of cow Milfs too... Hehehe. I will go there to have some milk after this...' Anon spoke with an evil smile as he started banging Gia's pussy without any mercy.


"Anhh~ Anhh~ Anhh~ Aanhhh~ Yes master~ Fuck me moreee~ Fuck my pussy~" Gia spoke with a perverted expression as she enjoyed Anon's dick.

"Let me get a hold of these knockers..." Anon spoke as he immediately grabbed Gia's boobs and started squeezing them tightly.

"Ahh... What softness ?" Anon spoke as he squeezed her boobs even tighter.

"ANHHHH~" Gia moaned loudly as she felt Anon's hands squeezing her giant boobs.

"How about some fun ?" Anon spoke as he grabbed Gia's neck and let go of her body.

As soon as he removed the support, her body immediately hanged over Anon's dick and the pleasure she felt was Ultimate.

"ANHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ YESSSS~ MASTERRRR~" Gia shouted in pleasure as she felt Anon's dick hitting the back wall of her womb aggressively.


Anon fucked Gia's pussy for the next 30 minutes and finally he reached his limit...

"Fuck... I am cumming." Anon spoke as he started choking Gia by the neck.

"M-Master... I-I can't breat-" Before She could've completed her sentence, Anon inserted his other hand inside her mouth and continued to bang her pussy.

"Shut the fuck up... I don't care if you can breath or not bitch." Anon spoke as he removed his hand from her mouth and grabbed her clitoris instead.

He then tightly pinched it and made Gia cry in pleasure...

"ANHHHHHHHNNHHHHHH~ YES MASTER... EMPTY YOU BALLS INSIDE ME AND FILL ME UPPPP~" Gia shouted even though she struggled to breath and tightened her pussy for Anon.

"Fuck... I am cumming." Anon Spoke as he grabbed Gia's body by the Waist and pulled her down with full force.

"HEINGHHHHHH~ MASTERRRRR.... FUCKKK~" Gia's eyes rolled back and her tongue came out of her mouth.

She made an ahegao face as her mind broke from the ultimate pleasure. Anon filled her womb with his white jeez and due to his backed-up state, the cum's quantity coming out of his dick was too much.

As soon as Gia felt Anon's cum filling into her womb, she went unconscious and her pussy came like crazy.


"Haaa... It feels way too good." Anon spoke as he emptied his balls, but his dick wasn't getting down.

"Fuck... She broke again." Anon spoke as he immediately removed Gia's pussy from his dick and while he was doing this... He noticed that Gia's womb came out of her pussy while he was pulling his dick out.

"Haha... What a stupid bitch." Anon spoke as he throwed Gia's unconscious body on the ground and started walking towards cherry's room.

After walking for about 3 minutes, Anon finally reached in front of Cherry's room.

He slowly opened the room and noticed that cherry was looking for something under the table while her ass is raising high up in the air.

She is wearing a one piece and when she is bending down, her pink panty is clearly visible.

"Where did it go ? I remember putting it here." Cherry spoke as she continued to search for the thing, unknown of the fact that Anon has set his eyes over her ass.

"Heheh..." Anon laughed evilly as he looked at her ass and entered inside the room slowly.

"Where did it go ?" Cherry spoke with a worried expression.

Anon, slowly grabbed both ends of her panty and pulled it down slowly, so slowly that even cherry didn't noticed it.

"Fuck... It's not here..." Cherry spoke as she tried to stand up again, but suddenly she realised that something is wrong with her legs.

"What the-" Before she could've completed her sentence, Anon inserted his cock into her tiny and tight pussy.

"Anhhhhhh~ Noooo~ Who is this ?" Cherry asked as she immediately tried to free her body from Anon, just like a wild cat but Anon immediately placed his hand over her back and pushed her down to the ground..

"Stay down, Bitch." Anonnspoke with a smile as he immediately started banging her pussy.


"Annh~ Master Anhh~ Is that Annhh~ You ?" Cherry asked with a stammering voice.

"Yes, Luv... You have a problem with me ?" Anon asked with a smile as he slowly bent over her back and bit her left ear.

"Anhh~ Master... You should've told me that you are going to use my pussy today. I would've cleared the hairs from it." Cherry spoke with a smile.

"Don't worry, I like it this way. The hairy pussy covered in the scent of your sweat." Anon spoke with a smile as he slowly slipped his hand inside her top and grabbed her nipples.

"Eww... Master, You are so pervert." Cherry spoke with a smile.

"You are enjoying my cock huh ?" Anon asked with a smile.

"Yeah, But why is it shorter than before ?" She asked.

"Well, I reduced it's size just to not break your mind but seems like you need the whole thing, here you go." Anon spoke as he increased the size of his dick.

"ANHHHHHHHHHHH~ MASTERRR.... NOOOOOOO~ M-MY PUSSY IS TEARING APART~ PLEASE STOPPPP... I-I WILL NEVER SAY IT AGAIN... PLEASE MASTERRRRR..." She immediately shouted as she felt Anon's dick getting bigger and thicker with every second.

At last Anon's cock got so thick that it go totally stuck inside Cherry's pussy.

Due to sudden pressure on her pussy, Cherry lost her consciousness and fell down to the floor like a broken slut.

"Looks like you couldn't handle the big dick huh ?" Anon spoke with a smile.

Normally Anon would've left her body, but the tightness in her pussy was even better than Gia and Freya's pussy.

So, he started moving his dick in and out of her pussy. With each pull, Anon was feeling her womb coming along with his dick.

"Oh, my god... Her pussy is very tight." Anon spoke as he stood up from the ground and along with his dick, he picked up Cherry's unconscious body from the ground.


Anon continuously banged Cherry's unconscious pussy for the next 45 minutes and used her like portable pocket pussy.

After getting bored with her unconscious body, Anon threw her unconscious body over the bed and started walking towards the underground city.

"I want to fuck some real girls now. These human girls are so stupid." Anon spoke with a smile as he opened the door to the basement and started walking towards the entrance of the city.

At the entrance, Two female guards were standing.

"So, How did you like the bone soup I sent to your house ?" First ogre girl asked.

"Yeah, it was good... But, my mother made it better." The other ogre girl spoke.

"Hmm... I should learn it from your mother."

"Hello, Ladies..." Suddenly, Anon's voice came from the front.

Both of the guard immediately looked at him and saw that Their king is standing in front of them, Naked.

"Y-Y-Your Majesty... We greet you." Both of them immediately bowed down to Anon and as soon as they bowed down, They saw Anon's huge dick standing.

His dick was in full size and it was coming upto their faces.

'Woah... What a big Dick ? I wish I could get fucked with that.' The ogre thought as she looked at Anon's huge dick, but she didn't knew that Anon can hear her thoughts.

"Ladies, Stand up and turn around..." Anon ordered.

"Yes, Your majesty..." The ogre girls immediately followed Anon's orders and turned around instantly.

"Remove every cloth from your body and bent down in front of me... Show me your round asses and fluffy green pussies." Anon ordered.

"Yes, Your majesty..." The ogre girls spoke as both of them immediately removed the clothes that they were using to cover their boobs and pussies.

After removing the clothes, both of them bent down and revealed their green fat asses and fluffy pussies to Anon.

"Heheh... What a view." Anon spoke with a smile as he moved ahead and inserted two fingers of each hand into both the pussies at the same time.



Both of them moaned together as they felt Anon's fingers going inside their pussies.

"Ladies... You are going to get fucked, I hope you don't have a problem with that." Anon spoke with a smile.

"No, your majesty." Both of them spoke with a smile.

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