Shinka no Mi

Chapter 221: Crossing Paths
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Chapter 221: Crossing Paths


I ―――― Zakia Guilford, was staring at the face of the previous king, Alf Dia Kaizer, who was sleeping peacefully in front of me.

Alf-sama has been struck by a curse that made him never wake up for several years.

――――【Eternal Sleep】.

The person who has received this curse will continue to sleep, never waking up again, and will slowly drift towards death.

Alf-sama, who used to be muscular and full of high spirits, is now completely emaciated, and there’s no trace of the man he used to be.

“Why …… why did this happen ……”

It was really all of a sudden that Alf-sama was cursed.

One day, Alf-sama, who would normally be awaken, did not wake up.

A doctor was immediately called to examine his condition, and it was discovered that he has been cursed.

Why was Alf-sama cursed and who did this to him?

I tried all kinds of methods to find out what was going on, but in the end, I could not get a single clue.

In the end, we settled on the conclusion that Alf-sama’s curse was either a natural manifestation or a land specific one.

Curses could occur spontaneously, though extremely rare, and if a place was the site of a major war in the past, it was possible to be cursed by spirits that had become ingrained in the land.

In fact, the lands of the Kaizer Empire were also won by our ancestors long ago through war.

…… Although, I’m not entirely convinced with that ……


When Alf-sama was performing his job, the Kaizer Empire was a good and vibrant country.

However, since the fall of Alf-sama and the accession of the current emperor, Sheld Wol Kaizer, the Kaizer Empire has changed.

“What should I, do……”

Even if I asked this question, I won’t receive an answer from Alf-sama in front of me.

The room in which Alf-sama sleeps, is also very modest and not well managed, that I couldn’t think of it as a treatment for the former king.

However, on the contrary, this might have been a good thing.

Alf-sama, who has always disliked ornate decorations and has always been a man of simple and sturdy character, would probably feel more at home in this room.

Besides, I don’t know what will happen in the castle now.

Therefore, this secluded location was convenient.

As I was setting up Alf-sama’s room the same as usual, a man comes in.

“Zakia-san, there you are.”


The one who came was my subordinate, Orphe Almond.

He had compiled several documents in his hands.

Orphe approaches me and gazes into Alf-sama’s face.

“……He’s still not awake”

“……Yeah. So, how was it?”

“Yes. As we thought, not a single person has seen His Majesty.”

I was now having Orphe and the members of the Second Order find out what was going on inside the castle.

This is because one day, His Majesty disappeared.

Instead, the Helio guy took charge of the castle and gave various instructions.

“Where the hell, has His Majesty disappeared to?”

“However, I think he is alive because I can sense the presence of people in His Majesty’s room. ……”


I was guessing a lot of things, but I never found out why His Majesty had disappeared.

“But something is definitely going on. Quite a few maids and butlers have disappeared in the last few weeks.”

“Where did they go?”

“Of course, I don’t know.”

At the same time that His Majesty stopped appearing, those who worked in the castle began to disappear one by one.

At first, it seemed a little strange, but the change became very apparent, and now we could only see the corrupt nobles and the members of the First Order in the castle.

The castle, which used to be so vibrant, now looked like a ruin.

“…… I understand for the time being. Tell the other members to continue investigating. However, if they perceive any danger, they should leave immediately.”

“Understood…… Ah! Speaking of which, Zakia, are you aware of that rumor?”


Orphe talks with a serious expression on his face, as if he has remembered something.

“Yes. It’s a story in the Kingdom of Welmburg, but it seems that King Ranzelf himself was actually been cursed.”

“What? Is that true?”

“Yes. But the story does not end there. To my surprise, King Ranzelf says that the curse has disappeared.”


That was exactly the kind of information I was looking for right now.

“What does that mean! You don’t mean to tell me that it was a punchline that he wasn’t cursed from the beginning, do you?”

“Yes. It seems certain that he was cursed. It seems that the weapon used in the attack by the assassin was a 『curse tool』 of some kind. ……”


I have never heard of that country being targeted by other countries because of its geography, nor have I heard of it making any particular enemies in terms of diplomacy.

…… No, it would be so much that the only person who disliked that country was the emperor of this country, Sheld-sama.

“Wait. Then that assassination is ……”

“……it’s probably from our country.”

“Kuh! Although Alf-sama has fallen from a curse, they used that same kind of curse for assassination!?”

I was about to explode with anger, but I managed to hold it back.

“Tu……Fuh…… I’m sorry. I was distraught “

“No, I understand how you feel. ……”

Orphe also endured a lot of anger at the actions of our country.

But then, a suspicion arose from me.

Was it really a coincidence that Alf-sama fell?

There is now a possibility that we are not talking about a curse caused by this land that Alf-sama happened to take on.

At that moment, my mind was filled with the face of Helio, who is currently in charge of the Kaizer Empire.

“No way, that guy ……”

If that guy had thrown down Alf-sama, and then used the same tool to wage war on another country, it would be unforgivable.

Of course, I can’t blame the guy now that I have no proof or anything. ……

“Orphe. Find out any information about the Kingdom of Welmburg immediately. If you can, find out who lifted the curse, but even if you can’t, just find out if they really succeeded in lifting the curse.”

“I understand. Which would I prioritize, this information or the search for His Majesty?”

“The curse is fine.”

Normally, we should probably check on the whereabouts and safety of His Majesty, but with Helio in charge of this country, we haven’t found any major deficiencies yet.

Then, our first step would be to find a way to break the spell and awaken Alf-sama.

“Alright, find clues about the curse at any cost!”


Orphe replied and immediately left the room.

“Alf-sama…… please wait a moment. I will surely break your curse ……!”

I left the room with renewed determination.


“――――So with that said, I’m going to the Kaiser Empire for a moment!”

“Even if you said that in a ‘I’m going for a walk‘ tone of voice. ……”

When I returned to the inn, I told Saria and the others about what Kannazuki-senpai had asked me to do that day.

Then Al continues grimly.

“Even so…… those are the guys who did terrible things to you, right? Then isn’t it fine to leave them alone?”

“Indeed, Milord! You don’t need to worry about those kinds of mobs! It’s okay for them to disappear on their own!”

“Rurune is so extreme. ……”

With a wry smile on their reactions, I express my feelings honestly.

“Of course, I haven’t forgiven them, and of course, I have some hazy feelings about it. But it’s also true that I feel unpleasant about leaving them as it is. And it’s because Kannazuki-senpai will be sad. After all, I want senpai to be smiling. ……”

“…………Oy, maybe it’s for that woman.”

“Heh!? Ah, that’s right, but it’s not like that!”

Al became blatantly moody, so when I hurriedly made an excuse, Saria smiled.

“I think it’s best if Seiichi does as he pleases.”


“Because if Seiichi does what he wants, everyone will be happy in the end!”

Even though there should be no basis, Saria always affirmed me.

This is not her after eating the fruit of evolution and becoming a person.

Ever since she was a gorilla, Saria has always thought about me and accepted me.

That’s why, I think I’ll do my best and not disappoint everyone.

Then Al, who had looked grumpy earlier, let out a loud sigh.

“Haa…… well, I know you’re that kind of guy.”


“Well…… I’m a little jealous. But it’s because you’re this kind of guy that I ……”


Al turned away in embarrassment at my words.

Then Olga-chan and Zora also pushed my back.

“……Hmm. I think Seiichi-oniichan should move the way he wants to move too.”

“Tha.that’s right! Because that’s how you saved us!”

“……But you’re going alone this time, aren’t you, Seiichi-oniichan?”

“Yeah…… well, it’s more about rescuing people than going into a fierce battle. If anything, it might be more about moving while avoiding being caught.”

In fact, I don’t know what will happen, and if I go to save them, there is a possibility that they won’t listen to me and will go berserk.

“Well, I’ll just have to try this.”

“If it’s Master, then it’ll be fine! If it doesn’t work, you can erase them.”

“You’re really radical, aren’t you!”

That’s a statement that doesn’t sound like from a former donkey to me!

Sarria tilts her head as I draw back my cheeks to Rurune’s words.

“So, when are you going?”

“That’s right…… I’m planning on leaving tomorrow morning. I’ve never been to the Kaizer Empire, so I can’t use transfer magic to get there yet.”

“……You may have never been to that place, but I think you can move with transfer magic to get around there”

“No, no, that’s ――――”

……Perhaps, I can do it.

But I won’t do it, alright!

There is no need for me to get out of my way to inflict psychological damage to myself.

Besides, I decided to help them, but I definitely won’t forgive them …… If so, I want them to wait and give me some time before I head directly to the Kaizer Empire!

It’s narrow-minded, you say? Shut up!

In spite of everything, in the end, everyone had my back, and I finally set off for the Kaizer Empire.

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