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Chapter 21: Sultan's will

Under the high noon sun, its golden rays cascading down upon the mortal realm, the world below lay divided in its sight. In the green and fertile lands-seas of the Empire of Romelia, the sun was revered as a gift from the gods . But in the desolate sands of the Ush, the sun was a malevolent deity demanding appeasement through fire and blood of the heretics.

In the heart of a vast plaza, torches flickered in a circular formation around a towering pyre, its flames licking the sky with a fierce intensity that resembled that of their god . Arrayed around the pyre, a group of priests of the Fire god traced intricate symbols in black coal upon the ground,silent and dutiful upon their act.

'The boars shall charge the viper, the hot sand shall have his due and spit the bones back,'

Bound and gagged, twenty men stood before the pyre, their desperate cries muffled by the cloth stuffed into their mouths. Their skin, pale and candid, seemed to recoil from the touch of the sun, as if even its rays shunned their presence, which contrasted greatly to the skin of the people livign under the sultan. Long braids cascaded from their heads, swaying like whips as they thrashed against their restraints, their muffled screams piercing the air as the heat of the fire seared their flesh, burning thier skin and roasting the meat.They were the last tribute of the beduins living deep into the sultanate.

'Vermins and flies will come out of the mouth of the hunter, where the tender meat of the boar lies in' . That was said to the sultan before, and just like the sun after night, it arose from the ashes of the night.

"FIERY AND RED THY SKIN IS, TO THY MAGNIFICENCE, THUS GIFTS YOUR SON SHALL PRESENT THEE!" The woman's voice sung , her dark hair swirling around her face . Her eyes, blackened by the sacred chalk, three lines from each eye lid falling to her chin. With each word of her chant, she raised a cane high above her head, the rhythmic beating echoing through the plaza.


With measured steps, she approached the roaring flames of the pyre, like a mother does with their child , with no fear just absolute love.

Without hesitation, she plunged her hands into the searing inferno, the crackling of flames drowning out the anguished cries of the sacrifices bound to the stake. As her hands delved into the heart of the blaze, she retrieved something hidden within its depths, her expression betraying no hint of pain or discomfort. With a swift motion, she crushed the chalk between her fingers and smashed it in her eyes. Her hands were pristine, no burn , no harm done by her god.And would she?Was she not loved by both father and son?

With eyes fixed upon the flames, she remained unmoving. And as the flames danced before her, she allowed her god to enter her, play with her as she saw fit.

With each step, the flames seemed to part before her, their fiery tongues licking at the air but drawing away from her . As she drew nearer, she felt it again , her god was entering in her .

She plunged headlong into the heart of the inferno, her flesh untouched by the searing heat that surrounded her. Within the depths of the flames, she beheld a vision,her god blessed her once again.

Four baby boars emerged from the charred remains of their mother, their voracious appetites driving them to feast upon her flesh. With gleaming eyes and gnashing teeth, they fought amongst themselves for the spoils, snarling and biting at each other .

High above, an eagle soared through the red sky . With talons stained crimson with the blood of its prey, it let forth a piercing cry that echoed through the air, a primal call to the gods themselves before diving down.

Than the dream stopped and the fire showed her no more.But that was enough, the gods has shown her the way once again. The sultan would rejoice!The flame told of his success once again as he would dive down like the eagel on his enemies.She knew that the sultan trusted her .Since the day where she gave him her first sight , the sultan had eyes only on her.

'The boars shall charge the viper, the hot sand shall have his due and spit the bones back,vermins and flies will come out of the mouth of the hunter , where the tender meat of the boar lies in'

That was said to the sultan before, the words coming out of her moouth . The nobles laughed, the priests scowled at her arrogance, but the sultan smiled. He could feel it in his blood, he understood her link with the god and immediately bestowed upon her the title of high-priest.

It was a title that lasted till death and it was already occupied.....but this did not stop the sultan, one wave of his hand was all it took, to bestow title and claim lives . The awe he felt towards her, soon turned into desire. SHe desired him, the son of her god, wanted to unite with her and she threw himself at him. She felt it in her stomach, the result of their union, the god's spawn was in her , blessed would be their lineage.

And now she had another revelation to offer to her beloved, she could feel her desire to shout it at him before laying with her god's son . His rod blessing her once again as his grey eyes dived into her. She wanted him , and she would have him.

And in her wake she brought her two gifts , a son and the sight of his love's enemy falling under his claws. Truly a blessed day it was for her.

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