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Chapter 362.2: Masked God

Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka) leaves, looking no different than usual. I, Adler, just look on in shock.

How much time has passed since no one was there? Uno raises a hoarse voice.

And, he just left However, this time, was a huge failure. I cant believe Cry-san has no intention of using Keller. (Uno)

Totally. (Quint)

Keller, the masked god. The divine Phantom with which we tried to negotiate was far more powerful than what we could have imagined. If one were to know even a fraction of its ability, thinking of using it would be unthinkable.

Looking back, that man must have understood Kellers power from the beginning. That is why, even when he saw the gods appearance in the mirror of reality, he did not move an eyebrow. And I have to say that his thought is absolutely correct.

Despite its many twists and turns, the strategy to weaken the Treasure Shrine is a success. The power flowing into the Temple of Origin has greatly reduced, and Kellers consciousness, which was in the middle of being revived, would have gone to sleep.

Until that moment when we tried to make a deal, that is.

Infinite Varietys (Senpen Banka) strategy was perfect, but if I have to single out one thing that was most outstanding, it would be that he made it difficult for the Temple of Origin to be wary of what is happening. The accumulation of Mana Materials is a natural phenomenon. Its increases and decreases are mainly caused by tectonic movements, and even though Keller was aware of the anomalies, it did not consider taking any concrete measures to address them.

But, however, we changed that.

Gradually, the wound we received in the fight with Keller began to hurt. I took some first aid measures, but the wound must have probably re-opened because I swung the spear as hard as I could. I was careful not to show it on my face, but I am sure that man has seen through me.

Normally, it wouldnt have been strange for us to be killed in one blow. It was thanks to Yuden that we survived with this level of injury. We managed to save our lives because we were able to use Ripper while Yuden was acting as a shield. However, the cost was too great. Even Yuden, who was feared as a god-like being in the ancient ruins, was unable to inflict even a single scratch on Keller.

That isA true monster. And for that monster, we werent even enemies. If we had been recognized as its enemy, we definitely wouldnt have survived.

We are, the enemies, of the world, arent we (Adler)

We are, from the very beginning, Adler-sama. You are the Demon King (Maou), you know. (Uno)

It cant be helped, you know. Thats the fate of being a Guide. Right? (Quint)

For a Guide, it is instinctual to use Monsters. And that ability is unacceptable in modern society. And we chose to oppress rather than be oppressed. Thats all.

However, this time case is completely my mistake.

I thought I could make a deal. With the supply of Mana Materials dwindling and Kellers revival becoming farther away, I thought it would need a partner who could move whenever and wherever. And then we revived it. Originally, the old god was supposed to fall asleep again.

Everything became unexpected because of Kellers authority. It was neither Magic nor martial arts, but a special ability that made Keller, who was just a mere mortal, a god.

Outer Sense (Gaibu Kankaku)I had no idea it had such an ability. (Adler)

The reason we came to Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka) was to avoid any regrets.

The negotiation failed. Without Kellers cooperation, and since we are seriously injured, there is no chance of winning even if we fight against Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka). However, if we didnt challenge him now, our pride as Night Parade (Hyakki Yako) would have fallen to the ground.

In the end, I wasnt even treated as an opponent, but this is in its way a refreshing feeling.

Kuku That guy, I guess even our behavior was something he expected. (Adler)

Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka) looked at us and didnt ask any questions about the current situation.

In the end, we were probably made to dance in the palm of his hand from the beginning to the end. From becoming Infinite Varietys (Senpen Banka) disciple to leaving without permission. I can see it now.

That guy probablyUsed Night Parade (Hyakki Yako) to revive Keller.

Outer Sense (Gaibu Kankaku) is a powerful ability. The power that we possess to control Monsters is a supernatural ability similar to that of a mutation that has developed in humans, but Kellers power is on a different level.

I have no regrets about engaging Keller. Since the other side had no intention of cooperating with me, a fight was inevitable. However, the responsibility is on me as I, the general, challenged the enemy despite knowing that it was a formidable foe and got defeated without being able to do anything about it.

If it had been that guy, it probably wouldnt have resulted in such a disastrous outcome. I dont know what kind of strategy he would have used, but I have a strange certainty of it being true.

I let out a small sigh. My body is getting heavier. Ever since I came hereNo, since I first engaged with Strange Grief (Nageki no Borei), a series of shocking things happened.

A terrifying Phantom from a Temple-type Treasure Shrine in the legendary city of Spirit People. A mighty god revived from ancient times andA man who uses the same power as us but for a different purpose than us.

Until now, I have never questioned my path, but maybe this is a turning point for us. Will we continue to live our life as Demon King (Maou) from now on, or will we use our powers to help others like Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)?

I am losing too much blood. I feel like I would lose consciousness if I let my guard down. My body temperature is also dropping. Uno and Quint are probably in the same situation. Our life is about to be lost. It is unknown if we will survive, but we can escape.

I look at Ripper sitting on Unos head. The scissors in its hands have large cracks all over them and are beginning to rot. It is a wonder that it hasnt collapsed yet. If it cuts through space one more time, the scissors will probably shatter into pieces. Even Uno, its master, does not know whether the broken scissors will regenerate or not.

But before running awayLet us see if it is possible for humans to defeat a god. (Adler)

That man, is going to fight Keller. Against the god who easily slaughtered Yuden and showed us an overwhelming difference in our strength.

If you think about it normally, there is no way a human can defeat a god. However, Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka) is also a monster.

That man said that he will make Keller disappear before it can use its powers. However, Keller has already regained enough ability to easily slaughter Yuden.

How far has that man expected things to go? And what kind of strange strategy will he use to defeat a god with invincible abilities?

I stare at the direction Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka) has taken while enduring the pain, but then I suddenly stand up while stumbling and disappear into the darkness of the night.

I am dreaming. It is a dream of a meadow at night. A crescent moon floating in the sky. Darkness. An endless black meadow that goes on forever. In its center is a humanoid figure standing.

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The reason why it is described as humanoid rather than human is because it clearly has an air that is different from humans. Just like High-level Hunters wear an air of powerful being, it has an aura around it.

However, the aura surrounding it is different from any Hunter I have ever met. If I have to say, then the closest thing to it isThe Phantom I encountered at the Lost Inn.

Not a dragon, not a demon, not a legendary beast. A transcendent being that was once called god.

Even I, who have a poor ability to detect crises, can understand the pressure at a glance.

Its body is small, but that doesnt matter. And its faceIs covered with a white mask that looks like it is made of bone.

Strangely enough, its background is transmitted to my brain.

Keller, the masked god.

An ancient warrior who was born into a bloodline with unique abilities, which is neither Magic nor martial arts, killed gods and became a god. The mask that covers its face is made from the bones of those gods.

His hand slowly lifts and his finger points towards me.

An eerie wind blows. The grass sways like a wave.

And thenSuddenly, the ground beneath me collapses and a large hole opens up.

It is such a vivid dream that I can even feel the wind caressing my skin.

But I never fell into the hole. No matter how real it is, it is still a dream. Suddenly, an exasperated voice echoes in my head.

What an, insensitive man The attack, slipped through. The antenna Is too weak. Is this really, a hero? (Keller)

I feel like it said something rude about me.

Keller silently communicates his intentions to me as I stand there in a daze.

Your intervention in my temple was splendid. Kneel and pledge your allegiance. If you do, I will grant you salvation. Weakness is a sin, strength is my teaching. There is no deal to be made with the losers. (Keller)

Thanks for reading! Heres the extra chapter thanks to Satria, Oliver and Chulbom! Yooo Cry draw Keller out, sasuga Cry! And indeed there is no deal to be made with the losers, so Cry will never make a deal with you, thats just simple QED.

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