Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1334 Fucking monster…
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Chapter 1334 Fucking monstera?|

1334 Fucking monster...


He called out.

"Hmm? What is it?" Allura, who was about to turn around and leave glanced at Nux and questioned.

With a grim look on his face, Nux continued,

"None of you are allowed to form Dependent Laws."

He then glanced at the rest of the women and,

"None of you."

He repeated.

This time, his words affected Evane and Lane the most, getting a reaction out of both of them as Evane's long ears twitched while Nux's shadow flinched.

Nux however, didn't care about their reactions and turned back to Allura, "I don't know what you are planning, but the result better not be a Dependent Law."

"Mhm, don't worry, it won't be anything that would somehow connect my life with yours."

Allura chuckled. She knew why Nux had such a look on his face and even though she wanted to copy what Evane and Lane did, she knew that any more of his wives linking their lives with him would make Nux snap and she didn't want that.

Nux nodded, this was exactly what he wanted to here.

"So can I leave now, husband?" Allura questioned as she tilted her head with a seductive smile on her face.

Nux chuckled, "You really don't want to leave, do you?"

"Well, I would still prefer if we weren't surrounded." Allura chuckled as well.

"Don't tempt me, you seductress. I need to train." Nux shook his head, clearing his mind from all the thoughts that had filled in as he looked at Allura.

The woman with her upgraded bloodline had become too irresistible!

Allura laughed once again, "Alright, you go train, my dear husband and whenever you feel tired from all this training, you know where to come."

Saying those words, the woman finally disappeared.

Nux chuckled. The rest of his wives, however, just snorted.

'Tsk, that bitch is too pretentious.' Thyra snorted.

There was a reason why she didn't like that woman from the very beginning.

What surprised the rest was that this time, it wasn't just the wives who had such a reaction, Vyriana was looking at the place Allura was standing with narrowed eyes as well.

Seeing such a reaction on her Master's face, Astaria turned towards Nux and, "So you succeeded huh."

She spoke.

"Have I ever failed?" Nux chuckled playfully.

"Just how did you do it with just one kiss...?"

Astaria was confused and Nux's smile widened,

"Well, it turns out that a kiss isn't just a contact between lips."

"What?" Astaria frowned.

"Hm? Do you want a practical demonstration of what I am talking about?" Nux spoke, bringing his face dangerously close to his warrior but then, "Nux Leander, we are here to train. Not to discuss pointless things."

A strict voice was heard.

Vyriana then glanced at Astaria and,

"And you too. If you are too tired, you can leave."

Astaria glanced at her master with a deadpan look on her face. Then, she just turned away and glanced at other women, who were looking at him with jealous looks on their faces, "Anyways, you people have received certain guidance here, if you want more, you can always come to me or Master. For now, you all should work on your techniques and raise your Mastery."

The women nodded with serious looks on their faces as well. As much as they were jealous of the woman in front of them, they knew the amount of hard work she had put in to be in that place and it was now time for them to do the same.

With determined looks on their faces, the women scattered, all of them took out their weapons and started putting in the work.

Since they were supposed to train in Yrniel, they all were currently on the Training Grounds of ExceedoGenesis. The rest of the members weren't allowed to enter and the entire area, which had expanded quite a lot in recent months, was sealed for others.

With everyone working hard, the women left, Lane, Evane, Astaria, and Vyriana, all turned towards Nux and, "Are you ready?"

"What...? Are you all going to train me together?"

Nux blinked a few times as he was stared at by these beautiful women, even Lane had come out of his Shadow.

"Shouldn't you guys focus on advancing to the Divine Stage?" Vyriana questioned.

"We have time in our hands, we can do it later. Your training is much more important right now." Astaria replied, getting nods from the other two women.

The Dragon narrowed her eyes, not liking how the three women were forcefully including themselves in this.

Astaria, however, simply stared at the woman in front of her with a brave look on her face.

This time, this Dragon was not her Master, she was a competitor.

And since she stopped their Kiss before, Astaria decided to make sure that she didn't get her moment either.

The Master and Disciple glared at each other, Nux could see sparks flowing between their line of sight and getting a bad premonition, he quickly walked between the two and, "Alright then! Should we start my training? I am dying to form my Law, you see!"

Vyriana and Astaria nodded, then, Vyriana just shrugged,

"For now, there is nothing much we have to do,

Our main focus in the training would be your Zenith Flow.

You now have Elven and Dragon Blood flowing in you, so first, we will need to incorporate that into Zenith Flow before we start mo-"

"I have already done it."

Nux interrupted.


Vyriana blinked, her mouth agape.

The same was true for Lane, Evane, and Astaria.

"When...?" Astaria questioned, for some reason, she didn't like where this was going.

Nux stared at her and smiled wryly and in an instant, Astaria realized the truth. It was just as she expected... "When you were battling me..."

Vyriana and the others realized this as well. Vyriana, however, frowned, "This isn't possible, you cannot incorporate..."

Soon, however, the Dragon realized the truth as well.

"Your Human Blood..."

Nux smiled wryly,

"It adapted to learning... hastening the process since I have repeated it so many times..."

"Fucking monster..."

Astaria cursed out loud.

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