Surviving in Woman's world as a novel villain.

Chapter 275 273. Fall III (R-18)
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Chapter 275 273. Fall III (R-18)

*Pat* *Pat* *Pat*


The sound of naked wet flesh slamming onto each other mixed with the seductive moaning was reverberating in the room.

Alex was ramming his schlong in Amara's ass, While she was moaning enjoying every slam of her brother.

She was also reciprocating, Her ass was also hitting back along with his action of entering.

"Mmmmm Ye…Yesss, Har…harder Ahhhh."

Amara was moaning and begging Alex to do it harder.

Her mind was already out of it, Right now her body was responding on its own.

Right now no one knows how many times she had orgasm in this small window but from the little puddle below her foot can be seen it was not a small number.

'I…I also want it.'

Sandra looking at Amara with jealousy in her eyes, She too wants it to have this feeling once again.

Seeing Alex's mighty schlong servicing Amara makes her horney.

Yeah horney then jealousy, The lust was taken over her body, Her neither was itching carving to be touched, begging for the attention of a man in front of her.

Her newly blossomed petals were glistening with her love juices which were dripping from her red folds.

Alex did not show any mercy to her when he deflowered her in the godown of the shop, Though she enjoyed every second of it.

That pinche of the pain along with the flood of pleasure was the perfect cocktail for her to reach the paramount of the pleasure.

She was still wearing those soiled panties when they left the mall, But when she came to the hospital, In the waiting room she removed it as she thought she would buy a new pair later.

But then other events inspired, So she came here. Thankfully she wore the long loose pants of Grace before, So there was no issue of going commando.

At least it was no issue until right now as her slit has become Niagara falls with a never-ending supply of juices.

It already soiled the pants and made them wet enough that it would start to drip out any moment if she continued watching.

Though kinda loose pants, Because of the wetness her erected clit was also kinda visible as it created a little outline over her pants.

*Huff* *Huff*

'Please…Please notice me.'

Sandra was hyperventilating, Not only her face but her whole body had the crimson tempting hue that was urging people to bully her more.

Her thoughts were just putting fuel in the already blazing desire of hers.

She was begging, praying that he would notice her, Leave his sister and care about his desires and wants.

She was not asking much, All she wanted was to get her brain fucked out by the man in front of her, Is that too much to ask?


A loud shriek of Amara broke the thoughts of Sandra.

She looked at Amara with envy-filled eyes as if this was having what she wanted, Rather Than was hers.

Alex is hers and hers alone, No one can have it other than her, The only reason why she was even entertaining this thing is because he misunderstood her.

When she solved that then she would get her happily ever after and have him all for herself.

Grace might be the only woman she might share him with, Other than her no one else can have him.

As for his needs? She can find a way if not she would just hire some good woman for it, Making sure they are clean.

It's just a thought of the future but right now she also has her needs. She wants him, She wants to feel him inside her like before.

That hot thing paving its way through her inside, opening her insides like before.

"Sister…I...I am close to…Arghh."

Then Sandra heard that dreadful voice, Her man enjoying the other woman not only that he was about to cum in her.

Why? It belongs to her, How can other women do what is rightfully hers? She did not want to allow it.

Sandra's thoughts were running rampant, And because of the lust which had already taken over her head, she was not able to think properly.

The thought that he would get angry did not cross her mind at all and even if it did it could not sway her away from what she was about to do.

"Insi…Hummm…Fill…me…Up mhmmm Ahhh~"

Amara heard her brothers words and was suddenly filled with energy wanting to be filled by the baby batter of her brother.

She can't get enough of it. Not only does it taste better but also when that warm hot liquid pours inside her she reaches the pinnacle of ecstasy-like bliss and so she was looking forward to it.


*Slam* *Sprut* *Sprut* *Sprut* *Sprut*

Alex hearing Amara, clawed his hand on her tight ass trying to dig into it before giving one final push slamming his dick as far as he can inside her.

The glans of his swell as his balls tighten before he shoots his baby batter inside her trying to fill her up from inside.

"OHHHH….YESSS!!! I AM CUMMING!! *Squirt* *Squirt*"

Amara felt that hot lava like baby batter of her brother was pouring in her ass, This shot her pleasure level sky-high.

She subconsciously tightened her asshole clenching around his cock trying to give him as much pleasure as she can.

Then her back arched back towards Alex so as her head, and yelled top of her lungs without caring where she was or who might hear it.

She instantly had multiple orgasms, Even though she had many at this point but it did not lower the amount of liquid she shot out.

And now because of her angle, Her love juices did fall on the ground before but shot directly in front of her, specifically on Sandra.

Sandra stand stupefied as her lower half was drenched in the love juices of a woman who cummed because of cock of her man.

It took her a moment to process it and when she did, She hated it. She hated the fact she did not hate being drenched in the love juices of women.

The fact that this happened because of her man just sent her into a spiral. Rather than make her disgusted, She strangely felt excited like a puppy wanting to hop on the man she loves.

*Huff* *Huff*

Amara was because her aftermath of multiple orgasms was huffing and was out of commission.

*Plop* *Splutter*

Alex pulled out his dick out of her ass making a plop sound telling how tight she was clenching on it that it created a partial vacuum.

"Sister, are you happy now?"

Alex took Amara in his arms, Pinching sticking hair on her sweaty smooth cheeks and putting it behind her ear as he gently spoke in her ears.

Hearing this soft voice nearly melted her heart not just hers but everyone in the earshot as he had the blessing of the God-level singing making his already high on charm voice even more mellow.


All Amara could do was hum in satisfaction as she lay her head on Alex's shoulder.

Her eyes were still closed maybe because she was enjoying the aftertaste of pleasure or she was just too exhausted or both.

But from the satisfying smile adoring on her plump lips says that she is happy for whatever happens here.

"Okay, you take a rest for a while here."

Alex shook her head with a slight smile on his face, He then moved Aamara carefully, Don't look at her plump figure, She was quite light in weight than what one might think.

So it was easy for him. He quickly moved her to the wall and helped her sit on the chair present there for visitors.

Yeah someone really just put a visitor chair in the ICU ward, ignore that, It's a VIP one in a novel world, Ignore it.

"Hey look at that, That would be a problem, wouldn't it?"

After Alex put her down, He turned around and looked down at his still rock solid cock covered in a wetness and was still dripping his jizz.

Then he looked at others in the room in a questioning manner, His meaning was clear.

He was asking who is here to help him fix the "issue" he has right now.

All woman in the ward understand the meaning of his, It's just that they just saw where that mighty tool of Alex has been a moment ago.

So the initial hesitation was expecte…

"M-Me I can do it."

"Alex, Don't worry I will fix it for you."

"No, Give me a chance, It's for me to prove myself."

Well all these three women ran against the expectations and jumped on the opportunity that was presented right in front of them.

If not for the fact that Gloria was still pretending to be asleep at this moment she might also have jumped on this opportunity but that was given as she was still under the effect of lust aura.

Even Alex was surprised by them, He double checked to see if lust aura was on only two Sandra and Gloria.

So he was expecting Sandra to make a move as lust overtook her thinking part of the brain.

Not Liza and Grace, Well Grace might be understandable as her devotion is like love for him but not Liza.

Liza still has not crossed that insanity mark as he has yet to do anything sexual with her.

'She still had to wait, It's Sandra's turn.'

Alex though wanted to taste the forbidden but milf loli, He still knew what was more important as he made way towards Sandba.

After which he grabs her by her hair forcing her to kneel.

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