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Chapter 536 An Ran is Missing!!

The moment Sia saw a particular name, her gaze immediately turned cold. Ignoring Inspector J who was still reporting, she headed out of the office. Going to a secluded place, Sia immediately called An Ran. But even after contacting her thrice, the other party did not pick up the call. Frustrated, she called Su Yan and Xiao Li but neither of them were picking the call. Cursing under her breath, she immediately called Lu Jin. Though the later did not pick the call immediately, the call was finally connected just when the call was about to be disconnected. Infact, if it weren't for Sia, he might have definitely not picked the call. "Sister Sia? Whats the matter?"

"Lu Jin, where are you right now?" Sia asked

"Uhm…I'm outside right now. Dealing with some matters" Lu Jin answered indifferently

With her sharp hearing, Sia obviously heard some muffled noise from the other side. If she wasn't wrong, Lu Jin must probably dealing with some people right now. If it were other times, Sia might have just ignored it or might have called someone else inorder to not disturb him. But at this moment she could not care much about it "Lu Jin, listen to me carefully. No matter what you are busy with, immediately drop all your work and look for An Ran right now"

"Sister Sia, what's wrong? Did something happen to An Ran?" Lu Jin asked cautiously

"No, not yet. But I am afraid something might happen. Lu Jin, at the moment I don't have enough time to explain things in detail. Right now, immediately look for An Ran. Call me after you find her"


"Also, where are the rest of the people?" Sia asked

"They are with me"

"Alright. Immediately go look for An Ran immediately"


After hanging up the call, she called HK and asked "Any updates?"

"Well, not yet. This persons seem to have suddenly disappeared. We are unable to find any information about him"

"Let the hacker team track him"

"I have already issued the order but its going to take a while"

"No matter how long it takes, try to dig up any information possible"

"Alright, we will try our best"

After hanging up the call, Sia suddenly thought of something. Reaching for her cell phone, she called Mr. Huo but the latter also did not pick the call. Frustrated, she walked back to the office. On the way she met Inspector J who seemed to working on something. Recalling how she had left the office ignoring the latter, Sia felt that she was too impolite. Apologizing to Inspector J, Sia said "Officer, immediately track all the people on this list. Keep track on their activities. Also, immediately notify the officers to patrol the areas where the victims are active. Once you find anything suspicious happening to the victim or if you loose contact with the victim, you can immediately inform the particular team to immediately head to the victims location"

"Yes Sir, I'll issue the order immediately"

"Also, get a team to be on stand by, just in case"

"Got it sir"

"You can continue with your work"

Walking back to the meeting room, Sia received a call from Mr. Huo. "Sorry Mr. Shien, I was in a meeting and did not see your call"

"That's okay. Mr. Huo I wanted to ask if you have seen any stranger appearing at your company before Ms. Xu was kidnapped?" Sia asked

"Well, there are many strangers who appear at our company everyday. There are people who are looking for job, our clients, business partners and many more. There will be one or two strangers appearing at the company everyday. So its hard to remember a person" Mr. Huo replied

"Then let me put it this way. Before Ms. Xu got kidnapped, did anyone who is proficient with computers visited your company? Like a software repairer, camera or electronics repairer or may be business partner belonging to IT background, did any such people visit the company before Ms. Xu got confused. Mr. Huo, please put pressure on your memory, try to recall if there was any such people appearing at your company" Sia urged him

"Uhm, I'm not recalling any such people. But Mr. Shien, please give me a moment. I'll get back to you immediately" after that Mr. Huo hung up the call. Sitting in the office, Sia waited and waited and finally Mr. Huo called her back and informed "Mr. Shien, just as you said before my girlfriend got kidnapped a computer expert had indeed visited our company. The computers in the company suddenly encountered some trouble so we had to invite a computer expert to check and restore the system. It took him a week to repair all the computers. I just checked the register and coincidentally he completed his work on the day my girlfriend was kidnapped. But, that person doesn't look like he is capable of kidnapping. He looks kind and gentle"

"Sometimes those who look like a criminal might not be as fearful as those who do not look like one. And this type of person suits our criminal profile the most. Mr. Huo please help me get the CCTV footage of this man, specifically I want footages of those locations where Ms. Xu appeared. I want to check if this person has ever came into contact with Ms. Xu"

"I have already requested the team to send the footage. I will forward the footages to you once I receive them" Mr. Huo replied

"Alright, sorry for the trouble Mr. Hou"

"Not at all Mr. Shien, I'm more than willing to help you in catching the criminal who harmed my girlfriend"

"Alright. If you have any other updates, please in form me"


For some reason, Sia started feeling a little uneasy as time passed. In order not to let her thoughts run wild, she called An Ran. But the call could not be connected. Frustrated, just as Sia was about to locate her on her phone, she received an incoming call from Xiao Li. For some unknown reason, Sia had a very bad feeling, but that did not stop her from picking up Xiao Li's call. The moment she picked up the call, she heard Xioa Li's anxious voice from the other side

"Sia, An Ran is missing!!"

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