Taking the Mafia to the Magic World

Chapter 586 Entering an Abandoned Altar
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Chapter 586 Entering an Abandoned Altar

The surroundings of this coastal area had changed in the centuries since Torne had passed through. Much had happened in the meantime, with the fall of the Cataclysm Order, and then the time had caused vegetation to cover previously open places.

The bird heard Vicente's question and used one of its wings to indicate a spot ahead. "There is indeed an interesting area nearby, master. I've been living in this area for about a year, and this morning, I couldn't help but try to defend my territory against a stranger..." It looked at Torne and then asked. "Are you going to that place by any chance?"

"Hmm, lead us there, Onyx." Torne agreed and told the beast to lead them to their place of interest.

Tamed or enslaved magical creatures followed a natural hierarchy based on length of service and power level. Since Torne was at the same level as the bird and had served Vice the longest, Onyx obeyed him immediately and set off for the place Vicente was looking for.

Onyx soon stopped in front of an area covered with mud and some creeping plants facing the coast.

From a distance, no one would notice that something was hidden there. But when he looked closer, Torne recognized some details in the surroundings.

"This is the place." He commented as he momentarily observed the state of this former secret place of his organization.

In Torne's time, there were basically three types of Cataclysm Order sites. The most common of these were ordinary altars, which usually contained magical awakening platforms and not much else. These were simply places to help families of Dark Path magicians so that they would have places nearby to awaken their family members' powers.

The least common of all was the secret altars, where the religion usually kept small groups and plenty of resources in case of serious problems. Finally, there were the public altars, where members of the organization usually went to help other practitioners of the Dark Path, sometimes acting in daylight to defend their cause.

The first and last types of places of this religion were the most attacked in the last war before the end of this organization.

The place that Vicente had found in Torne, in the province of Scott, was of the latter type. As such, that place had been attacked and swept away by the forces of the Congregation of Revelation.

As for this place in the Kenyth Empire, it was one of the organization's secret outposts that might not have been attacked because only members important to the religion knew about these places.

Such individuals would rather die than give up their companions or secret locations that might one day be useful to possible survivors.

The members of the Cataclysm Order hated the Congregation of Revelation deeply. So, if there were any chance of revenge, the elders of that force would not spoil their chances by opening their mouths to talk about these secret places.

In short, the only possibility that this place had been explored or destroyed was if some survivor of the order had come to this place after the war or if some enemy had followed some survivor there.

However, these things would be difficult to achieve, as few people knew about these places, and even fewer had the keys to enter such altars.

"Master, please summon your Cataclysm Moon Pendant," Torne said to Vice after scanning the area around the ruins.

Vicente did as he was told, and then Torne explained it to him. "All the secret places of my religion were properly locked after the guards left their posts. Only with a special key could one enter one of these posts."

"And that's what this necklace will do?" Vicente asked


Torne laughed and said. "Of course. As the most valuable item

in our order, this necklace can give you access to all ranks of

my order, master. After all, this was the artifact that only the

Master of the Order could wear casually!"

"Oh?" Vicente followed Torne as he made his way through the

metal artifacts floating around him.

Onyx followed behind them towards the entrance of the

place, not finding it difficult to use the same path as them.

Although he had a 'giant' body, it was nothing compared to

what birds normally looked like. Onyx was only a little taller

than Vicente. And with its wings retracted, its size was much

less, so it could keep up with its master and Torne.

They soon passed the main entrance to the altar. This place

was hidden in the crevices of the rocks in this area, and few

things in the surroundings indicated that this was no simple

abandoned place.

Only someone with Torne's knowledge or Onyx's elemental

affinity could understand its value.

Passing through the entrance, which was not very obvious

from the outside even if it weren't covered in undergrowth,

Vicente and his two companions reached the passage that

would lead them to the secret location of the Cataclysm

Order in this area.

Entering what looked like a well-crafted cave, Vicente and his

two companions soon found themselves in front of a large

round metal door.

On the door were a series of symbols and entrances through

which the mechanisms could be moved either with the

appropriate password or by using one of the keys to this post.

Torne said to Vicente. "Master, put some mana into the

Cataclysm Moon Pendant."

Vicente did that until a gray glow emerged from the object

that looked like a crescent moon.

As he did so, every mechanical and non-mechanical structure

in the area shook as the mana inside stirred, making Vice and

Onyx realize how right Torne was.

Torne clenched his skeletal fists as he felt this, finally back in a

'preserved' place of his religion after millennia!

After about 20 seconds, Vicente's necklace stopped emitting

the glow, and the round door in front of him began to roll

aside, revealing a dark passageway to them.

Torne said. "Keep your necklace around your neck until we

leave this place, master. It's not a good idea to wear it for a

long time, but the Cataclysm Moon Pendant will do you good

in this place."

Vicente draped the pendant around his neck and then walked

down the passageway that opened before him, following

Torne while Onyx trailed behind, watching his back.

Torne quickly spread his senses over the area, taking in the

good and the bad. There were things they could use to

strengthen themselves and prepare for the future, but not as

much as this place had once held.

"It seems that some companions came here before us, but

they did us the favor of leaving things for us. There are some

things here you need to see, master."

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