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: grateful

The book is finished, 1.22 million words, just 5 and a half months, really fast!

The book was opened on July 15th. At that time, I told myself to write slowly and not to rush, but when I wrote it, I found that I couldnt control myself at all. Write fast, post fast, at least 6,000 words will be updated every day after it is put on the shelf, and all the treasures who have been chasing it to the end know that it is a common occurrence for me.

After publishing the article in mid-July, my colleagues and friends wanted to pull the treasure chest for me, but I declined. Unexpectedly, at the end, the third master pulled a treasure box for me without saying a word, saying that he would sprinkle flowers for me to finish. My dear, it was a waste, I am very happy and excited. The first time I got the treasure box, I didn't have anything to return, because it was over, and I didn't have to update it if I wanted to.

Most of the characters in this article have been explained. I didnt mention Zhang Xinyi, the most poisonous female supporting role. In fact, the heroine and her world have no intersection. Her ending is open, and everyone is free to imagine.

Many people have become accustomed to a certain pattern for the setting of the golden finger. They have seen the prosperous wealth system in "Returning to the 80s, the Group's Favorite Sweet Wife is Sassy and Jiao", and "The Age of Rebirth: The Lazy Man's Hot Wife Has Space" Shennong space, if you have a baby, please leave a message. I think my setting is a bit strange, and it is different from others. My dears, every author has his own writing characteristics. I like to open up a little brain hole, and ancient myths Combining the stories together, it can be justified and logically consistent. Can you accept it?

Writing this book was a pleasant process as a whole, and it was written smoothly. I met quite a few enthusiastic readers and were very encouraged.

I met the first cute little Sangyu. She votes for recommendations every day and leaves messages to encourage interaction. Little cutie, I hope you will succeed in your studies and everything will go well after you go to work.

Time is not old and love is desolate. She is the second cutie I met. She reads carefully and loves to think. Baby, you have warmed me up by leaving a lot of messages. Give me big hints. The inspiration comes from your message, do you think of it?

Jumbo readers, you have left a message several times. I hope there will be more interaction between the male and female protagonists. Many chapters have been adjusted without affecting the outline. Thank you for your tips.

Jingjing, Zuishili, you dont talk much, but you often leave messages to tell me that you want me to be more, so I am full of energy. If there are treasures waiting to be seen, I must write well and write happily. You are my motivation!

Baby Rosemarys only message is the day when I was in the sun, telling me to take a break, dreaming of a bright future, sky book friends 536***594, these little cuties are good readers who silently support, monthly tickets and recommendation tickets are all encouraged Thank you for supporting this book!

In the last two days, I met a super cute reader "Huh??" He has a very open-minded personality and a very high emotional intelligence. He gave a lot of encouragement and affirmation. I am really grateful. In reality, baby, you must be alone. What a lovely girl!

"Wait, alone" cutie also left a lot of comments and opinions, while reading and complaining, cutie, thank you, I attach great importance to your message.

There are many more, I will not name them! On the list of book friends circle, it can be seen that there are so many babies who have been silently supporting.

The treasures that have been rewarded recently are as follows: Sanye, elegant, ordinary every day, @, Sanye is here, the wolf in the bed (quiet), staying up late will be bald (140171), the happy little murloc (Smiling God Very busy), Invincible Brain Melon, Fox Yaoling Wenwen, Xiaowen, Laogou, Xiaojin, 854***014, Mr. Camel, Liangliang... Thank you for your encouragement!

Thanks to the readers who have supported the top article list with monthly tickets: rosemary, dream of a bright future, third master, sky, ten years-da, Yu, 18825245174, unconstrained style, book friend 20190226212526903, elegance, book friend 894838, X, Huazi , continuous drizzle, cwl, quiet memory, book friend 854***174, book friend 750708, ordinary every day, book friend 538***146, orange 919, Li Na 347, ice, time is not old and love is desolate , Huaxin 683, the happiness of clover... I won't list them one by one before, and your names will always be remembered in the author's words every time.

There are more babies who vote for recommendation, and they will continue to vote every day. Enthusiastic people will always have good luck.

Special thanks to: The author Yuan Jiu, during his busy schedule, he clocked in and supported each chapter, and also helped me push the book, thank you! My dear, I will always remember your support and will always be grateful for your company.

This book is over. In fact, it is a safer choice to continue writing chronology, but I dont want to repeat myself, so I will write in a different style. Everyone look forward to it!


January 1, 2023

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