The Carnation Goddess

Chapter 134 With Mei Xuan (R18) and Breaking Camp
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Chapter 134 With Mei Xuan (R18) and Breaking Camp

Shen Lie not only entered into Mei Xuan's front yard but he had also entered into her back yard as he played with her white bunnies until it turned swollen with redness.

She looked blissful when Shen Lie had finally claimed her back yard and he had injected his yang essence into both her front and back yards.

It was because all her three holes had now been claimed by Shen Lie now.

She gasped to Shen Lie when her back yard was claimed by him, "My virgin back is now yours. You are the first..."

Then she was moaning lewdly as Shen Lie pumped into her tight back yard as she swayed her white and round buttocks for him.

Mei Xuan's pink erected nipples were very beautiful to look at and Shen Lie was continuous rubbing her erected nipples that could tremble with his slightest touch.

Shen Lie kissed her passionately while kneading both her tender white breasts and of course, he was also spreading her legs widely as he pumped into both her front and back yards.

Mei Xuan was continuous spurting lewd juices as Shen Lie pumped into her and she had many orgasms, exactly like last time.

Since the last time that Mei Xuan was with Shen Lie, she only had thoughts for him.

But unfortunately for her, this was supposed to be a quickie.

Although this was a quickie but she had more than a dozen orgasms and dozens of squirts in a short time.

After that, she helped clean Shen Lie's little brother with her mouth after he had banged her hard into her back yard as she regretfully left his tent; it was because it was now dawn and their group was breaking camp soon.

Shen Lie was also regretful that he was not able to continue with his escapade with Mei Xuan for long.

He gave her a last passionate kiss as they parted their ways.

Before Mei Xuan had left, she smiled coquettishly at him and said, "Brother Shen Lie, I want to be your slut forever."

Without waiting for Shen Lie to reply her, she had flashed shyly away.




Shen Lie was now in his group of 20 as they break camp.

Everyone had gathered together and to look up to Shen Lie for instructions on the direction that they ought to go.

Among the 19 maidens that were presented, there were 3 of them that were shyly looking at Shen Lie and they were Mei Xuan, Jie Ying and Yu Lingyue.

As Shen Lie did not have a direction to go, he said to them frankly. "I have no idea which path to take as I am unfamiliar with the place here. But…"

He then said, "We ought to avoid the crowded paths which the other groups are taking or else there is competition…"

Then he sighed softly as he looked at the northern path which was used by 2 groups, "I don't feel good going north. There seems to be danger in that direction."

He had sensed an ominous presence in that direction, probably there were demonic cultivators in that direction.

That was also the direction that Wang Xiao's group had taken.

But when Shen Lie said that, many of the maidens thought that it was only because Shen Lie had wanted to avoid a conflict with Wang Xiao and the other protégés that disliked him.

Many of the maidens especial Xu Shaoqing and Xu Shaoxing were softly giggling when he had said that as they all thought that by danger, he had meant getting beaten up by Wang Xiao and his group.

Xu Shaoqing chuckled, "Why don't we take the northern path? It isn't too popular and we have two strong groups ahead of us. We should be safe in that direction."

Then she was giggling softly because she had thought that Shen Lie was afraid of Wang Xiao.

Many of the maidens were giggling softly because they had some 'dealings' with the two groups that were ahead of them.

Shangguan Xiangyi smiled, "I am all for taking the northern path or maybe someone here is afraid of taking the northern path?"

"The more dangerous it is, the more likely that we are able to complete our mission in 5 days' time," Xu Shaoxing giggled softly and echoing the thoughts of many of the maidens in the group.

Yu Lingyue was reluctant to go in the same direction as Wang Xiao but the northern path seemed like the better choice after she had observed the other groups.

There were 4 groups taking the southern path, 3 groups to the west and another 3 groups seemingly going east.

Wang Xiao's group and another group were heading north.

Only their group was the slowest and was sitting on the fence.

It was not because Shen Lie was the weakest cultivator that their group was the slowest but in group of 19 maidens, there was a lack of urgency and the maidens were not as serious as the men.

With many maidens, they also tended to gossip and chat more too.

Moreover, they were not sure of Shen Lie's leadership and they also wanted to see which direction the other groups were taking first.

The other groups also had more urgency as they wanted to secure the right of way first and to prevent the other groups from completing their missions ahead of them.

None of them were not thinking of encountering any problems in this experiential training and some of the cultivators like Wang Xiao were even thinking of committing atrocities such as raping their maidens in the lands of the demonic cultivators.

That was why they were all in a hurry to start.

Shen Lie thought: There is no need for a saint demonic cultivator to wipe us all out. Just a single 6th realm demonic cultivator may be able to do the job.

Of course, it was not enough to wipe Shen Lie out though.

After some heated debate among the maidens, Shen Lie said to his group. "Alright then, let take the northern path then. But let's be careful."

He did not want to delay the start of the experiential training anymore even though he can't fail the experiential training.

But he wanted Jie Ying and Mei Xuan to stay in the Holy Carnation Sanctuary.

As for Yu Lingyue, since she is a core protégé of Saintess Qian Yufeng and a high ranking protégé, she is immune to failing too so he was not too worried about this.

With that, he gave a final command. "Let's go!"

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