The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife

Chapter 566.2: A Vermin’s Punishment
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In the afternoon, Princess Ning'an went to Empress Xiao's Kunning Palace again.

Empress Xiao was in the warm pavilion checking Qin Chuyu's homework. Qin Chuyu was stumbling through his memorization, clearly distracted, causing Empress Xiao a headache.

"Can you focus a little?" Empress Xiao asked.

"I want to go see imperial father..." Qin Chuyu said with a sad expression.

"Haven't I already taken you to see him?"

Qin Chuyu was the Emperor’s son, so how could Empress Xiao not take him to visit the Emperor? Of course, she also brought the Crown Prince along.

The Crown Prince was an adult, even if he felt sad, he could only wipe his tears quietly. Qin Chuyu, on the other hand, wailed loudly once he got there. If others didn't know better, they would think the Emperor had already passed away, and he was mourning for him!

Empress Xiao dared not take him there again.

At the door, a young eunuch peeked in. Eunuch Su walked over and exchanged a few words with him, then returned to report, "Your Majesty, Princess Ning'an has arrived."

Empress Xiao frowned, "Take the seventh prince to the study room and make him study properly. This Empress will come to check on him later."

"Yes." Eunuch Su took Qin Chuyu's hand and led him to the study.

Princess Ning'an stepped inside.

During her stay in the palace for recuperation, life was no longer as harsh as it was on the borderlands. Princess Ning'an's complexion had become fairer, and her hands had become softer.

"How is your injury?" Empress Xiao asked, signaling to a young palace maid who brought a stool and placed it next to Empress Xiao.

Princess Ning'an glanced at her right arm and smiled, "It's nothing serious. Thank you for your concern, sister-in-law."

"Please, take a seat." Empress Xiao said.

Princess Ning'an sat down slowly.

The palace maid brought hot tea.

Princess Ning'an took the tea cup with her left hand and took a sip. Seemingly casually, she asked, "Sister-in-law, any news about the Empress Dowager?"

The relationship between Princess Ning'an and Empress Xiao wasn't bad originally, but after years of separation, combined with Huangfu Xian's constant bullying of Qin Chuyu, Empress Xiao couldn’t help but harbor some grievances against Princess Ning'an.

But Princess Ning'an had recently rendered meritorious service by saving the Emperor and had also shown her respectful obedience. Coupled with the fact that Princess Ning'an stood on His Majesty's side, this had considerably alleviated the dissatisfaction Empress Xiao had towards Princess Ning'an.

Empress Xiao shook her head, "Not yet."

Princess Ning'an paused before saying, "Sister-in-law, there's something I'm not sure whether I should mention or not."

"Go ahead." Empress Xiao responded.

Princess Ning'an lowered her voice, "A few days before the incident, I saw Lord Xiao in the Empress Dowager's study. He was there for the Heavenly Music House case."

Empress Xiao's eyebrows furrowed.

Princess Ning'an continued, "I don’t suspect Lord Xiao's intentions, but, given the deep relationship between the Empress Dowager and Lord Xiao, I couldn't help but wonder..."

Empress Xiao's gaze became stern, "Wonder what? Are you suspecting that Xiao Liulang is involved in the attempt on the Emperor's life, or are you suspecting that Xiao Liulang is hiding the Empress Dowager?"

A hint of astonishment flashed within Princess Ning'an's eyes.

Empress Xiao's previously accumulated good impression of Princess Ning'an vanished completely, "Xiao Liulang was the new Zhuangyuan promoted by His Majesty himself. He is loyal to His Majesty and would never collude with Empress Dowager Zhuang to harm His Majesty!"

What kind of joke was this?

His Majesty was Ah Heng's paternal and maternal uncle!

Ah Heng wouldn't harm His Majesty no matter what!

Princess Ning'an lowered her eyes, "Sister-in-law, please calm down. I'm just too worried about my imperial brother. I hope to find the Empress Dowager soon. After all, she once treated me kindly, and I hope to persuade her to return to the right path."

Empress Xiao said coldly, "In any case, this matter has nothing to do with Xiao Liulang! This Empress won't allow anyone to cast aspersions on him! Don't mention such things again in the future, otherwise, this Empress won't be polite to you!"

Princess Ning'an looked at the tea in the cup, her tone timid, but her eyes were calm. "Ning'an remembers."

Empress Xiao pressed her throbbing temple and reached for the tea on the table.

A gesture to send the guest off.

Princess Ning'an tactfully handed her tea to the nearby palace maid, got up, and gave a slight bow to Empress Xiao, "Sister-in-law, I'll go see my imperial brother first. I'll come to pay respects to you again tomorrow."

"Very well." Empress Xiao replied indifferently.

Princess Ning'an turned to leave but seemed to remember something and said, "By the way, sister-in-law, a few servants who used to serve Xian'er on the border have arrived. The army left in a hurry, so they needed to bid farewell to their families, hence the delay in their journey. I wonder if they can continue to serve Xian'er?"

Empress Xiao casually replied, "You may arrange it yourself."

It was just a few servants, they just needed to register with the Imperial Household Department.

She wouldn't make things difficult for the mother and son over such trivial matters.

Princess Ning'an glanced at the aloof Empress Xiao, who didn't even spare her a proper glance.

Princess Ning'an lowered her eyes, bid farewell, and left the Kunning Palace.

Unexpectedly, she encountered Qin Chuyu sneaking out on her way to the Huaqing Palace.

Because he was sneaking out, Qin Chuyu was alone.

Princess Ning'an squinted at him, recalling Empress Xiao's arrogant demeanor. She coldly smirked and walked towards Qin Chuyu, "Little Seven, what are you doing?"

"Aunt Ning'an." Qin Chuyu greeted her.

Although Huangfu Xian was annoying, Princess Ning'an had never bullied Qin Chuyu.

Princess Ning'an smiled and asked, "Did you sneak out?"

Qin Chuyu said aggrievedly, "Well, they won't let me see imperial father."

Princess Ning'an asked again, "Did anyone see you on the way?"

Qin Chuyu shook his head vigorously like a rattle drum, "No! I was very careful!"

Princess Ning'an's smile deepened, "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Qin Chuyu nodded repeatedly, absolutely sure!

Princess Ning'an gently touched Qin Chuyu's head with her hand and said softly, "Little Seven is indeed a clever prince. Since no one has discovered you, then nobody knows you’ve been here."

Looking at her smile, Qin Chuyu felt a strange sense of unease, "Aunt, why are you smiling so strangely? I'm scared."

Princess Ning'an pinched his chubby cheeks, "Don't be afraid. Aunt will take you somewhere."

Qin Chuyu firmly refused, "I won't go! I want to see imperial father!"

Princess Ning'an softened her tone, "We're on the way to see your imperial father."

After some thought, Qin Chuyu said, "Um... Okay then."

Princess Ning'an took Qin Chuyu's chubby hand and walked expressionlessly towards a pond.

This pond wasn't as deep as the Taiye Lake, but it could still drown someone.

Qin Chuyu became more puzzled as they walked, "This isn't the way to the Huaqing Palace."

"This is a shortcut." Princess Ning'an stopped by the pond, "Do you see anything over there?"

"What?" Qin Chuyu took a step forward.

Princess Ning'an stared at his back without blinking, then, with a cold expression on her face, she extended her hand to push him hard!


Right at that moment, a demonic voice sounded not far away.

Even if Qin Chuyu turned to ashes, he would still recognize the owner of that voice!

It was Huangfu Xian!

That annoying little cousin!

Ah ah ah!

Qin Chuyu's hair stood on end, overwhelmed with fear of being bullied.

Almost instinctively, he unleashed his unique skill—— the Peerless Running Technique!


Qin Chuyu bolted at once!

Princess Ning'an didn't expect the chubby boy in front of her to flee so suddenly. She tried to retract her hand but it was too late. She pushed into the air, her body falling forward, and with a splash, she plunged into the icy water of the pond——

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