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Chapter 520: The End

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Bai Lin did not care about those things. She went around looking for the red-clothed NPC. When she saw a door, she opened it and entered. The NPCs who were originally in the room were shocked.

The director looked at the NPC he had carefully selected hiding in the corner and felt that his creativity had been ruined by Bai Lin. She was a walking killer.

[The NPCs are running too fast.]

[With this speed, they can even participate in a sprint competition.]

[They can’t help it. Lin-jie’s reputation is too scary.]

[Even the metal door can’t withstand Lin-jie’s kick, of course the NPCs would be afraid.]

[This game is a complete mess.]

[A good escape room game has turned into a big escape.] [Lin-jie changed the entire game singlehandedly.]

[I’m looking forward to what happens next.]

When Bai Lin pushed open the fourth door, she finally found the red-clothed NPC. The girl was about to cry. She stood up trembling and began to sing according to the script.

When she finally finished singing, Bai Lin quickly clapped, but she had gone out of tune just now.

“Are you done singing? Where are the keys?” Bai Lin asked.

“l don’t know,” the girl stammered, “The director asked me to sing and tell you that the truth is in the classroom.’

Bai Lin leaned over when she heard this, scaring the girl into tears. In the end, she asked, “Where’s the classroom?”

“The third room on the left,” the girl answered subconsciously.

After Bai Lin thanked her, she rushed out with Yan Ruo. The girl let out a long sigh and said, “Gosh, I was so scared.”

When they reached the classroom, Bai Lin was about to push the door open when Yan Ruo reached out and stopped her. “You’ve been pulling me along running since just now. There must be a mission behind this door. Leave it to me.”

Since Yan Ruo said so, Bai Lin nodded. “Then I’ll leave this glorious task to you.”

Unlike the previous games, Bai Lin was excited this time, as if she had finally found a place to use her strength. When she was playing the game, she was glowing. Yan Ruo kept smiling when he looked at her.

His greatest wish was to always look at Xiao Lin like this, to see her forever happy and dazzling like the sun.

The classroom door closed automatically as soon as they walked in. Unlike the corridor which was dim, this room was really dark.

“Please find the three items related to the girl,” said the broadcast in the room.

[l can’t even see clearly with the night vision camera. How are Lin m jie and Best Actor Yan going to find the items?]

[This director’s even come up with a small plot. If he were to do an escape room show, it’d definitely be a success.]

[l didn’t expect it… The director has a horror film dream…]

[Bai Lin’s so rough. The girl just now was so scared that she was about to cry.]

[Lin-jie even thanked her. It’s purely because the girl was afraid.] [If Bai Lin hasn’t done such a thing, why’d the girl be afraid?]

[What kind of logic is this? The young lady must’ve been frightened by the director’s words.]

The director turned to look at his assistant. “Aren’t they supposed to decipher the mechanism? Who changed the script?”

Everyone shook their heads as a sign that they did not know anything. The director picked up the walkie-talkie to talk to Bai Lin, but he could not connect to the classroom no matter what.

The director quickly called out, “Go find Bai Lin and Best Actor Yan. Tell them that the game’s over and ask them to come out.”

The group of staff ran over frantically. The director even asked for all the lights to be turned on and the other guests were surprised by what had happened.

Jun Han felt that something was wrong and ran out. He had to find Xiao Lin.

Bai Lin and Yan Ruo knew nothing and were still trying their best to find the three items. When they touched the fourth desk, Yan Ruo felt a soft unknown object.

When he took it out, he even smelled blood. He immediately realized that something was wrong and said, “Xiao Lin, this looks like a finger.”

Bai Lin quickly went over to take a closer look. It was indeed a severed finger.

“This definitely isn’t prepared by the production team.” Bai Lin’s guard was up immediately. “This is a finger that’s just been cut off. It’s been less than 20 minutes since it left the body.”

After saying that, Bai Lin squatted down and untied the cloth on their legs. Yan Ruo went to push the door but found that it could not move at all. The two of them could only look around the room to see if there was anything else.

Yan Ruo found a box in the trash can at the back. Bai Lin took it and placed it on the table to open it.

At this moment, the lights in the room suddenly lit up. The two of them quickly closed their eyes and waited until their eyes adapted to the light before opening them.

Their faces were filled with fear when they looked at the box. Bai Lin decided there and then. “We should leave now.”

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