The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp!

Chapter 5735 - 5735 glittered with golden light
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Chapter 5735: Chapter 5735 glittered with golden light

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As soon as they left the registration area, Ding Wenrou said with a bitter face, “Qingcheng, the primeval institution is definitely not a good place to go. What should we do?”

“Since we’re already here, let’s just take it easy. Let’s go and take a look first, “Yun Chujiu said indifferently.

Seeing her so calm, Ding Wenrou’s originally anxious mood also calmed down a little. Forget it. Anyway, she only needed to cling tightly to Qingcheng’s thigh. She could trust Qingcheng and obtain eternal life!

The two of them searched for a while according to the map, and finally saw a dilapidated small courtyard between the alchemy branch and the Talisman Seal Branch.

The plaque at the door was covered in dust. Only the word “Desolate”could be vaguely seen in the four words “Primal Branch. “The other three words were completely covered in dust.

Ding Wenrou’s heart instantly turned cold!

“Qingcheng, this is the desolate branch? How can such a small courtyard be called a branch?

“Also, look at the plaque. It’s covered in dust. Clearly, no one has entered for many years. What’s the difference between US and being exiled? ! ”

Yun chujiu had long expected this and was not too surprised.

Although the place was small, it looked like there were only her and Ding Wenrou. It was just convenient for her to mess around.

She looked around and found a few people wearing the uniform of handymen who had just come out of the Alchemy Division. She immediately waved her hand and shouted, “Hey, please come over here! ”

The handymen didn’t understand, but they still walked over.

“This student, is there something you want to talk to us about?”

“Help us clean this courtyard, “Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

The few odd-job workers looked at each other. The person who spoke earlier said, “I’m sorry. We are all obeying orders. Unless it’s arranged by the supervisor, we can not do things privately.

“Moreover, this courtyard has been abandoned for many years. Why bother to clean it up? “After a period of time, it will still be covered in dust. ”

“It won’t be abandoned in the future. The two of US will be students of this prehistoric branch in the future. “Yun Chujiu said with a faint smile.

The odd-job workers were stunned for a moment. were these two people from the prehistoric branch?

What a joke!

Hadn’t the prehistoric branch been abandoned all this time? !

They looked at Yun Chujiu and Ding Wenrou’s academy uniforms carefully and realized that their academy uniforms were different from the academy uniforms of the six major branches. was what they said true?

Why did these two students choose the prehistoric branch out of the Blue?

Looking at their cultivation levels, they immediately had a guess. Could it be that they were not liked and were sent to the prehistoric branch?

The servants’faces immediately showed some contempt. The person who spoke earlier said,

“Sorry, we can’t help without the manager’s permission. Besides, we are very busy and don’t have time. Goodbye.”

Yun chujiu curled her lips. “Two thousand high-grade spirit stones per person, do you have the time now?”

“Yes! Time is like water in cotton, you’ll have it after squeezing a little! ”

“That’s right, that’s right. No matter how busy we are, we won’t take too long.

This student, you can just wait by the side, we’ll start working now. ”

“That’s right, it’s not that we’re boasting, but among the odd-job workers in the upper house, we’re the most diligent and capable. I guarantee that we’ll clean up this courtyard for you two! ”

Ding Wenrou was speechless. As expected, money could make the devil turn the Millstone. The speed at which these people changed their faces was too fast!

However, Qingcheng was really rich!

She had spent so many spirit stones to buy the flag before, and now she was actually so rich and overbearing.. As expected, she was hugging onto those big, shiny legs!

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