Village Head's Debauchery

Chapter 755 Identity Plaque
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Chapter 755 Identity Plaque

High King Eldric closed his eyes, taking a deep breath in and out before exhaling deeply. Then, he opened his eyes. "Good, you are truly as intelligent as my son has described," High King Eldric said, nodding appreciatively at Celeria's response.

"Considering all this, don't forget your promise, as the royal family will surely uphold those promises if you choose to break them. Also, you may pretend that none of this has occurred and continue your normal life. The guards will escort you back to your home," High King Eldric added, silently instructing the guards flanking Celeria to lead her out of the palace.

Celeria rose from the floor and glanced at High Prince Kael one last time before turning and exiting the throne room with the two guards by her side.

High King Eldric redirected his attention to High Prince Kael. "Mr Orion is currently with fourth Prince Alden. He has taken your place until your return. Although their whereabouts are uncertain, you can investigate at the Gardener's Guild and locate them before it's too late. Feel free to ask for assistance from the guards to aid in your search. You may leave," he said, addressing High Prince Kael.

High Prince Kael nodded quietly and rose to his feet. He immediately turned and exited the throne room.

High King Eldric witnessed this scene and shook his head, "You may not understand now, but this matter is not only related to you but to the entire Pixie race's survival," he muttered, exhaling deeply in defeat.


"First brother! First brother! I came as soon as I heard about what was going on. What happened?" shouted Princess Kelani, the first Princess and the royal family's third child. She immediately flew after High Prince Kael, who had just left the throne room and quickly took off without hesitation.

However, High Prince Kael remained silent, pretending he wasn't hearing anything.

Witnessing this scene and seeing the fierce emotion in his eyes, a worried expression instantly emerged on Princess Kelani's expression.

Princess Kelani has just witnessed Celeria, who everyone knew was High Prince Kael's secret lover, only because he had tried to secretly break off the engagement between him and their sixth younger sister and choose Celeria as his partner. However, his actions had angered High King Eldric, who instantly refused his request and forbade them from seeing each other. This disrupted the palace, prompting everyone to learn about their secret affair.

Of course, Princess Kelani didn't see anything wrong with her elder brother having a secret lover outside the palace. After all, he was the future High King of the Pixie kingdom, and his words would carry even more weight in the future.

However, she couldn't tolerate that such a woman had caused him so much trouble that he didn't even acknowledge her presence with a smile or a brief greeting, which he usually did even when he was in a bad mood.

She was usually unmoved by the events around her, except if they involved her or High Prince Kael, so witnessing him in such a dilemma caused her body to tremble, and her expression morphed into hatred.

"That useless woman, I swear she will regret the––" Princess Kelani wanted to say; however, as the words escaped her mouth, High Prince Kael abruptly halted his mid-flight movement and turned around to face her.

"If anything happens to Celeria, I promise you that I will make you regret it," High Prince Kael said, his fierce gaze fixed on Princess Kelani.

Princess Kelani unconsciously gulped as she observed High Prince Kael's intense expression, feeling a shiver run down her spine.

"Do I make myself clear?" High Prince Kael added, his voice stern.

Princess Kelani nodded vigorously in response, her eyes pleading as she spoke softly, "Please let go; you're hurting me."

High Prince Kael suddenly realized the force with which he held her arms, almost crushing them. He quickly released her and turned to fly away.

Meanwhile, Princess Kelani descended to the floor, watching High Prince Kael's retreating figure. She gently touched her arms where he had gripped tightly. "Ah! This was the first time he held me like this," she said, panting heavily.

Realizing that she was sitting in the centre of the hall where anyone could enter and see her, Princess Kaleni swiftly picked herself up and took off into the air to investigate what had really occurred.


Gardeners Guild

"Excuse me, we would like to make a deposit," Prince Alden said, standing beside Orion as they approached the receptionist at the counter, who seemed preoccupied.

Orion noticed the words on the leaves in her hands, indicating she was handling paperwork. Nevertheless, he was aware they were being scrutinized by the many Pixies around them ever since they entered the room.

"Which deposit?" The receptionist responded, her gaze still fixed on the leaves before her.

"It's regarding the weeds' remains posted on the task board earlier today. We have completed all the tasks and returned them so the guild can confirm them and dispose of the remains," Prince Alden responded, flashing a smile.

When Prince Aldenfinished speaking, the receptionist's head suddenly snapped upwards. She narrowed her eyes at the two individuals before her and couldn't help but scrutinize them closely. From the attires of the two men before her, she realized that they came from a wealthy background and were dressed in a way that meant to hide their identity.

"Can I please see your identity plaque?" The receptionist said, stretching out her hand.

Despite her curiosity about their background, she remained indifferent as long as they possessed the necessary identification.

Hearing the receptionist's question, Prince Aldenflashed a wry smile. He had hurriedly entered the Gardeners Guild to select tasks and left as quickly as possible as he was concerned about his First brother arriving early and disrupting his plans. So, he hadn't been able to properly arrange everything and make it easier for them to make a deposit and other related matters.

"Don't you have an identity plaque?" the receptionist asked, her gaze intensifying as she examined the two individuals before her.

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