Wizard World Irregular

Chapter 461 I Would Also Like To Step On You
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Chapter 461 I Would Also Like To Step On You

As the music played in the background, Ethan and Nicole headed to the dance floor and started dancing.

The ladies were paying extra attention to Ethan, wanting to see if he could dance.

It didn’t take long for them to notice that he was an amateur in dancing. However, his skills were still passable, to say the least.

In fact, his subpar dancing skills actually made him more endearing in their eyes.

The problem with Nobles, especially those from High Ranking Noble Families, was that they tried too hard to be the perfect gentlemen and ladies.

While this was not necessarily wrong since all Nobles were required to lead by example, it was inevitable that they grew tired of it.

All of them were Nobles, so they understood the kind of training that everyone had to undergo while they were young.

Singing, dancing, playing the instrument, and learning other forms of art were part of their everyday routine.

This was why, in their eyes, Ethan looked very human.

Someone who didn’t have to hide behind a mask and could openly show the world that he wasn’t a perfect individual.

Lilian told him that he was far from being an expert in dancing.

But she mentioned that Ethan would still charm the ladies regardless of his dancing prowess.

Of course, the young man didn’t really plan to charm anyone. It was just that his presence alone was enough to catch everyone’s attention.

His dancing skills were not of a high level, but the genuine happiness that showed on his face while he danced with Nicole was enough to tell them that he was having fun.

When the dance ended, Ethan guided Nicole to the table that their King had reserved for them.

However, there were two people waiting for them there.

It was Princess Evangeline, whom Ethan had already met before, and a young man, who seemed to be in his early twenties.

He was none other than Louis Whitehall, the Crown Prince of Eastshire.

“I know that you had just finished dancing, My Lady, but would you honor me with a dance?” Prince Louis pressed his hand over his chest and bowed respectfully to Nicole.

“It will be my pleasure and honor, Your Highness,” Nicole replied.

Princess Evangeline also made a curtsy to Ethan before inviting him to dance as well.

“Since this is a good opportunity, would you like to dance with me, Sir Ethan?” Princess Eva asked.

“I hear and obey, Your Highness,” Ethan replied as he placed his hand on his chest before bowing to the Princess of the Kingdom.

With their partners holding their hands, Ethan and Nicole once again returned to the dance floor.

“Your Highness, I’m not very good at dancing,” Ethan said in a volume that only Princess Eva could hear. “So I hope that you forgive me if I accidentally step on your foot.”

Princess Eva giggled after hearing Ethan’s warning.

“As long as you don’t purposely step on my foot, it’s fine,” Princess Eva replied. “Besides, I would also like to step on you before you return to Brynhildr Academy.”

Ethan felt like the Princess meant something else when she mentioned “stepping on him”. But, he didn’t bother to put this to heart and danced with her to the best of his abilities.

Lilian stressed that the men should take the lead in dancing. However, when he noticed that the princess wished to take the lead, he decided to let her have her way.

The moment Princess Eva noticed that Ethan had silently understood what she wanted to do and played along with what she pleased, the smile on her face widened.

Taking the lead, the Princess guided the young man like a teacher teaching her student how to dance.

Unlike Lilian, who patiently danced with him, Princess Eva was like a wild horse who wanted to run full speed in the open plains.

Because of this, their dance was more lively compared to the others, and the two moved alongside the music, traveling around the dance hall as if they were the only people dancing in it.

Even so, the Princess showcased her amazing dancing skills while still making sure that they didn’t disturb the personal space of the other dancers.

It was an incredible experience, and Ethan, who liked challenges, didn’t disappoint her as he held the young lady's hand firmly from start to end.

The moment the music ended, a round of applause reverberated inside the Event Hall, with Ethan and Princess Eva taking the center stage.

They then bowed to each other before Ethan guided the Princess to her table.

But, before he could take a break, Queen Evane appeared in front of her with an amused smirk on her face.

The young man tried to step aside in order to walk past her, but the beautiful woman once again blocked his path.

She didn’t say anything and only looked at Ethan with expectation.

Princess Eva giggled after seeing her mother’s antics, while King Austen sighed and rubbed his forehead.

He knew that his wife had a mischievous side to her, and seeing that she was intent on teasing Ethan, the King almost felt sorry for him.

Seeing that the Queen was determined to dance with him, Ethan relented and knelt before Queen Evane.

“Your Majesty, will you honor me by dancing with you?” Ethan asked.

“Since you want to dance with me so badly, I will humbly accept your invitation,” Queen Evane said as she placed her hand on Ethan’s palm.

There were a lot of things the young man wanted to say, but he kept it all in.

Everyone was paying close attention to his actions, so even though he wanted to tell the Queen that it was she who wanted to dance with him so badly, he held his tongue and escorted her to the dance floor.

Nicole was asked by other noblemen for a dance, but she politely rejected some of them, especially the ones who couldn't even hide the lust in their eyes.

The only ones she agreed to dance with were the Patriarch of the Asta Family, Oscar, and the Grand Archmage, Edmond.

After that, she no longer accepted any dance invitations, telling everyone that she planned to rest for the time being.

While she was seated at her table, two young men approached her with smiles on their faces.

They were none other than the two Prodigies of the Asta Family, Vladimir and Constantine.

One look was enough to tell her that the two of them hadn't come to her with good intentions, which became apparent the moment Vladimir opened his mouth to speak.

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