Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1524 Reality Check
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Chapter 1524 Reality Check

1524 Reality Check

Just as they continued eating, Lu Lian asked, "Did you talk to Nicky in a while, Lanlan?"

Ming Lan shook her head, "On my last trip, I was not in contact with anyone. Last time I talked to her was the day of my wedding."

"Hmm, I have lost touch with her since Rusheng's accident. I need to call her," Lu Lian said and looked at Jiang Yuyan who was quiet, "Any updates you have about her?"

"Few months back her mother came to the office. At that time she told Nicky plans to return but till now, there is nothing I heard about her return," Jiang Yuyan answered. "She once told that her mother wants her to return and take care of the business. You know parents, they want means it sometimes turns into them insisting and we end up feeling pressured. That was what happening with her," Ming Lan told.

"So she doesn't want to return?" Lu Lian asked, "I was thinking it would be better if she returns. Though I don't know why she and brother Yang broke up…wait," Lu Lian looked at Jiang Yuyan, "You must know why do they broke up, right?"

"It's between those two and we better not draw any conclusions," Jiang Yuyan replied as she didn't wish to say the truth. The truth was hurting and anything about Xi Cheng would put Nicky in the tight spot as she ended up thinking she was also guilty of what happened.

Lu Lian didn't question and heard Ming Lan, "When I will contact her, I will tell you about her."

"I will also call her to invite her for my wedding. Though I have doubts she would come but nothing is wrong in trying."

Ming Lan agreed. "Not even once she returned home in the past ten years."

"She is the second version of Lu Lijun who also didn't return home for all these years," Lu Lian commented. Jiang Yuyan heard them and could only wish for Nicky to return and be together with her brother, who had still not moved on.

After lunch and shopping outside, the three women returned to their homes. The moment Lu Lian parked her car inside the Lu Mansion, Jiang Yuyan felt the tension inside her growing. The entire day she was out with Lu Lian so it saved her from facing family alone in absence of Lu Lijun but until when she could avoid it. Lu Lian turned off the car and looked at Jiang Yuyan who was sitting and didn't look like she had a plan of stepping out of the car, "Again those expressions, tsk."

Jiang Yayan looked back at her, "What…do you mean?"

"Again you are looking like you are going on some kind of war," Lu Lian spoke, "will you check your own expressions in the mirror? You look so tense and nervous."

"Do I?"

"Yes. C'mon that's your family. Why do you have to be so nervous in front of them as if you have committed some kind of sin by falling in love with their son. Did you forget you are 'The President Lu' who ruled this family for ten years and now you look nothing like President Lu."

"I…don't know what to do…"

"If falling for my brother changes you like this, turning you into a lamb from that tigress, then you better think about it twice. This change is not good for you. I…In fact Lu Lijun would not want to see you looking like this all week and miserable as well. You don't have to worry about others when it's about your happiness. Just be happy and do what you want."

Jiang Yuyan quietly heard her and said, "You, who used to be scared in front of me to say even a single word, is now lecturing me," she sighed, "that means I sure am losing myself. I am turning into a coward who hesitates to accept and face reality."

"See, you know it too. So don't be like this. I want that tough President Lu back. That's a different thing that I won't be that much terrified of you now."

Jiang Yuyan offered her a questioning look and heard her say, "Well, if we can talk about you having sex with my brother, then we are more like friends…umm maybe close friends. C'mon, you need friends as well."

Jiang Yuyan nodded, "You don't have to be terrified. I never did anything but it's you all who treated me like I am gonna swallow you all alive."

Lu Lian scoffed, "President Lu, have you ever seen how you carried yourself that actually ended up scaring others? You literally had those words written on your forehead- stay away from me or do not bother me or sometimes it highlighted the single word 'Danger' in all caps. I am sure even you would be terrified of your own version, that is not a social version of yours...ah, let me correct myself. That is the antisocial version."

Jiang Yuyan speechlessly looked at Lu Lian who didn't stop at anything. "So you are giving me a reality check now?"

"Yes, I am," Lu Lian agreed. "Now it is all because of my brother that you have turned into a normal person, a more social but…" she pressed on the next words, "being normal or more like social doesn't mean you lose yourself. Understood?"

"Yeah, Ms Lu," Jiang Yuyan replied. Lu Lian put her hand over Jiang Yuyan's and her voice softened, "If there is any person that I desperately want to be nothing but happy, then that person is you, Yuyan."

Jiang Yuyan nodded, "I will. Thank you for what you said."

"I want you to always be stronger."

Jiang Yuyan chuckled and said, "I didn't know other than brother Yang, I have lady Yang with me to give me a reality check."

Lu Lian smiled as well, "That's my honour to be compared with brother Yang. He is one of the best men I have ever come across."

"I will tell him that you think so highly of him."

"No need, I am sure he knows," Lu Lian said, "we have all narcissist men around us who know their own value more than others know."

Jiang Yuyan laughed, "That's true as well."

"But narcissist are hot."

"I agree."

Both laughed and finally stepped out of the car.

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