Life, Once Again

Chapter 12 Bingyao Liu
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Chapter 12 Bingyao Liu

Just these two short words, the girl's heart swelled with a huge horror.

But she didn't shut up, she looked at Jack hatefully instead, "You damned rascal, what exactly did you

do to me last night?!"

Jack was speechless, if this girl calmed down and checked herself properly, she would know that

nothing had happened.

On the other side, the girl was still crying, "You damn scum, beast, I will call the police to arrest you!"

"You should take a good look at yourself before you speak to me." Jack said faintly, not bothering to

speak at all.

It happened that his phone rang at this moment, so he walked out of the bedroom and picked up the


"Jack, how are you getting along with the girl from the Bai family?"

That familiar words almost made Jack cry.

These kind words, who else could it be but his father Nian Ye?

In his last life, he had caused his father to commit suicide in despair, and even after ten thousand years

of cultivation, he had always felt guilty.

In this life, he couldn't let his father suffer a slightest harm!

"Good." He held back his excitement and said calmly.

"That's good, you have to get along well with Sally in the Bai family!"

Fortunately, Nian Ye didn't find anything unusual about Jack, and they chatted about something

casually before hanging up the phone.

"Father, this life, I will definitely do my filial duty and make a name for myself, so that you will be proud

of me!"

Just as Jack made up his mind secretly, the bedroom door opened and the girl walked out from it.

After discovering that she was still innocent, she felt much better, but she didn’t let her guard down.

The girl walked up to Jack silently, looking at him and waiting for him to speak.

Jack didn’t say any courtesies either, one love thread from celestial fox was enough for him, so he said

directly, "I am not the one who kidnapped you yesterday, I’m the one who saved you, believe it or not.

Anyway, since you are awake and not assaulted, please leave."

The girl bit her lips and gazed at Jack, she said after a long while, "I believe you."

Jack waved his hand indifferently, he only wanted to get rid of the girl now. ᴄomenoᴠel.ᴄom

He should go to visit the Bai family after he left the engagement scene yesterday.

Originally, he didn’t plan to, but his mind changed after receiving a call from his father.

If he didn't go to the Bai family, according to Shuhe Bai's personality, he would definitely call his father,

and he didn’t want to let his father worry about him anymore in this life.

"Then I'm leaving." When the girl saw that Jack was absent-minded, she couldn't help but have some

mixed feelings, so she walked towards the door with great resentment. But when she opened the door,

she still turned back to look at Jack and spoke, "Well, right, thank you..."

Seeing that Jack still ignored her, she stomped her foot in a huff, slammed the door heavily, and turned

her head to leave.

But five seconds later....

"Knock, knock, knock!"

There was a terrified knock on the door and the girl outside said urgently, "Hey, hey, open the door,

please, let me in!"

She said with a fast but low voice, as if she had encountered some big trouble.

Jack opened the door and frowned when he watched the girl who had just left in a dashing way slip

back in and look around as if she was looking for a place to hide, "What else do you want?"

The girl's eyes fell on Jack, her eyes suddenly brightened and she took a few steps forward and

whispered, "Hey, is this villa yours? How about letting me rent a room here?"


Jack said without even thinking, this villa would be his future practicing place, how could he let other

people live in carelessly?

"Wow, don't say that, we can negotiate the rent, I can accept pay one-month guarantee deposit plus

three-month rent for once."

The girl panicked as she didn’t expect that Jack would refuse her so crisply.

Jack looked at the girl and said faintly, "Do you think that people who live in this kind of villa would need

some rent money?"

The girl was speechless, she thought what he said was right after pondered on it. Although she had

never lived in this villa, but those elders in her family owned villas like this, and they worth at least

millions even billions, how could he need some rent money.

"Knock, knock, knock!"

Just as Jack was about to evict her, knocks on the door were sounded again, no, maybe it would be

more accurate to say smashing the door, the person outside smashed the door rudely and shouted


"Bingyao Liu, open the door! I see you!"

"Please help me out." Bingyao Liu looked at Jack pitifully and whispered, "That guy outside the door is

my current landlord, but he's always tried to do something inappropriate with me and tried to take

advantage of me several times. One time he asked me to go to a bar to negotiate the rent, but he

drugged me secretly, luckily I found out in advance."

"After that, I moved out to find another place to rent, but he still kept pestering me, so I chose to walk in

alleys to avoid this guy, yet that’s why I was drugged by a bad guy."

Said that, Bingyao Liu looked at Jack grievously, "I know you don’t lack money, my credit card was also

frozen after I left home, I don't have much money, I'll clean the villa for you as a housekeeper, can you

just take me in for a few days?"

Jack intoned, "It's not impossible if you want to live here, but you have to give me ten hairs every


Bingyao Liu was shocked, her pretty face blushed and whispered, "You, why do you want my hair?"

"That's my business, if you agree, stay, if you can't accept it, please leave here."

Bingyao rolled her eyes, she could only agree, after all, the man in front of her didn't even take

advantage of her last night, he should be trustworthy....

Hu Pan who was smashing the door now suppressed his evil intention. He was a hobo and relied on

rents of his uncle’s houses to live wealthily, and he would sometimes take advantages of single female


He was completely stunned in the first time he meet Bingyao. She was so pure yet she has a hot figure

and a lightly charming temperament, she almost made Hu Pan go crazy.

After that, he looked for several opportunities to get close to her, but he didn’t imagine that this chick

was very vigilant, and she even directly moved out and was nowhere to be found in two days ago.

He came to Yunding Villa to drink with his uncle due to gloom, and while wandering around after

drinking, he actually saw the chick who filled his belly with lust again.

This time, he had to seize the opportunity absolutely!

Opening the door, a strong man who could be smelled alcohol appeared in front of him, and Jack

couldn't help but frown.

Hu Pan was also shocked, but he fixed his eyes and found that the man's thighs were not as thick as

his own arms, so he relieved at once and spoke brutally, "Kid, who are you?"

Before Jack spoke, Bingyao poked out behind Jack and said loudly, "This is my new landlord!"

"He? New landlord?" Hu Pan laughed directly and stared at Jack for a few moments, a trace of disdain

flashed in his eyes.

A long while later did he stop laughing and said seriously, "Bingyao, you've been deceived by him, look

at what this brat is wearing. I can't afford a villa with all this shit! He must be a housekeeper who was

hired for cleaning!"

As soon as he said this, Bingyao hesitated for a second, although she was not valued in the family, she

had seen some rich guy, none of them would dress so simple indeed.

She couldn't help but look up, when she saw the relaxed expression on Jack's face, all of a sudden,

she managed to set her mind at rest.novelbin

"I believe him!"

This time, without hesitation, she spoke resolutely and decisively, which made Hu Pan change his face.

Seeing that Bingyao didn't believe his nonsense, he glared at Jack and said coldly, "Kid, you can

deceive Bingyao, not me! Get out of my way if you know what's good for you, or don't blame me for

being rude!"

"Hey! Don't you bully him, come after me if you can!"

Before Jack had even spoken, Bingyao panicked, she only wanted him to lose interests, but

unexpectedly this guy, by virtue of he’s a local villain, tried to use violence instead of retreating!

Seeing that the landlord was so lean, how could he defeat the two-meter tall Hu Pan, she immediately

stood in front of Jack, raising her small fist and shouting.

"Come on, I'll fight you! I, I come from a martial arts family, I'm not afraid of you, purr..."

The last purr, making a sentence that was quite imposing become wimpy, the corner of Jack's mouth

curled, this girl simply couldn't even lie.

The soul of the Celestial Fox was extremely noble, although they could promote themselves by

practicing advanced martial arts, some of them couldn’t practice the slightly poor martial arts technique,

let alone the ordinary martial arts.

But at least it can be seen that Bingyao has a good nature, so Jack decided to mind her business, he

straightforwardly reached out his hand to protect her behind his back, then he said faintly.

"Get out."

"Kid, how dare you be arrogant with me?"

Hu Pan was irritated and rushed over with his huge fist swinging, seeing this, Bingyao couldn't help but

scream and cover her eyes.

But soon, Hu Pan's dull scream reached her ears, she opened her eyes in panic and then stunned.

That tall and strong Hu Pan was actually being pressed to the ground by Jack with one hand!

"Kid, how dare you to plot against me, if you are a man, let go of your hands and we’ll fight again!"

Hu Pan cursed and struggled desperately, but he couldn't get away no matter how hard he tried.

Slowly, he realized that something was not right, and the wine he drank turned into cold sweat that

spilled out.

Jack spoke coldly, "From now on, don't harass Bingyao anymore."

Seeing that Hu Pan was about to yield, a voice suddenly rang out, "Oh, this little brother has a good


Hu Pan's eyes lit up as he shouted, "Uncle, save me!"

An old man dressed in rather fancy clothes came over and said confidently, "Young man, I advise you

to let go of my nephew obediently, then kowtow and apologize, otherwise don’t blame me for being


Jack didn’t move a bit and spoke indifferently, "Oh? I'd like to see that."

The old man’s face darkened and snorted, "Young and reckless, I see that you don't know what can I


After he said that, he took out his cell phone and dialed a number, "Hello, security? There is a man

here pretending to be a Shen family member, claiming to be the owner of the Yunding villa."

Putting down the phone, Can Sun smiled arrogantly, "Kid, you still don't know who owns the Yunding

Mountain, do you still think you can get away with it after pretend to be the owner of the house to pick

up girls?"

"Let me tell you, this is the property of the Shen family, the top family in Jiang Province, and the

security guards here are all belong to the Fifth Master of Hong family, they won't invite you out gently,

they'll beat you into a cripple and make you cry and kneel before Fifth Master of Hong family and

kowtow to apology!"

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