Lost Me Gained Regret

Chapter 171
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Chapter 171

Chapter 171

Lloyd was at his wit's end, and with another slap, his hand landed on the r man's head, spittle flying. "Damn it, you'll be the death of me! That's not an ex- wife. That's a curse!"

"Boss," The raspy-voiced man gestured toward the boot still on my face. "Maybe you want to take your foot off first?"

Only then did Lloyd glance down, shivering, as he quickly retracted his foot. Right at that moment, someone yanked open the garage door!

Initially, I thought Gary's guys might have seen me get kidnapped while dropping off some stuff for me and sent someone to rescue me.novelbin

But as I looked up, I saw Bryant's cold, sinister face.

Wasn't he out shopping for tampons for Margaret when I called earlier? How did he make it here so fast? We were at least an hour's drive from BlessedCare Medical Facility.

"Oh, Mr. Ferguson!" Lloyd, who was all bluster a moment ago, suddenly became meek. "I've heard so much about you!"

Bryant's face was frosty, his tone sending shivers down his spine, "This is your reason for kidnapping my wife?"

"It's all a big, fat misunderstanding. I wouldn't even think about it, no matter how gutsy or fearless I was." Lloyd was trying to pass the buck, pointing at Allen with a sycophantic laugh. "We were just inviting Mrs. Ferguson over for a chat. Look, Mrs. Ferguson's uncl is here, too!"

"Is that so?" Bryant sneered, clearly not buying it.

"Of course! Lloyd was grinning like a sunflower, pushing Allen forward. "If you don't believe me, ask him. He just wanted to borrow some money from Mrs. Ferguson."

Bryant eyed them, his gaze dangerous and narrow. "Borrow money?"

His presence was so imposing that Allen couldn't muster the courage to speak.

Finally, Lloyd said, "Allen borrowed a payday loan from me, and now, he owes me ten million with interest."

dobte?" Br "Oh, I see. Kidnap my wife, thinking to threaten me into paying off this jerk's debts?" Bryant chuckled darkly. "Lloyd, if I don't give you a lesson, you'll forget who runs RiverCity."

"Mr. Ferguson, Just as Lloyd tried to force a smile, Bryant's face darkened as he threw a ust as punch straight to his jaw, knocking the burly man to the ground with a single blow!

It was the first time I realized Bryant was so skilled. His movements were quick, ruthless, and precisel π—°π¨π—Ίπ—²π§π¨π˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.𝗰𝐨𝗺




Chapter 171

Chaos erupted immediately as Bryant's men clashed with Lloyd's, turning the scene into a free-for-all. I seized the chance, scrambling across the sand to the other side, with Allen moving faster than me..

I quickly blurted out, "Untie me!"

He hesitated, seizing the moment to haggle. "I'll untie you if you help me pay off the money."

"In your dreams!" I glared at him disappointingly, "Stealing Aunt Cheryl's emergency fund wasn't m epough Now, a kidnapping? Allen, you've got a death wish! If you don't want Bryant to deal with you, untie me now!"

"If you don't help me pay off my debt, I'd rather be dealt with by Bryant than get cleaned up by Lloyd and his crew!" Allen was playing the martyr.

But those in the payday loan business at Lloyds level were all tainted with shades of the com underworld, employing methods even more ruthless than Bryant could conjure.

Glancing at the chaotic brawl amidst various metal rods, I saw guns tucked into the belts of several men! They had guns!

I The sight nearly stopped my heart, and panic set in. Desperate, I lied, "Okay, I promise I'll help you pay back the money!"



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