Love At The Wrong Table

Chapter 1557 The Unexpected Entry
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Chapter 1557 The Unexpected Entry

Feeling a bit familiar, the beautiful supervisor asked, “W-What’s your name?”

“Yosef Harper!” The man replied, staring at her. “I’m a representative of the Tanner family. Don’t | have the right to go to theisland?”

“Oh? It’s, um, it’s you!” The beautiful supervisor turned even paler. The staff member with Yosef’s sword at her throat startedcrying. People around began to back away.novelbin

They had all received the police’s message. ‘this man had killed many people and escaped from prison.’ -

“Please, calm down. Let me check with the boss!” The beautiful supervisor, fearing refusal might lead to bloodshed, called Joefor instructions.

The reply was surprising. “Let him board! Arrange a special boat to take him to the island!”

As the organizer of the martial arts tournament, Joe understood that many wealthy and influential individuals would attend theevent. His goal was to make money and provide an exciting martial arts spectacle; other matters were secondary. Even if thepolice wanted access, they would find it difficult to bypass his security. Whether Yosef would participate was not Joe’s decision;for now, he just allowed Yosef to reach the venue.

With a positive response, Yosef didn’t continue his spree. Instead, he sheathed his sword and followed the beautiful supervisoronto the boat.

By now, night had fallen, but the island was brightly lit-a true city that never sleeps!

“Enter, the Quillen family’s representative!” With the announcer’s call, Emmanuel and Mackenzie led the way, followed by otherfamily members. There was applause and fireworks-a grand event, almost like the Olympics, exclusive to the wealthy.

As Emmanuel entered, he realized why the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown had such immense influence. Nearly all the eliteof Nuthana were present, even the mayor of Onza.

The order of entry was based on the current status of each faction in Nuthana-the higher the status, the later the entry. When theQuillen family entered, many others had already arrived. The Quillens were just in the middle, not drawing much attention fromordinary spectators.

The finals of the martial arts competition were all up for bets, which made them a hundred times more exciting than thepreliminaries. The odds of the Quillen family winning were 1 to 32, placing them in the middle tier of attention among all factions.

“Haha, Ms. Quillen, hello!” As Mackenzie took her seat, the head of the Zigler family of Gratz approached with a proud smile,extending his hand for a shake. Mackenzie merely nodded, neither warm nor offensive.

“What? Looking down on us?” Linda behind him snorted coldly. “Don’t be too arrogant; making too many enemies will lead to amiserable end!” 𝘯𝑣.

Mackenzie ignored the woman and asked Rustin Zigler, “Mr. Zigler, can | help you?”

“| have to discuss with you.” Rustinattempted to whisper to Mackenziebut was abr ly-blockedkbyC omEMrhanuét He was pushed backharshly. Does he think I’m invisible?I'm right here, yet you dare to getcozy with my wife! VisitNovelDrama.Org to read the latestchapter of this novel

Rustin was thoroughly annoyed byEmmanuel’s I NG Vireo 00)Feyng, Mackehzi?stdrining andwanted to get closer, but Emmanuelwas too arrogant. Ultimately, VisitNovelDrama.Org to read the latestchapter of this novel

Mackenzie's a socialite, no? Or how can the Quillen family keep growing under her leadership? Huh, acting all virtuous now.

“You really want to do this the hardway, huh? Rustin, seeing thatMe heciile intention ay mWw 'spering.tpihitD. got aryry" | wasiting to give your family a chanceand let you lose gracefully to us sowe could cooperate in the future. Butsince you want to be like this, let’ssettle it in the arena! Don't comebegging for forgiveness later!” VisitNovelDrama.Org to read the latestchapter of this novelThe content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

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