Love For Hire

Chapter 38: EPILOGUE
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Chapter 38: EPILOGUE

Aclon Kustium, six years later…novelbin 𝙣𝒗.

Kinsley sat in the royal gardens watching her daughter Bailey playing in the grass with her dolls.Kinsley ran her hand over her swollen belly. She was eight months pregnant with their first son (or sothey believed thanks to an early trimester ultrasound). The sound of footsteps on the stone pathwaydrew both of their attention.

Kinsley smiled to see Nicholas coming their way with Brutus at his side. Bailey squealed with delight asshe jumped to her feet and ran to her father. Nicholas dropped to one knee and hugged his daughteras she jumped into his arms. After a hug, Bailey stepped back as Nicholas lovingly dragged his fingersdown over her face. It was how he saw in this world, how he knew what his beautiful daughter lookedlike with her dark curls and her cute little face. Kinsley smiled. Bailey always liked it when he did that.

Kinsley watched as father and daughter said hello. Nicholas had gone back to the States to attend thefuneral of Dr. Robert Horton, the man who had literally saved his life many years ago. Kinsley hadwanted to go, but being eight months into her pregnancy, she could not fly. Nicholas lifted Bailey intohis arms and leaned over to kiss his wife. “Welcome home,” Kinsley said as Nicholas ran his hand overher bursting belly.

“How is my boy today?” Nicholas asked.

“Active,” she giggled. “How was the funeral?”

“Sad, it is hard to believe he is gone. I owe that man everything. He gave me my life back.”

“He was a saint, and I am sure he will watch over us.”

“Despite the loss, I cannot be anything but happy. I have everything I never believed I would everhave,” he hugged Bailey and put his arm around Kinsley, holding her close in a family hug. “Everything

is simply perfect.”

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