Love Is as Deep as Sea

Chapter 15: Homicide
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Chapter 15: Homicide

Marvin cried out madly. Tears suddenly rolled down and rushed up. He no longer cared about anythingand grabbed the scalpel in her hand, threw it on the ground and picked her up.

The little lady in his arms was so light. He seemed to be holding a child in his arms.

Her neck and abdomen were still bleeding. Marvin held her tightly in his arms and said in a hurry,"Melissa, Melissa, you can't die, I won't let you die, hold on!"

The man shouted, picked her up and rushed out.

Passing by Sally, she was sitting in the doorway sobbing with pain, the man even did not look at her,jumped over her and went straight to the emergency operating room.

In the corridor outside the door, many medical staff have been attracted, but no one dares to lookcarefully because it is Marvin 's family business.

At the moment, everyone was frightened to see the tearful man running madly out with blooded Melissain his arms.

What happened?

Someone was killed?

How could it bleed so much blood?

Melissa lying in the arms of Marvin, she was almost dying. Her pale little face was covered with a

mixture of tears, sweat and blood. She looked haggard, as if she was going to die the next second.

It was the first time that she had been held so nervously by him. coᴍᴇnoᴠᴇl.coᴍ

Ha-ha, is he afraid of her death?

Did he feel bad when she died?

Or because she died, she lost the uterus that was more suitable for transplantation to Sally.

Melissa’s hands cling to the man who ran madly. She raised her head and tried to say something, buther pale lips opened and opened again, but she still could not say a word.

She wanted to tell him that if the fourth knife went down, she would never owe him anything.

"Doctor, doctor, quickly, save my wife, save my wife!" The crazy voice of Marvin sounded outside theemergency room, and all the medical staff who heard it rushed to make Melissa set on the bed.

Marvin grabbed a doctor's skirt and gritted his teeth with red eyes. "Save Melissa, you must save her! Ifyou can't. I'll kill you all! "

Every word spoke out from his mouth without doubt.

The doctor was shocked by his fierce breath. "Mr. Mr. Mr. Hansom, we will try our best!"

After that, he broke away from Marvin’s hand and hurried into the operating room.

Marvin 's face and hands were already covered with blood from Melissa . He looked at the words"rescuing" and hold his head with both hands. His eyes were full of pain, sorrow, and shadows.

Melissa, Listen up! You can't die without my permission!

You can’t!

If you're dead, I'll take Sally with me to find you, so that you can't die peacefully!

If you go to heaven, I follow you to heaven!

If you go to hell, I follow you to hell!

The man's squat down with his slender and straight body, he is always been a precious meticulousman, but now he in a mess.


Nina ran over anxiously, saw the man squatting on the ground, wrenched her eyebrows in displeasure,and went forward. "Marvin, what happened to Sally? How did she break two ribs? Why you're not goingto see her... novelbin

Before she finished speaking, Marvin turned his head suddenly, and a pair of scarlet eyes stared at herwith hatred, which was particularly terrible.

Nina had to swallow before she finished speaking. Her voice slowed down immediately. "Mar...Marvin…"

"Don't call my name! Nauseated!" Marvin roared, gritted his teeth, and did not hide his anger.

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