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Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Ava’s POV

"WAKE UP, YOU WHORE." I heard Sylvester scream. I flinched when he yelled and shot my eyeswide open, meeting a very angry Sylvester. I felt his fist meet my face and I heard my nose break asthe blood came rushing out of it.

"You have been out for a week, slut." Sylvester shouted, grabbing a fist full of my hair and yanking itto the side. I tried too punch him too defend myself but was unable when I felt the chain’s yank myarm back. "You"re gonna pay for that." Sylvester said, noticing my action.

I watched in horror as he let go of my hand and started too undue his belt.

He pulled down his pants leaving him only in his boxers and a shirt. My eyes widened and I startedto go into panic mode, Sylvester watched my struggling and started laughing. He placed himself ontop of me and began attacking my neck with his mouth.

My eyes started to water when he began touching me.

I was still in my black dress from going out with Andrew and Sylvester knew that he had easyaccess to whatever he wanted. I began flailing my arms and legs around, making my body movearound, in an attempt to get Sylvester off but I couldn’t do much because of the chains.

"Stop moving. I wanted you to be awake for this; I want you to remember this." Olive said, his mouthstill attacking my neck going down further and further.

I screamed and screamed hoping, praying that someone would hear me and help. Tears began tostream down my face as I felt him rip my dress in half, exposing my underwear.

"This is better than anything I expected." Sylvester grinned, as he stopped attacking me and lookedat me now almost exposed in the red lingerie I was wearing for Andrew.

"GET AWAY FROM ME." I yelled at the top of my lungs, still flailing myself around hoping that Icould slip my hand through one of the restraints.

"Shut up, I know you’re going to enjoy this." He said, placing his hand over my mouth preventing mefrom screaming and reaching for my underwear. I took the opportunity to bite his hand as hard aspossible, drawing blood and making Sylvester yell.

He yanked his hand away from my mouth and looked at me viciously. He reached behind his backand pointed a gun at me.

"Please kill me." I thought, closing my eyes ready to accept my fate.

I heard a gunshot go off and waited for the pain to kick in but once I felt nothing but ringing in myears I opened my eyes. I inspected myself and saw that there was no blood anywhere, I lookedback at Sylvester and he started to laugh like a maniac.

"I am not too kill you kitten, he gave you up and I intend to have some fun." Sylvester hissed. Ifurrowed my eyebrows in wonder of why he started to call me "kitten" and who was talking about.The only person that called me "kitten" was... no.

My eyes shot back too him and I looked into his, searching for an answer. Sylvester’s straight faceturned into a evil smile when he knew what I was thinking. He bent down by me and looked mestraight in the eyes before saying, "Andrew, gave you too me."

My eyes widen and I felt them start to water. Sylvester’s evil laugh filled the room and I hear himwalk out, leaving me completely alone to my thoughts.

"Did Andrew sell me?"

"Did he fake everything?"


"He wouldn’t."

"Sylvester is just trying to get into my head."

I bring my hand too my in an attempt too wipe a tear off my cheek but am surprised when I actuallyfelt my hand caress my cheek. I opened my eyes and look at my hand and back up too the chain.

"That stupid idiot shot the chain and not the wall."

I took my now free arm, letting it fall to the ground in exhaustion.

My arm lay on the ground for a good 10 minutes before I found the strength to bring it up too myother chained up arm. I observed the clasp around my wrist, it was about 3 inches thick and had alock around it, connecting it to the chains. I noticed that it wasn’t a military grade lock and I couldeasily pick it if I had something to pick it with.

I used my free hand to grab a bobby pin out of my hair and started to work on the lock, a fewseconds later the lock unlocked, unchaining me from the wall. My arm fell and after a few minutes ofrest I picked the ankle locks.

After I had gotten myself completely free I looked around the very familiar room. There was noflooring so it was all concrete, in the corner next to me there was the blood stained mattress I usedto sleep in and the door on the other side of me, which was only a few feet away.

I carefully got up and attempted to cover myself with what was left of my dress but wasunsuccessful because Sylvester ripped it in half across my stomach. I steadied my breathe tryingnot to remember what he had done and tried to walk over to the door.

I knew it wouldn’t open because Sylvester always locked it so I just needed to wait for him to comedown and grab his gun from his back waist band, shot him and then grab the key and escape.Simple.

I knew he wouldn’t be coming for a while since he just spent time with me and from the amount ofthumps from upstairs, it was about 6 and people were starting to come in. I sat down next to thedoor and brought my legs to my chest, hugging them.

Thoughts racing around in my head about everything that he said.

"Andrew was the only one to call me kitten."

"So how would Sylvester know that."

"Maybe Andrew really did sell m- No he wouldn’t."

"There has to be another reason."

"After I escape I will go to him."

"He must be worried about me."

I was brought out of thought when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and approaching thedoor.

I pressed myself beside the door so when he swung it open he wouldn’t see me. I heard the keybeing placed into the key whole and turn until I heard a, "click."

The door swung open and Sylvester walked into the room starring across at the chains that wereempty. I looked at his back and saw the black handle of the gun, I lunged at him before he couldturn around and successfully grabbed the gun form his waistband.

He felt the movement and turned around, facing me with a gun pointed to his head.

My breath stopped when I remembered the last time I pointed a gun at Sylvester. I shoved thethought out of my head and refocused my attention to Sylvester.

"I WILL KILL YOU, YOU WHO-" Sylvester started but couldn’t finish when I pulled the trigger,leaving a bullet hole in-between his eyes.

His lifeless body dropped to the floor and I stood in shock, I felt tingles run up and down my bodybefore I looked at Sylvester again. Satisfaction ran through me, I killed him, he was dead, I wasstrong. I pointed the gun down at his lifeless body and started shooting him until I emptied thechamber, leaving his face completely un recognizable.

I turned around and sprinted out the door and up the stairs, leading to a very busy strip club.

I took the back way out and walked out to the parking lot, still in my torn dress and red lingerie. Isearched the lot and found Sylvester’s car, I punched the glass window, setting off the car alarm butquickly disabled it when I got it.

I slid into the driver’s seat and pulled down the sun shades hoping to find the keys and alas I feltsomething fall into my lap. I took the keys and started the ignition and drove out of the club, racingonto the road.

"FUCK." I screamed, when I realized I was still in LA and across the country from Andrew. I hit thesteering wheel but instantly regretted it when I felt a sharp pain flow through me. I pulled the carover to inspect what had caused it too hurt so much and my eyes widened when I saw that my handwas almost purple.

I looked down at the rest of my body and whined when I noticed the marks that Sylvester leftincluding the punches from a week ago. I had to go to a hospital.

I got back onto the road and drove to the nearest hospital I could find. I parked in the emergencydriveway and tried to get out of the car when I noticed I could barely stand due to the immense paincoming from my stomach and legs.

"Excuse me you can’t park here. OH MY GOD." I heard a nurse say coming out of the hospitaldoors.

I looked up at her weekly and tried to walk over to her but failed when I lost my balance and blackedout.




"What the hell was that god awful noise." I thought to myself not wanting to open my eyes.



"Fine, god damit."

I opened my eyes and adjusted to the light around me. I looked around and saw needles inside ofme, wires hooked up to me and a machines all around me.

"What the hell." I murmured, grabbing the wires, pulling them off me as well as the needles.

"Don’t do that." I heard someone say. I looked up and saw a lady that was wearing an all blueoutfit... a nurse.novelbin

"I will live." I said, rolling my eyes and proceeding to take off the wires. I didn’t want to be rude but Ihad somewhere too be and I didn’t want to bring to much attention to myself.

"Okay I will let the police know you are awake and then I will get you some pain killers." The nursesaid, walking away from my room.

"NO NO NO POLICE." I screamed, trying to get out of the bed too go chase her down.

She turned back into my hospital room and raised an eyebrow at me, "You had clasps around yourwrists and there were signs of abuse, Miss. I have to get the police."

"Please don’t, please." I begged.

"I am sorry, Miss but I have too." She sighed walking out of the room again.

"Fuck." I muttered under my breathe. I looked around me and noticed that I had no belongings and Icould just make a run for it. I struggled to get out of the bed but found it easy to walk; I steadiedmyself and slowly walked out of the room looking both ways down the hall before sprinting to theexit.

I swung the "Emergency Exit" stairs and started bolting down them.




I finally got to the first floor and sprinted out of the hospital and into the city. I felt abnormally coldand looked down and noticed I was still wearing the hospital gown. I frantically looked around andtook a deep breathe when I noticed it was the middle of the day and no one was on the streets.

I waved down a taxi and got it, getting weird glances from the driver I ignored them and gave him anaddress. When we arrived at our destination I told the taxi driver to wait for me while I go get themoney.

I walked up the driveway and knocked on the door.

"Hi, shortness."𝗰𝗼𝐦𝗲𝐧𝗼𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

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