Marrying the Man in the Dark

Marrying the Man in the Dark

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    CP: My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose

    Artist: Damien and Cherise

    Genre: Romance

    On her wedding night, Cherise Shaw, a young woman from a poor family, encounters her husband Damien Lenoir, a wheelchair-bound man who is blindfolded. Damien is rumored to be a jinx, having lost his parents and three fiancées under mysterious circumstances. Cherise has married him to secure funds for her grandmother’s medical treatment.

    Damien, after removing the blindfold, questions Cherise’s lack of fear and senses a profound gaze from her. Cherise pledges to fulfill her promise of bearing children and caring for Damien. Damien, having investigated her background, remains skeptical of her intentions. As Cherise prepares a bath for Damien, he contemplates her innocence and the mysteries surrounding his previous fiancées’ deaths.

    Cherise assists Damien in the bath, diligently scrubbing his back and expressing genuine care. However, when she awkwardly addresses the intimate part of his body, Damien abruptly asks her to leave. The tense atmosphere hints at Damien’s skepticism and raises questions about Cherise’s true motives....

    Read Marrying the Man in the Dark by Astrid Rose novel

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