Marrying the Man in the Dark

Chapter 999 Deceptive Depths
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“Many unfortunate events may have transpired between you and Mr. Lenoir afterward,” she began, her words measured anddeliberate, “but he has tirelessly endeavored to reconcile and has never ceased searching for you.”

“As for what you mentioned, Alexis being the child of you and your first love...” Frances shook her head with a knowing smile.“That scenario is even more implausible,” she asserted calmly.

Her hands tightly clasped together, Cherise tilted her head inquisitively as she locked eyes with Frances. “Why is it impossible?”she questioned, her brow furrowing with curiosity.

With a serene smile, Frances proceeded to elucidate, placing the aromatherapy machine on the windowsill as she spoke. “Suchfabrications are often concocted by men who lack common sense,” she explained patiently.

Cherise Turrowed her brow, her confusion evident as she continued to gaze at Frances, seeking further clarification andunderstanding.

As Frances positioned the aromatherapy machine on the windowsill, she turned to Cherise with a smile, preparing to elucidate.“These intricacies are often clearer to women,” she remarked softly.

“Consider this: Alexis is four and a half years old this year, born just under six months after Soren and Sera.novelbin

Frances paused, allowing the weight of her words to settle. “Pregnancy typically lasts ten months,” she continued, her tonegently guiding Cherise’s understanding.

With a subtle wink, she posed a thought-provoking question. “How could you have given birth to Alexis in such a short span afterSoren and Sera?”

Cherise was rendered speechless.Frances explanation does indeed appear to be plausible and grounded in logic...She pursed her lips, a realization dawning upon her that Sebastian had indeed deceived her.

Turning her gaze to Frances's retreating form, Cherise couldn’t help but seek further guidance. “So. Frances,” she begantentatively, her voice tinged with uncertainty, “if both men have deceived you, which one would you choose?”

Frances paused momentarily, caught off guard by the unexpected inquiry. However, she quickly composed herself and turned toface Cherise with a warm smile. “As a loyal servant of the Lenoir family, | would naturally advise you to choose Mr. Lenoir,” shereplied diplomatically.

“But | understand that may not be the answer you're seeking.”

“If | were in your position,” she confessed, her eyes gleaming with mischief, “I wouldn’t choose either. Instead, | would feignillness to observe their reactions.”

Cherise, her lips pursed in contemplation. “Just like that?” she echoed.“Yes,” Frances affirmed simply.

Frances approached Cherise and gently tucked her into bed, her movements imbued with a sense of maternal care. “I may beold and thus tend to be more pragmatic,” she began, her voice soft yet resolute.

“In situations where both parties have deceived me, | would choose the one who consistently demonstrates kindness andconcern for my well-being.”

She paused, her eyes meeting Cherise’s with unwavering sincerity. “Even if he has deceived me, it may have been with goodintentions rather than ulterior motives, she explained.

“However, if the individual who deceives me shows no care when | am unwell, it may indicate deeper intentions.After Frances left, Cherise closed her eyes and contemplated deeply while lying on the bed.

She acknowledged the validity of Frances’s perspective, yet a sense of constraint weighed heavily upon her.Confined by Damien’s control, even if Sebastian wished to provide care, he lacked the resources to do

Despite any genuine care Damien may show her, Cherise cannot easily overlook their tumultuous past.

She has evolved from the person she once was and cannot pretend to be indifferent.

At eight o'clock in the evening. Damien returned home, his laughter with the children downstairs echoing through the house. 𝒄𝒏𝙫.𝒄

Cherise remained confined to herbedroom, where the sounds ofDamien's eee and jhe ctiildPehtgjOx downalr oed through thehouse. She could discern their sharedmeals, playful games, and thegeneral revelry from her solitaryperch upstairs. Visit NovelDrama.Orgto read the latest chapter of thisnovel

Cherise, however, remained confined to her small bedroom, with dinner brought to her by Frances.At half past nine in the evening, Cherise discerned Damien’s footsteps as he exited the children’s bedroom

The lengthy corridor seemed unusually quiet, amplifying the sound of his approach towards her room, one footstep after theother.

Damien was walking towards her bedroom.

Shortly after, the door swung open, revealing Damien dressed in light gray loungewear, his demeanor carrying an air of nobilityand aloofness.

Furrowing his brow slightly, Damien addressed the skipped dinner. “Frances mentioned that you didn’t cal, he remarked withconcern

Cherise turned away, her expressionresolute. “I couldn't Ariagmysethto! |eat, chalaGriitte ‘her voice firm “|won't cat until you provide me withanswers’ Visit NovelDrama.Org toread the latest chapter of this novel

Damien sighed, acknowledging thecomplexity ae situatigo. ‘There!ang aurniefou letters that | cannotclarify all at once,” he explainedpatiently. Visit NovelDrama.Org toread the latest chapter of this novel

“Then explain it slowly.”

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