Mated to the Alpha and His Beta

Mated to the Alpha and His Beta

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    The protagonist, Lanie Stanton, faces the dreaded mating ceremony in a society where she-wolves are assigned two mates to rebuild clans after the Great War. Turning eighteen means Lanie will be assigned her mates, and the possibilities are unsettling. She fears the lack of control in the process, as the elders determine the pairings without consideration for personal preferences. The consequences are severe, and once assigned, there’s no escape except death. Lanie is determined not to accept a life of being used as a mere tool for reproduction. The story unfolds with the tension and uncertainty of the ceremony, highlighting the oppressive nature of the society and the challenges Lanie must confront.

    Lanie Stanton is shocked to learn that she has been mated to Alpha Xander and his Beta, Zane, during the mating ceremony. This unexpected pairing goes against the expectations of the community, as everyone believed the Alpha and Beta would be mated to another woman, Alice. Lanie questions the announcement, but Elder Aldon, one of the elders overseeing the ceremony, responds harshly, gripping her forearm and demanding her compliance.

    Facing the intimidating Alpha Xander and Beta Zane on the stage, Lanie senses their displeasure, and their wolf instincts are visible in their angry expressions. Lanie realizes that she now belongs to them, and fear grips her as she waits for their instructions.

    On the other side, Alpha Xander is furious and refuses to accept the match. He confronts Elder Aldon, insisting that a mistake has been made and vowing to rectify it. However, Aldon claims that once the choice is made, it cannot be undone. Alpha Xander, determined to challenge the decision, asserts that anything can be undone.

    The stage is set for a tense confrontation between Lanie and her unexpected mates, with Alpha Xander determined to contest the elders’ decision and change the course of their destinies...

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