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Chapter 927

"Shut up! Enough with the talking. How on earth am I supposed to solve this?"

Lewis felt himself sinking into despair. He had believed the partnership was solid this time, a lifeline for the Bowen family.

But this absurd twist blindsided him completely.

Who would have thought that the humble bodyguard beside Mia was actually the CEO of Barrett Group? How were they going to salvage this situation now?

Caleb cast a disdainful glance at Connie and Lewis before speaking firmly, β€œDo you really think that terminating this cooperation is the end of it all? Just because we haven't asserted ourselves in the past doesn't mean we won'ttake action now.

"After all, how could the esteemed elites of Bern City possibly tolerate being slighted by a mere upstart family like yours?" 𝓂𝓃𝓋.𝓂

With a hint of indignation, Connie protested, "It's just a partnership termination. Are you seriously considering targeting the Bowen family?

"Remember, this is Nord City, not Bern City. Our family wields influence here too, and we're not to be taken lightly.”

Today was meant to be a grand affair, with the Bowen family hosting a signing ceremony to showcase their collaboration with a multinational corporation. They had extended invitations far and wide to friends and relatives forthis significant occasion.

However, instead of celebrating, they were confronted with a humiliating setback as their cooperation hung precariously on the brink of collapse.

Connie couldn't bear Caleb's menacing tone any longer. Despite the prestige of the Gomez and Barrett families in Bern City, Nord City was a different battleground altogether. Connie knew she couldn't afford to jeopardize herreputation here.

Caleb wore an expression of disdain as he addressed Connie, "Given the level of incompetence your family displays, dismantling your company would be a walk in the park.

"Once the Barrett Group's acquisition team takes charge, the Bowen family will have no choice but to declare bankruptcy tomorrow, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not."

Enraged, Connie retorted, "Do you honestly believe you can bankrupt the Bowen family with just a snap of your fingers? It's not as straightforward as you think."

Meanwhile, Lewis’ face turned pale. "Mr. Gomez, please understand that this is all a misunderstanding. We sincerely hope you can overlook this situation and not bear any grudges against us,” he implored.

Before this incident, Lewis had meticulously researched the standings of the Gomez and Barrett families in Bern City. It became clear that the Bowen family currently lacked the stature to rival them.

As a result, Lewis’ sole focus had been on fostering collaboration with the Barrett family.

His goal was to leverage the Barrett Group's external reputation to streamline the Bowen family's progress in Nord City.

If he could secure investment from the Barrett Group, it would be an ideal scenario.

Considering the dissolution of their partnership, it was crucial he avoided provoking these two families any further. Otherwise, the Bowen Group could become a target.

There could be no room for error, especially at this pivotal moment.

β€œIf you wish to avoid any grudges, the solution is straightforward. Just kneel, apologize to Ms. Lane, and rectify the misunderstanding surrounding the supposed engagement,” Caleb asserted.

Connie was perplexed. "Why should we apologize to Mia?"

Hadn't they offended Caleb and Timothy?

What did Mia have to do with any of this?

Standing nearby, Mia glanced at Caleb and remarked, "There's really no need for them to apologize to me. The Bowens have brought this embarrassment upon themselves today.

"They've reaped what they sowed and made a mockery of themselves. This debacle is the ultimate karma for the Bowen family!"

Mia had no interest in anyone's apology.

Now that the Bowen family's collaboration with the Barrett family had been exposed, Mia's next goal was to take action against the Bowen Group. She was resolute in ensuring that Connie and Lewis would not continue to thrivewithin this circle.novelbin

Not to mention, Dominic certainly wouldn't allow the Bowen Group to remain in operation.

Thus, regardless of the circumstances, the Bowen family's fate was sealed.

This situation perfectly exemplified the sayingβ€”"Don't invite trouble, and trouble won't find you."

Clearing his throat, Caleb spoke up, "This is an entirely distinct scenario, especially given your special connection with Tim.

"When the Bowens disrespect you, it's not solely an affront to you but also an insult to the Barrett family. So, if the Bowen family intends to apologize, their apology should be directed toward you."

As Caleb spoke, he subtly glanced at Timothy, silently communicating a plea through his eyes.

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