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Chatper 135

Chapter 135

Julian’s POV

“I came as fast as I could,” Julian said, stepping into the delivery room to find Fiona in bed, covered in

sweat and agony. Her eyes had pain and fear written in them, even as she held onto a brave face.

He was three hours into an intense board meeting about security and advancement around the barrier

between the werewolf world and the human world. With the barrier down, Lycans would easily get into

the human world with little or no stress.

This didn’t affect the werewolf world because, though humans had advanced greatly in the last few

centuries, the werewolf world was still ahead in science and strength. Lycans were stronger, and many

rogue ones would take advantage of that and go into the human world to create a menace. The

discussion aimed at strengthening the parameters at the borders and doubling the guards. This would

remain until a permanent solution came up.

He put it all on hold when Fiona called, and from her breathing and pacing heart, he could tell it was

time. He rose to his feet, left the meeting room, and never returned.

Fiona gave him her hand, and he quickly took it and placed a kiss on the back of it.

Julian had wanted to stay home, but she insisted it wasn’t time and that he had a long day ahead. She

was right; the meeting was important, but it wasn’t as important as the birth of his child. He shouldn’t

have taken her wards as final; he should have stayed despite her words.

He had missed out on the birth of Jashin and June, and he wanted to be a part of this one. After

everything they had been through, being present was the least he could do.

“It wasn’t supposed to be today.” She told him, reading his mind. “The calculation said

two weeks more.” novelbin

He reached out and stroked her face. “Don’t worry about it, Fiona; I’m here now. You can do this.”

His presence gave her much strength, and his reassurance further aided her.

“I’m going to need you to push,” the physician attending to the birth instructed her. She nodded and did

as she was told, and they heard a crying baby’s voice a few seconds





10:19 Thu, 29 Feb anh

Chapter 135

“You did it.” Julian smiled at her and kissed her lips. “You did it.”

She smiled through her glassy eyes. Julian kept his eyes on her, commending her, stroking her face

tenderly, and letting her know how proud of her he was.



“Would you like to hold your daughter, my king?” The physician asked, stepping closer to them. His

eyes departed from Fiona’s and moved to the woman holding onto the baby.

“Yes, please.” He said and stretched his hand out to take the child.

His eyes blurred up at the sight of her; their baby girl looked just like Fiona, and it melted his heart.

Their family was now complete.

“Are you crying?” She asked in a weary tone.

“I can’t help it; don’t judge me. She’s just so beautiful.” He came to stay beside her so

she could have a look at her.

“She’s just as beautiful as you,” he said, and the baby’s eyes flickered to reveal her mesmerising green


“She has your eyes.” She pointed out, and, oh, his joy.

“She does,” he agreed.

“What shall we call her?” She asked, and her gaze moved to his.

Fiona wanted to call her Lily after Kenneth, but then there were Dorothy and Ophelia, and these were

wonderful women who had contributed one thing or another to her life. She would feel guilty if she

picked one over the other, and so she told him to do the honour. She also made him promise he

wouldn’t disclose it to her until the baby was born, and he promised.

“Zeena,” he said.

“The first Lycan queen?” She asked, already knowing the story about the brave queen who ruled the

werewolf world over eight hundred years ago.

“It’s a beautiful name.”

They returned home that evening, and June and Jashin were the most excited to see them. Their

excitement turned into a complete jubilee when they saw their baby sister.



10:19 Thu, 29 Feb

Chapter 135

“It’s a baby!” June told Jashin and hugged him tightly.

“Who will carry her first?” Julian asked. The baby was in his arms.



Jashin’s hand stretched forth, and June hesitated. Julian handed Zeena over to Jashin, and as he held

her, June drew closer to stare at her in awe.

“What’s her name?” Jashin asked.

“Zeena,” Julian answered.

“The warrior princess turned queen?” June asked, and he knew his history well.

Julian nodded.

“It’s a beautiful name.” Jashin said, adding, “Welcome to the family, Zeena. You have two brothers, and

we live with you.” 𝗰𝐨𝗺𝗲𝗻𝐨𝐯𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝐨𝗺

Julian held Zeena in his arms, rocking her back and forth, and Fiona stood and watched. Watching his

daughter slowly fall asleep was an image that seemed all too perfect. He would cherish it for as long as

he could.

“You should lay her in the crib and let her get used to it,” Fiona suggested.

He nodded and came to lay her in her crib, and he slowly rocked her until she fell asleep.

“She’s sleeping now.” He whispered before moving to her and leaning in for a soft kiss. “Thank you.”

“For what?” She asked as he pulled back from the kiss.

“For everything-being there that night, nine years ago, not getting rid of the baby after everything you

faced just because you were pregnant. For telling me the truth and for giving me the chance to be a

father to my sons. For coming back with me to save the werewolf world and giving up your powers so I

could have mine. You have no clue how much you mean to me, my precious Luna queen.”

“Julian, you’re going to make me cry.”

His hand tilted her chin, making her glance up at him. Her eyes were glassy, and she was barely

holding his. The tears rolled down her face, and he wiped them off.

“I love you so much, Fiona.”

“I love you, Julian, now and forever.”

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