More Than Lust

70) Epilogue!
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70) Epilogue!

Authors pov

Three months later.

Grace looked around and carefully sneaked inside their bedroom. She grinned evilly when she saw

Dominick sleeping on the bed.

She tiptoed towards him and snatched the bedsheet away but her face turned confused when she saw

pile of pillows instead of Dominick.


She screamed when he grabbed her from behind.

"Caught you."

Dominick caged her against the wall.

"I am playing this game since childhood... You can't win against me."

He Smirked.

"This is cheating."

She pouted.

"I want to colour you first."

It was Holi and They were playing with colours.

"First tell me what do you know about Holi."

Dominick asked.

"Umm... Okay, maa said it's a festival of colours and it celebrates spring, love and new life... She also

told us story but I can't explain, it little difficult."

She said.

"Can I colour you now." 𝓂𝓷𝓿.𝓂

She asked showing him her fists which were full of powder colour.

Dominick smiled and released her hands. Grace grinned and smudge colours on his cheeks.

"My turn now."

He Smirked.

Dominick grabbed her arms and pulled her closer. He rubbed his cheek on hers colouring her with love

and happiness. Grace blushed when he did that.

"Red suits you"

He pecked her lips.

"It's so much fun..."

She said excitingly.

"Everyone is wearing white and we are going play songs in few minutes, we all are going to dance. Do

you know, there are so many sweets, it's smelling delicious in the kitchen... This festival is so much


Dominick smiled at her excitement. It's been three months since they are living happily. She has filled

his life with happiness.

Grace sometimes cried because she can't become pregnant but Dominick assured her that they will

surrogate when it's a right time. They made peace with the fact that not every woman is healthy

enough to carry a child and it's fine, it doesn't make her any inferior. People need to understand that

this is not the only important thing in woman's life. And surrogate child doesn't make her less mother, it

will be her child and she will love that kid more than herself.

Dominick Never treated her different because of that, and it made their relationship more stronger.

Grace has shown incredible growth in her field, she has handled the finance department very


Her father is doing well in rehabilitation and actually showing improvement. She couldn't help but cry

whenever she sees him trying to to fight his addiction but she is happy that he is trying and all thanks to


In these three months she has got connected with him like nothing before. She realised how much he

loves her and how much she needs him in her life. She realised that she is in love with him too. He

never missed any chance to make her happy and smile.

"Dominick i want to tell you something."

She said nervously.

He looked at her.


Grace tried to recollect what Anamika has taught her.

"Main tumse pyar karti hu" (I love you)

She said and Dominick looked at her shocked. It was looking cute in her American accent.

"What did you say?"

He asked in disbelief.

"Te amo" (i love you)

She said in Italian.

Dominick smiled widely and captured her lips in passionate kiss.

"I love you too..."

His heart fluttered when she finally confessed it to him.

"Who is teaching you all this?"

He chuckled.

"Everyone... And it's so fun."

She smiled.

"Alex has taught me something."

"What is it?"

He knows that alex can only teach her bad things.

"Tum pagal ho"

She said and Dominick shook his head.

"Do you know what does it mean."

He asked and she nodded.

"It means you are crazy."

She laughed and ran away after tickling him.


Dominick cursed and started running behind her.

Corridors filled with their laughter.

Grace screamed when Dominick caught her and picked up bridal style.

"Okay then let's do something crazy."

He Smirked.

"Ohh no!"

She shook her head.

"Ohh yes!"novelbin

He grinned evilly.

He carried her outside and threw her in a pool of colourful water.

"Happy holi my wife"

He teased her.

"And happy Holi brother."

Alexander came from behind and kicked him in the pool with evil grin.

"Alex you bastard."

Dominick cursed and Grace laughed.


Grace screamed when he looked at her evilly.


Anamika yelled his name.


Dominick and Alexander yelled at the same time making Anamika look at them madly.

"You two stick to your names otherwise don't change it in first place..."

She scolded.

"I am talking to Dominick who is in pool... Don't play in water it's dangerous, come out both of you."

She scolded.


They yelled in response and She smiled remembering how they used to yell just like this when they

were kids.

Dominick grabbed grace by waist and pulled closer.

"Looks like my mother cares for you more than me."

"Thanks for giving me this family."

Grace pecked his lips.

"It feels like a dream... I never thought that it will end up like this..."

She smiled.

"This is not the end... It's just a beginning."

He smiled looking at her adoringly.

"I knew it's more than lust... You have no idea how happy I am to hear those words from you... Say it


Grace wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I love you..."


He smiled.

"I love you"

She smiled.

"Promise me you will never leave me"

He demanded.

"Not in this life"

She replied.

"You are stuck with me forever...."

"And i am in love with this Forever"

He said and captured her lips in passionate kiss.

Their tongues started dancing together as they forgot the world around them.

Their dark journey come to an end and started a journey of love and happiness. He changed himself

for her love and she forgive him for his love.

Her sufferings finally came to end, she is living better life than she ever did. His parents Loves and care

for her more than him. She got two sisters like Bella and Raajnandini. Mother like Anamika and brother

like Alexander who treats her exactly the way he treats Raajnandini.

She was upset with God but now she is thanking him for everything.

"Someone please tell them that they are in public"

Raajnandini said.

"Close your eyes."

Alexander chuckled.

"Let my man enjoy his moment."

They laughed looking at the Romantic couple, they were lost in each other.

Dominick rested his forehead on hers.

"It's just a beginning..."

He breathed out and she smiled.


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