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Chapter 2299


Leighton was so frustrated he wanted to pull his hair out. Why would this crazy woman like him? He glanced at Nicole, who was replying to a message, and quickly turned his head to the side when he saw her about to look up. His overly handsome face was reflected in the car window.

Leighton paused for a moment, suddenly thinking it was quite normal for her to like him. After all, the Hall family genes were indeed excellent.

With this thought, he unconsciously straightened up, raising his chin slightly. From Nicole's angle, his profile was absolutely perfect. After all, he had been in numerous magazines and on many stages; he knew exactly which angles and poses made him look the most handsome.

Nicole finished her message, put her phone aside, and turned to look at Leighton. Seeing him sitting so stiffly, she paused and asked, "Did you stick a ruler in your back? You can't bend at all?"

Estelle chuckled.

Leighton was more than ten years younger than her, and to Estelle, he was just a cocky kid who loved to act cool. This kind of behavior was too common for boys his age, especially for someone as strikingly handsome as Leighton. A bit of narcissism was nothing unusual.

Although Estelle often felt like making the same remark, she never expected anyone to actually say it to Leighton's face. Nicole was indeed bold. 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝗻𝐨𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Leighton stiffened, glaring at her angrily. "You've been in the entertainment industry for so many years, hasn't anyone ever hit you?"

Nicole smiled nonchalantly. "I'm just taking the hits for you, aren't I?" With one sentence, she pulled Leighton's guilt back up, and he closed his mouth, not saying another word.

Leighton took Nicole to see his private doctor. Dr. Sanders was surprised to see Leighton bring Nicole but didn't ask any questions and efficiently treated her wound.

Nicole remarked, "It's good to be a top star; the company even provides a private doctor."

Leighton didn't respond. Dr. Sanders wasn't provided by the company; his mother had arranged it.

When he had a fallout with his family and entered the entertainment industry, he endured a lot of hardships. The company planned for him to debut as part of a boy group from a talent show.

He started late, had a decent voice, could sing well, and played seven or eight instruments, but he couldn't dance at all.

Despite being the least talented in his family, Leighton's tenacity was unmatched. Once he set his mind on something, he had to excel at it. His father thought entering the entertainment industry was just idling away, so Leighton was determined to prove him wrong.

He ingrained hard work into his bones when it came to dance practice.

Even after the company's scheduled practice hours, he would continue practicing on his own. He had left home for a year, holding in his breath and refusing to return until he had made progress.

While his father could harden his heart and compete with his son, his mother was more tenderhearted. The night before his first stage performance, she made a special trip to see him.

Leighton's performance on his debut.

stage was stunning. His dance skills g the top ten ima ranked him among.

group of talent show contestants. No one believed it was the result of just one year of practice, except for his mother, who knew he had no dance background before that.

When they reunited offstage, his mother hugged him and cried as soon as she saw him. Leighton wanted to comfort her, but the pain in his waist was too much, and he couldn't hold back a hiss.

His mother sensed something was wrong and lifted his shirt despite his protests.

The eldest son, who had been pampered all his life, had come back after a year covered in injuries. His extreme practice methods, while yielding rapid progress, also inflicted significant harm on his body.

His mother was heartbroken, shedding tears as she insisted on taking him home. By that point, Leighton had come too far to give up.

Unable to persuade her son, she scolded her husband and then forcibly arranged a private doctor for Leighton. She threatened to cry if he didn't accept.

Leighton had the best relationship with his mother. The harshest words she'd ever said to him were "mmm really going to be upset," and as unruly as he was, he couldn't stand to see that gentle woman cry. So, he accepted her arrangement. novelbin

However, Leighton didn't want special treatment at the company or to be seen through a biased lens. Therefore, he never Therefore, he never allowed the En private doctor to follow him during dance practice. He only went for therapy after practice to reassure his mother.

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