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Xade’s pov

It feels cold in here, far worse than the cell I had been sleeping in for days. The darkness that surrounded me was pitch black, not a single light in sight.

Was I dead?

No, impossible. I can still feel my wolf, somehow still feel my body on the cold floor. It felt as though I was trapped in my mind.

As my thoughts race through my head, a whimper, a very faint whimper made me freeze. It sounded like her. My Avery. My V.

I turn around, my heart in my throat and squinted as a beam of light suddenly emerge in my field of vision. It’s so bright it feels like fire is on my skin.

“One last chance to tell her goodbye,” Rose whispered beside me, making me nearly jump out of my skin. I looked over at her and she’s smiling.

“I figured out a way for you to be with her for the last time. Of course you cannot stay too long but she’ll be able to feel and see you.” Rose whispered as she looked at the light. novelbin

My heart skipped a beat. “What are you saying?”

Rose smile widen. “She still has some memories of you, she still remembers you, especially the last few memories you two have together,” her smile fades. “I left them there for last. I wanted you to have your last chance with her before I take it all away.”

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My heart thrums against my ribcage and I looked at the white light, it’s not as assaulting as it had been a while ago and in that gleam I can somehow see Avery on my bed, in my shirt, hugging my pillow between her legs. She was asleep but by the frown on her face, I could tell she was having a bad dream.

“Go to her,” Rose whispered. “You only have five minutes until Peter catches on.” She pushes me gently to the light and like a beckon I walk over and enter. It’s warm at first but the chill hits me when my feet hit the floor of my room.

My heart feels as though it is expanding. There she is, curled up on my bed, my shirt hanging loosely on her small frame. Her scent is so strong, filling the room. She’s still here. Even though some memories of us have faded in her mind…she’s still here.

I blinked, my heart aching.

Her nose twitches, scrunching up in distress and her lips part a little, a faint whimper slipping out of her mouth. “Xade,”

My heart stops. “Please don’t leave. Come back.” Her whimpers turned to faint sobs and a lone tear slips from the corner of her eye and roll

down to her ear.

I walk closer, my throat tight when I am hovering over the bed, staring at the beautiful sight under me. “V,” I croaked, my vision blurring as I reach out to brush some of her strands from her face. “My V.”

She stirs, her whimpering stopping while her cheeks press to my hand. Did she feel me? Was it really possible?

As the possibility flutter in my mind, her eyes peeled open, glazed with exhaustion. For a second I saw surprise in her eyes then it turns into sleepy confusion. “Xade?” She breathed out, her voice fragile with uncertainty.



280 Your hers

My throat tightens. This is torture. But I want this to be the best goodbye for her. I smiled, my heart cracking as I run my fingers down her cheek, trying to savor the feeling.

So many days without her.

“I’m here baby,” I whispered, unable to hold my emotions and a tear slipped out of my eye to land on her cheek.

Her chest rose and fell quickly and her eyes danced on my face, her hand lifting to touch the stubble that was growing. “You’re here,” her voice cracked. “You’re really here!” She gasped, sitting up to fling her arms around my neck.

The warmth of her petite body against mine feels like home, a place I never want to part. “I’m here V. I’m really here.”

“Why did you leave me?” She cried, her tears soaking the crook of my neck as she cling to me like her life depended on it. “Why did you go?”

“Three more minutes,” Rose’s soft voice brushed against the back of my neck.

I pulled away so I can stare down at her, making sure to imprint her image in my mind. I wiped her tears and cupped her cheeks. “I really do love you more than my own life V.” I whispered, staring at her trembling lips.

She wheezed. “Xade. Why are you talking as if something bad is going to happen?”

I closed my eyes and drop my forehead on hers, breathing in her scent to carve it in my brain. Her warm breath feathers against my lips and I could not resist any longer.

I kissed her hard, taking everything and giving her my all. “I love you,”

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I said with so much emotion in my voice. “I love you so much Avery. With everything in me. I love you.”

My tears coat her cheeks and her trembling fingers carve across my jawbone. “I love you too Xade. More than my own life.”

My heart stops and I cling to her as though she was my last breath. “I don’t want to let go,” I croaked out knowing the moment was fleeting.

I can feel her heart thrum against my chest. “Then don’t. Don’t let me go Xade. Tell me what’s going on.” She begged, crying. “I know something is wrong…I’m forgetting some stuff.” She admitted.

“A few more seconds,” Rose whispered with sympathy.

My heart hurts. My beast howls. This is it. I pulled away and looked down at her, memorizing this moment. I cupped her cheeks. “You hold my heart Avery. Forever. You own my heart forever.” I whispered with pain.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Xade,” she croaked, her fingers clinging to me. “Please,” she begged.

I pinched her nose playfully like I always had done when we were kids and grinned wide when she makes that little startled yelp. “I love you V.” I whispered just as I am pulled out of the room and land back in the dungeon.

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