My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 1522: Irresponsibility
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Chapter 1522: Irresponsibilitynovelbin

Camille fell into a brief silence after hearing it.

If it's related to the Simpson Group, then it must be a conflict between shopping malls. But would it really drive someone to lie dormant for so many years just for revenge? Camille didn't say the latter sentence, but her narrowed eyes revealed an intense expression.

Camille didn't remain silent for long. She pursed her lips and said to Talia, "Mom, let's leave it at that. You don't need to probe Dad too much. I'm worried he'll get suspicious."

If Fletcher starts suspecting, he will instinctively ask Ayan, and Ayan will definitely figure it out.

Camille didn't know what to do at the moment.

So, she changed the subject and chatted with Talia about a few other things.

Including Sienna's matter.

Talia said, "I just had lunch with your Aunt Ward, and she couldn't get enough of Timmy. She kept wanting to take Timmy to her place for a few days."

But Timmy was too young and relied on Talia a lot, so he didn't want to go to other people's homes. Even if they met often, he didn't want to go. However, he wouldn't cry or refuse directly. Instead, he spoke in a childish voice, saying, "Grandma Shen, I'll come to see you next time. I have to go home and be with my grandpa tonight. He'll cry if he doesn't see me."

Although it was clear that he didn't want to go, he insisted on using his grandpa as an excuse, making it impossible for others to find a reason to refuse.

Grandma Shen was delighted to hear that, especially since she had walked this journey with Talia, her best friend, from marriage to having children. Now, Timmy had grown so big, but there was no news from Rex's side. Grandma Shen felt a bit envious.

However, Grandma Shen was not the kind of person who would pressure her daughter-in-law and son, so she never asked or brought it up herself.

But when she met Talia, she couldn't help but mention it briefly, without delving too deep into the topic.

After listening to Talia's words, Camille immediately understood what Talia meant and asked directly, "Mom, are you trying to ask Aunt Ward when Sienna is planning to have a child?" Talia laughed, "Camille, you understand me the best. You knew what I was going to say as soon as I started talking. Aren't we the most synchronized mother-daughter duo in the world?" "Mom, keep your voice down. If Ayan and Aria hear, they'll get jealous."

Talia laughed even more happily, but after the laughter, she returned to the current matter.

Talia asked, "Any updates from Sienna? Do they have any plans?"

"Well, as far as I know, they do have plans and have made formal preparations. But they've always had trouble with the child part. Now, they're just going with the flow. Besides, the wedding hasn't taken place yet, right? Maybe they'll have a child after the wedding!" Camille explained briefly to Talia. She knew that her mother-in-law wouldn't rush her son and daughter-in-law, so she didn't hide anything.

Talia was also happy to hear that. She said, "Aunt Ward isn't worried about the timing; she's just afraid they don't have plans or preparations. The Ward family has already started preparations for the wedding; they just need time."

Speaking of weddings, Talia naturally asked about Camille and Ayan's wedding.

They had started preparing for it

before, but then their grandfather fell

ill, and Timmy was completely entrusted to Talia's care. So, the wedding had to be put on hold temporarily. However, the wedding dress design was still ongoing, just waiting in line. They hadn't set a date yet, which was why the wedding decision was still pending.

Talia asked Camille, "Camille, after talking so much about others, what about you? Do you have any thoughts?"

She was referring to Camille's wedding with Ayan.

To be honest, with the children all grown up, Camille felt a bit embarrassed about having a wedding. But it was a once-in-a-lifetime event, and she didn't want to have any regrets. So she still wanted to go through with it.

Being asked so directly by Talia at this moment, Camille also felt a bit embarrassed.

But Talia seemed to sense her emotions and quickly said, "Camille, there's no one else here now, just the two of us. Please be honest with me. Do you feel that Ayan isn't treating you well enough? Or is there something he's not doing right? Is that why you don't want to have the wedding with him?" cᴏᴍenᴏvel.cᴏᴍ

As soon as Talia said this, Camille was stunned.

Camille quickly explained, "Mom, I don't think that way. You misunderstood. I do want to have the wedding. It's just that I've been busy lately, and there have been a lot of things going on. We haven't been able to find the right time, and with all the things happening in the Armstrong family, I don't know when would be a suitable time." Content

Talia immediately understood her meaning and explained, "Well, your considerations are valid. I was too impatient, wanting everyone to know that you're part of our Simpson family."

Talia already had a plan in mind, so she didn't continue the topic with Camille but shifted the conversation to Timmy. She planned to go to the hospital in the next couple of days and discuss the wedding with the old Simpson.

This was a big event, so Talia didn't want to rush it. She was also a woman and knew what a wedding meant.

Originally, she wanted to inquire about Sienna and Rex's wedding, but in the end, it turned into a discussion about Camille and Ayan's wedding date. After the call ended, Camille had a belated realization. Was Talia intentionally trying to manipulate her?

Camille smiled helplessly and decided to tell Ayan about this when she got home in the evening, hoping to improve his mood a bit.

With the SynergyCon project having such a major incident, Ayan, who always demanded perfection and flawlessness, felt a bit annoyed even though it wasn't directly Simpson Group's responsibility.

However, this matter wasn't constantly on Ayan's mind because Simpson Group had not only this one project but numerous others, both big and small. Many major projects required Ayan's personal review, so he didn't have much time to continue focusing on this incident.

Since the end of the press conference, there have been various opinions online regarding this matter.

Some questioned the project and the responsibility of the companies involved, including whether there were any safety hazards on the land.

Another group called for the victims

to come forward and respond to whether there was any

life-threatening danger. They felt that maintaining secrecy would create an illusion that these companies and wealthy individuals could do whatever they wanted. Even if someone had lost their life due to this accident, the truth would not be fully revealed due to these companies concealing the facts.

Of course, there were also more rational voices, considering it as just an accident, as incidents of varying degrees happen in every project.

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