My Gentle Werewolf

Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

I went back to my room and took my back pack with me inside the adjoined bathroom. It was a smallroom with a small bathroom but I was informed by Cole that I would be given a bigger and better roomfor staying.

I unpacked my back pack and looked for my loose shirt and Pants. A Photo frame stopped me and Itook it and touched the frame using my fingers when suddenly a memory flooded back into my mind.

“I will sit with Mom” Ryan, my elder brother argued.

“No, I will sit with her” I demanded, pushing him.

“No I will” he argued.

“I will” I shoved him more forcefully.




“Okay that’s enough, stop you two right now” Dad interfered, separating us.

“Dad I want to sit with mom” I whined.

“She does this every time Dad” Ryan argued.

“Okay fine Ad, let your brother sit with your mom this time.” Dad said sternly, leaving no room for a No.

“Fine!” I muttered, crossing my hands around my chest.

“Now don’t make that face, come here” Mom said opening her arms.I smiled and ran into herarms.Finally I sat on Mom’s lap while Ryan sat beside us wrapping his arm around us and Dad stoodbehind us holding little Nancy in his arms.A family picture.


“Get a hold on yourself Adie” I whispered to myself, closing my eyes And taking deep breaths.I put theframe back into the bag and took out a comfortable t-shirt and black Spandex which came up to myankle.I travel with only a little luggage.

Every time I travelled, I bought new clothes.Going inside the Bathroom, I took a nice Shower, washingmy body with my favourite Lavender body wash and changing into my Spandex and T-shirt.I tied myhair up into a neat ponytail and left my clothes in the laundry box.Coming out of the bathroom, I wasmet with a blonde girl.

She looked like a teenage girl with Brown eyes and maybe was 5′3. She had shoulder length blondehair that complimented her slim figure. She was sitting on my bed holding a tray.As soon as she sawme coming out she stood up and took hold of the tray, giving me a smile.

“Uh Hi Lun- uh I am Bella and I’m here to give you your snacks” she said stuttering in the middle.

“Hi!” I waved and made my way towards her.“I’m Aderyn. Call me Adie” I smiled at her. she seemed tovisibly relax.

“Call me Bell. I’m Cole’s sister” she told me, making me mark the similarities they had.“Nice” I replied.

“I don’t like this room” I said, while eating my Oreos.

“Uh About that, I’ll be showing you your room after you are done with your snacks. Alpha has allotedme for this work” she said and I nodded.

“Why are you all calling him Alpha?” I asked and noticed as the color drained from her face.

“Uh He owns this place. He is our leader an-” I cut her off questioning “Leader? What are you all? Mafia?” I asked making her scowl at me.“Uh, no, no. We are not involved in any criminal activities. We areaway from Huma- uh uh” she began to stammer but I did catch the word which she wanted to say“Humans”.

Away from Humans?

What does that mean?

I didn’t ask her anything about this. If she wanted to tell me she can, but willingly. I won’t force herunless I find out about this on my own.I just hummed and nodded my head in reply and continued toeat my Oreos.

I found out that she was not actually a Teenager. She was 21 years old. She didn’t look that mature asper her age.Never be judgmental I guess. After finishing my Snacks, I got up from the bed and clappedmy hands.

“So? Time to show me my room” I said and she laughed seeing my enthusiasm.novelbin 𝒏𝙫.

“Okay. Get your bags and follow me” she said and gave me some time to get my bags. I took my bagsand followed her out of the room.

She walked through a hallway and I heard some voices. Voices of people talking, cheering, gossiping,laughing.

“Who all are these people in this house? ” I wondered.

We took the stairs and soon we reached another hallway.“Here we are” she stopped before a room andbeamed opening the door for me.I smiled at her and entered the room.I was in awe seeing the interiorof the room.It was big room. Doubled in size as compared to the previous one. A Queen sized bed wasin the middle of the room with a canopy. A big glass window was at the head of the bed, and there weretwo doors. Probably a walk in closet and an attached bathroom. A Led was attached to the wall andunder it, was a big cupboard full of books. There was also a red couch near the wall. The walls of theroom were painted Purple and white.

“Do you like it?” Bell asked from behind me.I turned around grinning like a fool saying “I love it”.

“Okay. You take your time adjusting in your new room. I gotta leave but I’ll be back soon” She said andleft closing the door behind her.I turned around and walked towards the bed, throwing myself on itfeeling the soft and comfortable mattress underneath me.

“Heaven” I muttered and felt myself drowning to sleep.

********Dylan POV***

“Come in” I said to the person who knocked at my office door.Bella, the younger sister of my WarriorCole entered the room and bowed her head in respect.

“What is it?” I asked and marked as she began to grow nervous around me. I could hear her heartbeatbeating rapidly out of nervousness. Before she could say anything I focused on her face, and in a shortperiod of time, I came to know everything that she was thinking about and what happened.

“It’s good that she liked her room. You will be with her at all times. I want you to give me every detailabout her and make sure to protect her. She shouldn’t be harmed in anyway.” I ordered and shenodded flabbergasted.

“Am I clear?” I asked. She replied as quickly she could “Yes Alpha”.

“Good, and one more thing. Make sure she doesn’t find out anything about us until I want it to happen.Are you getting me?” I asked as I leaned against my chair raking my fingers against my hair.

“Ye-Yes Alpha” she nodded.

“Leave” I ordered. She hurried out of the room, closing the door behind her.I sighed and looked towardsthe window.It doesn’t matter if I want a mate or not, she still is my mate and I’ll be damned if anythinghappens to her.I’ll take care of her.

“Aderyn Brookes” I muttered, and pursed my lips thinking, Who are you?


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