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Chapter 710

Chapter 710: Five Seconds...

If she couldn’t even make use of such a good opportunity, then she didn’t deserve to go beyond that. Therefore, it was time tolaunch an offensive. With a plan in place, Xinghe picked up her phone to call Mubai.

She couldn't wait to reveal all of this to him and discuss the details of the plan. Earlier, Xinghe had to take on the world on herown, she didn’t want to, nor could she, rely on anyone, but things were different now, she at least had Mubai to aid her. He wassomeone who knew her well and could cooperate with her the best.

The call was picked up after two rings. Mubai’s joyous voice came from the other end. “This is such a coincidence because | wasjust about to call you.”

For some reason, Xinghe felt merry hearing that, perhaps great minds do think alike...“What are you doing at the moment?” Xinghe queried with a smile.

“Nothing serious, going to meet someone very important,” Mubai replied with a hint of a smile in his voice. “What about you, whatare you doing?”

“Nothing important too, but | just came up with some valuable information. Who is this important person you're meeting, am |disturbing you? If you’re too busy, | can call back later.”novelbin

“It will be rather busy, but | can always make time for you, so tell me whatever you wish to, my time is yours,” Mubai said easily.Xinghe didn’t want to take up his time, “We can talk about this later, go finish your work first.”

She knew he had more responsibility than just pandering to her, so she wouldn’t demand that he focus his time on her fully. Shewasn’t a possessive lover. For her, a relationship was a give-and-take, only by respecting each other’s privacy and responsibilitycould the relationship be balanced and have the space to grow. This was how Mubai treated Xinghe as well, he would neverintervene in her business unless she asked for it or when the situation desperately called for it.

Mubai chuckled. “But the person I’m meeting is related to you. Are you home? Why don’t you open your window, there might bea surprise?”

Xinghe was startled and took anticipatory yet cautious steps towards the window. She pulled open the curtain and saw Mubaistanding down there on the front lawn. Their eyes met and Mubai’s face split into a broad smile as he waved at her.

Xinghe asked with surprise, “Why are you here?”

“Didn't | tell you | was meeting someone important? Give me five seconds...” Mubai said as he rushed into the mansion. Xinghesuddenly felt a rush of adrenaline surging through her blood. She went to open the door when it was pushed open from theoutside. Mubai’s impressive physical body framed the door and his soulful eyes stared into hers, however, there was a whiff ofdanger in the way he stared at her as well, like a predator looking on to his prey. 𝘦𝑛𝑣𝘦.

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