My Rich Wife

Chapter 2825: Please Return
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Chapter 2825: Please Return

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

He knelt respectfully on the ground and many kings were around him.

They all maintained the same posture and a powerful peak power was constantly boiling on their bodies.

There were nearly twenty of these kings.

The sky of the entire Eight Desolates Beast Domain seemed to have fallen into a distorted state with so many people with peak power gathered.

From afar, the Eight Desolates Beast Domain seemed to be separated by a level of crystal.

“That’s strange! Did you notice that the strength of the people here is ridiculously low?”

Fatty Situ asked the people around him. novelbin

“That’s right. I remember coming here 500 years ago. Many Dao Consciousness top-notch martial artists were here. Many of them had also awakened their peak power. However, the humans we have seen along the way are pitifully weak. The strongest was only at the True Consciousness Realm.”

Leng Yuanxun was also confused. He didn’t understand what had happened here.

“It’s strange. I found the same thing in the other world, Mount Wutong. The overall strength of the humans there has decreased a lot. When I talked to them, they seemed quite afraid and kept quiet about this topic.”

Ling Xue, the swordsman who had attacked before, also said in confusion.

“However, the number of weak humans here has increased by a lot, especially the number of ordinary humans. It’s nearly ten times that of before!”

Leng Yuanxun noticed something strange.

Qin Yu’s expression was ugly. He had a bad feeling.

The disappearance of all the human top-notch martial artists in an area could only mean one thing.

Could the alien races here already crushed the human race?

He had chatted with Fatty before. Although this land was dominated by alien races, many human experts were still there. 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

If they were to fight, the alien races would also be heavily injured.

However, none of the human experts here were noticed.

Moreover, the spatial storm here covered such a large area that these top-notch martial artists couldn’t leave there.

He had only an answer now.

“Perhaps this time we can discover the factor. I can sense the powerful Path of Heaven’s evil thought power.”

Jiang Shengling said in a deep voice. He guessed in his heart but he hoped he was wrong.

After another day of traveling, they were already very close to the Eight Desolates Beast Domain.

“What a powerful peak power! There were many of them and their strength was almost not below level 12! Why are there so many powerful alien races awakening here?”

Ling Xue’s expression was extremely ugly.

The alien races’ bodies and innate divine abilities were stronger than humans.

After awakening the peak power, they were several times stronger than humans of the same level.

If the number of such top-notch combat forces caught up to the humans, it would probably be a calamity for the humans.

“Someone is approaching!”

Qin Yu suddenly reminded. The person who came was extremely fast and his strength was not low.

In the blink of an eye, he had already arrived in front of them.

However, the person who came was not a foreign race, but a genuine human.

Judging from the internal qi on his body, this person should be a top-notch martial artist who had awakened the peak power. This was the highest level human that their team had seen here.

“Everyone! May I know why you are here?”

The person’s expression was ice-cold as if he did not feel any joy at the arrival of Qin Yu and the others. Instead, he had a kind of coldness that kept people a thousand miles away.

“Let me ask you something. I’ll ask, and you’ll answer!”

Ling Xue stabbed the person’s throat with her sword.


That person had a disdainful smile and then he seemed to have thought of something.

Suddenly, he laughed crazily. That laughter was a little upsetting.

“Brother, what happened here? Where did the top-notch martial artists here all run off to after Dao Xuan died?”

Leng Yuanxun asked with a frown.

“They’re all dead.”

That person was silent for a long time before he slowly said.

Hearing this answer, many people revealed puzzled expressions although it was expected.

“After Dao Xuan fell, a huge wormhole appeared here at the Divine Silkworm Ridge. The power of the monster race grew crazily within the area covered by this wormhole. Many demonic beasts broke through one after another and even awakened their peak power. They had to contribute enough blood and souls during every heaven ritual, especially the power above the Dao Consciousness Realm.”

The middle-aged man smiled bitterly.

“Why didn’t you resist? You can’t possibly be slaughtered like pigs and dogs!”

Someone asked with a frown.

“Who said that no one resisted? From the beginning, the human race had been fighting with them. More and more magical beasts with peak power were born, but the human top-notch martial artists with peak power died one by one. In the end, we were completely unable to resist. All the experts above Dao Consciousness hid and did not dare to appear in large places easily.”

“Can’t you escape? How did that spatial storm come about?”

Qin Yu could feel despair when he heard that.

“Hahaha! Three Holy Consciousness top-notch martial artists have joined hands to set up this spatial storm river. Even if it’s a level 13 or 14 expert with peak power, how long can they last in this storm?”

The middle-aged man laughed.

“Why did the three Holy Consciousness experts do this?”

Qin Yu was so angry that he slammed his fist on the ground.

No matter how many conflicts they had with the Holy Lord, they were still humans.

Qin Yu found it hard to understand why they would cooperate with the alien races to do such a thing.

“You’ll have to ask them about that. I’m here to invite everyone back. At this point, it’s useless no matter how many people come.”

“Why do you say that? Our team is enough to kill these magical beasts in the Eight Desolates Beast Domain. So what if they have awakened their peak power?”

Leng Yuanxun said coldly.

“And then? When that time comes, the demonic beasts will come out in full force again. They will hunt for dozens of times more souls and blood. Can you stop all the beasts in the Eight Desolates Beast Domain? We have already chosen the people to sacrifice to the heavens. After this sacrifice, these people can live for another ten years. I’m here to invite you back on behalf of the people here.”

He slowly knelt in front of everyone.

Once upon a time, the human forces in this area were equal to the magical beasts.

All kinds of sects, aristocratic families, and small villages that had lived here for many years were spread across the entire Eight Desolates Beast Domain.

This large area occupied nearly a quarter of the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom. The people here more or less had their network of connections.

However, the wormhole appeared after the Holy Lord died.

The balance here had been broken. The people here had died for nearly three generations.

At this moment, those still alive were almost all new faces.

Every time there was not enough blood to worship the heavens, terrifying demonic beasts would appear.

They killed the men, leaving the women and some young men behind. They used this cruel method to allow the human bloodline to continue.

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