My Step Daddy Is My Lover

My Step Daddy Is My Lover

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    Read My Step Daddy Is My Lover by Flying Soul. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here

    Welcome guys in 2nd part of MY STEP DADDY.

    If you are new you need to read first part MY STEP DADDY.

    Mature content 18+

    "Daddy…." She moaned clenching my hair, arching her back giving me more of her n*****s. I took her areola in my mouth sucking hard like a baby starving for milk. I was starving for her milk making her n*****s bloody red I dragged my mouth giving her wet kisses.

    I make sure her whole body covered with my marks. All red and purple marks of my passionate love for her. She was moaning, Her erotic breath and my groan filled the room.I lash out my beast on her. I was rock and hard to enter inside her.

    "Daddy Please" She begged her face was flashed, Her cheeks were pinky like her name.

    "Rose promise me, you won’t leave me" I asked entering inside her.

    "Yes daddy…I won’t…" She said digging her nail in my back.

    "I love you princess…" I said thrusting inside her. It feel like heaven, Her p’ussy my heaven.

    "I love you daddy…." She moaned coming on me and I thrusted fastest speed like if I stopped she will vanished beneath me.

    "Princess where our baby…" I asked coming inside her.

    Her whole body frozen beneath me. I saw tear rolling down in corner of her eyes getting invisible in her hair.

    "Baby…" I asked and she broke into loud sob.

    "What happened" She cried giving me hard glare like I am the person in this world she hated most. The eyes holding so much love for me was replaced with hatred.

    "Baby.." I asked trying to give her hugged but she vanished beneath me before whispering " I Hate You daddy"

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